More ways to apply Reiki
Here are more ideas on using your Reiki.
When you become stressed or anxious, run-down or exhausted as a result of something happening in your life, then give yourself additional Reiki self-treatment.

When you give young children Reiki, they often seem to absorb the energy quicker so you may need to make the time spent in each hand position shorter. When they get restless - move on. Most babies and toddlers love Reiki.

Animals do not have much patience and if they are feeling well, they may reject the energy but when ill they will usually accept it. Again, do not hold the hand positions for long one or two minutes is enough.

Cats, however sometimes love it and often arrive to soak up the energy after you have given a treatment. Some cats are not interested. To give
Reiki to a pet, simply place your hands wherever they comfortably fit over or near the pain area with the intent to heal. Reiki will do the rest, placing the energy where it is needed. When they have had enough, they will move. Sometimes they will come back to you when they want more! Some animals Love Reiki and will frequently "demand" some.

Plants will respond effectively to Reiki. Like humans and animals, they have a life force which responds to the Reiki energy. Cut flowers can be given a Reiki treatment which may help to preserve them longer. Just hold your hands above the blooms as if you are blessing them. With potted plants it is best to treat them by holding the pot between your hands, assuming it isn't too heavy.

Trees are an amazing reservoir of universal energy and often they respond to receiving Reiki energy by giving energy back to the giver. So go and hug a tree and feel them 'blessing' you. Some trees are really surprised to have people offer to give them anything.

The general ethical rule is that you do not send treatment without permission but if you intend that the Reiki is offered and may be accepted, refused, observed, or sent to where it is needed the most.

Treatment and ethics review
Reiki First Degree works on a physical level - you usually need to touch the recipient to connect them with Reiki. What can be treated? Reiki can aid in the healing of just about every known illness and injury. It can also help to break unwanted habits such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc. People have also used Reiki to assist creativity and meditation to help them wake up or to get to sleep.

1. Ideally the practitioner should be in the right frame of mind, relaxed and calm. This is to promote the flow of Reiki unfiltered by the practitioner's own energy. I find that the correct mental state will assert itself when needed.

2. The treatment should be conducted in a relaxing place where both the practitioner and recipient feel comfortable. It is nice if there are no distractions like phones ringing, callers or television or radio, but you can do Reiki any place at any time.

3. Playing soothing music such as classical music or new age music or environmental sounds such as rain forests and other natural sounds can aid relaxation of the person being treated, especially if they have come to see you for the first time and are in strange surroundings.

4. It is best if conversation ceases during the treatment, although sometimes especially during the first visit, the client will want to ask questions. Try to answer them before starting the treatment, or afterward. Although the energy will not normally be interrupted during the conversation, the client will be less relaxed while conversing. Some people do prefer that you explain what you are doing as you give the treatment.

The giving of a Reiki treatment can be in part a spiritual process and it is sometimes possible for a sensitive practitioner to access information from a person during treatment with their own intuition or psychic ability. Practitioners should use discretion about sharing this with the client as it may be intended only for the practitioner. Respect the confidentiality of their client anything that might pass between the client and practitioner during the treatment will not be divulged.

The exchange issue
anyone who becomes involved in Reiki is likely to eventually encounter an issue and Cultural /Ethical conflict. There is a clash between a view that a true "Healer" would never charge or expect compensation for the work, and A philosophy stated to be A teaching of Dr. Usui, that one must give some exchange to receive the full benefit and must balance any exchange of energy and that free treatment creates an unacceptable spiritual debt for the client.

The attitude that people only value what they pay for vs. the attitude that spiritual energies are a gift from God and must in honor be free. These being only a few of the components in this issue. The idea that Usui Sensei required a major cash outlay has been disproved.

The Reiki Organizations in Japan may charge a monthly membership fee and do not accept many members. The achievement of Reiki one through them may take a year or more.
The beggar story (That Usui Sensei healed in a slum for many years until discovering that many beggars preferred to remain beggars) that is often told to illustrate a supposed exchange requirement was probably meant to illustrate that not everyone wants to be healed. You cannot define what constitutes healing to another. You cannot force healing. (This same story is taught in some Buddhist sects with different people and to illustrate different points too and is in my opinion, a traditional teaching Parable that has been adapted).

I do not have the skill to resolve the complex issue of exchange for anyone but regret that such conflicts may restrict the availability of this and other wonderful tools for wholeness. It is common for people to devalue themselves to the point where they will not pay for something that could help their own well-being.

A good portion of the first Reiki class I took was taken up with various stories, arguments and indoctrination on the theme of a need to charge for giving Reiki, and the presentation of Reiki as a career. I mention the issue because whatever the Reiki training or system you work with you will encounter this issue and need to work out your personal values about this. I do suggest that we all strive to put aside our preconceptions on this issue and be truly fair.

It is important that no one feel abused or used. I also do not think it is fair to castigate someone as being greedy if they want fair payment for the time and energy and work, they do even if you wish that the service was free. I also wonder that so many people feel that their own health, happiness, and spiritual evolution are not worth even a modest cost for a class or treatment. Part of the issue for students and teachers/practitioners is how much we love and respect ourselves.

Any fee or exchange should be fair, equitable, and acceptable to all parties involved. It often does seem that people use and appreciate Reiki more if they have made some kind of contribution of their energy and resources and have helped to cover the cost to the practitioner of providing the time, site training, materials, and personal effort for the class or treatment.

Many Reiki Masters who began by offering free attunement find that they cannot continue to do so because the actual cost to them of manuals other materials, childcare, and so on is too great a burden on their families. Oddly it is also true that some of the very people who are most insistent that Attunement should be free also feel that "you get what you pay for”.
The tradition of exchange is a valid one, we all Return to the Universe what we receive and receive what we send out. Exchange can be any use of the energies received for the universal good.

I do accept the concept of exchange for value and I do believe in balance.
Exchange is indeed the universal Law but to me, exchange and Karma are not a simple one to one event that occurs in linear reality but are universal in scope.

We can complete an exchange through service to the universe but on the other hand, criticizing people who need support in order to eat is not good Karma either.

Money does work though.



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they charge so much around here to learn any form of reiki or to get reiki's sad.

They should charge less than $200.00 and to me that is expensive. If you have the money then that is great but what happens when you do not have that kind of money? The Reiki Master should work with the person instead of saying... sorry. This person is a healer of sorts so they should have compassion and work with these individuals. Some  Practitioners even do bartering. As long as there is a payment of sorts then that's great.

I hate these Practitioners that want $500.00 for their services. That's ridiculous and sounds like all they seem to care about is MONEY, MONEY, and more Money. I would stay away from people who are like that. All they thrive on is greed and to me when all you want and care for is that,,, you lose your true gift.

I have a heart and I care and work with people for this is what everyone should do.

Very good. I see the neighbor's dog very electric and stressed. She is unloved and always tied up.
I don't understand about reiki, but I know it could help Belinha.
Could she be helped from a distance?

wonderful idea...poor dog Margarida..

Thank you so much.

Where I live we have Reiki Shares. That is a group of Master Reiki people set up four or more massage tables and invite people who need the Reiki to come in for free,

Each Practitioner would work on one person and then move on to the other three tables. Each Reiki Master would spend 15 minutes on them so for one full hour all of the people who needed Reiki got the full treatment.


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