Crystals are wonderful for chakra balancing; their Vibrational energy is ideal for harmonizing the energy body. When placed on a chakra, depending on its particular property, a crystal can help to balance, cleanse blocked chakras, to open and activate closed Chakras, or calm an overactive chakra.

The easiest way to use crystals with chakras is to follow the chakra color system.
Each energy center vibrates at a particular frequency associated with a color, increasing as you ascend from root to crown.

It is lovely to lay down with crystals on your body while meditating, or just experiencing the energy of the stones and working with them. Crystal Placements can be used alongside any form of relaxation, meditation, or healing and will greatly enhance the experience!

Tumbled stones are ideal for body placement, but you can use any shape or size as long as you are comfortable. Remember, the size of the stone does not determine its power.
Place stone on the chakra for 5 - 15 minutes, longer if needed.
A general guide to some crystal and stone options for chakra placement using the color associations:

Earth chakra
Below and between feet, by each foot;
Black or brown crystals and stones: obsidian, tourmaline, Hematite

Root chakra
Base of spine/ perineum/legs;
Red, black, or brown crystals and stones;
Bloodstone, garnet, red jasper, smoky quartz, red carnelian, red calcite

Sacral chakra
The pelvic area above the pubic bone, below the navel;
Red, Orange, dark yellow;
Orange carnelian, orange calcite, golden topaz

Solar plexus chakra
Diaphragm area, Below ribs, above the navel;
Yellow and golden crystals and stones;
Citrine, golden topaz,
Yellow jasper, tigers eye, golden beryl
Heart chakra
Center of the chest;
Green or pink crystals and stones;
Green tourmaline, Peridot, malachite,
Chrysocholla, green aventurine

Throat chakra
Base of the throat;
Light blue and blue-green crystals and stones;
Turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate, Aqua Aura

Third eye chakra
Centre of forehead, brow;
Dark blue, indigo, and purple;
Amethyst, Sodalite, lapis lazuli, purple fluorite, sapphire, blue topaz

Crown chakra
Top of the head;
Violet, clear, white;
Clear quartz, Petalite, Lepidolite, Herkimer diamond

Higher crown chakra/soul star
6 inches above crown;
Clear; Celestite, Selenite, Herkimer diamond
An example placement:
Earth: Hematite
Root: Red garnet
Sacral: Carnelian
Solar plexus: Citrine
Heart: Aventurine
Throat: Turquoise
Third eye: Amethyst, Azurite
Crown: Quartz
Soul star: Selenite

As you become more familiar with your own chakras and develop an awareness of their own unique state, you may wish to refine your chakra layouts to bring balance to your energy centers. You may find some chakras feel less active than others, or feel completely closed or blocked.

You could use crystals and stones with clearing, activating, and energizing properties on these centers.

Some chakras may feel uncomfortable, buzzing, overactive, or too open; on these you could use gentler, calming, and grounding stones. They will also be able to work on the back chakras, pretty impossible to do on your own!

But you can go some way to developing your own awareness of your chakras, with practice. Some of the meditations on this forum can help you begin to do this, and in time you will begin trusting the way a chakra feels to you and exploring your own energy body.

Here are some suggested stones and crystals to select from for placement.
Use stimulating and energizing stones on blocked or closed / underactive Chakras and calming grounding stones on overactive/too open chakras.

Earth and Root chakra
Black tourmaline, Hematite, obsidian, onyx are all powerfully grounding stones for the root chakra. Mahogany obsidian is a gentler grounding stone.
Ruby, ruby aura quartz, and garnet are stimulating and energizing for the Root chakra.
Bloodstone can stimulate energy.
Red and brown jasper are gentler grounding stones for the root chakra.
Smoky quartz gently opens and grounds the chakra and brings the energy down from Crown to root.

Sacral chakra
Orange carnelian, sunstone, and golden topaz energizing and stimulating.
Garnet can also be used on this chakra for stimulating energy.
Red jasper grounding for the sacral chakra, good for when this chakra is too open.
Peach calcite calming stone for the sacral chakra.

Solar plexus chakra
Citrine, golden topaz, rutilated quartz are all energizing and stimulating.
Malachite opens and clears the solar plexus.
Tiger's eye with its brown elements is a grounding stone for the solar plexus.
Ametrine is a balancing stone for this chakra.
Aragonite is calming and stabilizing, useful for anger or over-the-top emotions associated with an overactive solar plexus chakra.
Rhodochrosite is calming helps with anxiety and tension.

Heart chakra
Rose quartz opens and clears the heart chakra.
Chrysocolla is a soothing, calming stone making it a much gentler releaser for the heart than higher energy stones.
Rhodonite is a pink stone with black streaks that make it a grounding stone for the heart chakra.
Moss agate calms and balances this energy center.

Throat chakra
Aqua aura and blue topaz are stimulating and energizing crystals for the throat chakra.
Blue lace agate is a softening gentle grounding stone for this center, amazonite grounds the throat chakra.
Aquamarine is calming and balancing.

Third Eye chakra
Sapphire, blue topaz, quartz are stimulating and energizing crystals for the third eye.
Lapis lazuli powerfully opens and stimulates the third eye.
Sodalite, a blue stone with white and black streaks is a grounding balancing stone for an overactive brow chakra, helps with overactive scattered thoughts or intense visions.
Amethyst gently opens the third eye as well as calming.


Crown/higher crown chakras
Selenite, Celestite, Herkimer diamond are all very high-frequency stones, to energize and stimulate.
Chrysanthemum stone helps to pace the spiritual journey, and is used at the crown is a grounding stone for this chakra.

Ways to use crystals & stones for the whole chakra system
To open, clear, balance, activate, and energize all the chakras:
Clear quartz, Herkimer diamond are both high-energy stones. Place on each chakra use double-terminated to flow the energy both up from the earth and down from the cosmos.
Double terminators can also be placed between chakras to enhance flow between them.

Activating and stimulating all the chakras: Clear quartz, garnet
Aligning all the chakras: Yellow kunzite, blue Kyanite
Grounding energy from crown to root: Smoky quartz
Cleansing the lower chakras: Bloodstone
Using crystals with chakra meditation: Remember to love yourself and your crystals and that you can program them with your loving intent for balancing your chakras. Don't forget to cleanse them afterward, with gratitude, for all their help and healing!

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Replies to This Discussion

I love to incorporate Crystals with my Chakra Meditations

The helpful energy is immense!

I Charge them ( each in their required way ) first

I Cleanse them ( each in their required way ) afterwards

They've become my earth & star brother friends

Thank you!


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