Does Reiki energy beam from the hands?

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Does Reiki energy beam from the hands?

No. Reiki energy is directed via the intention of the practitioner. Our thoughts direct energy. Our hands serve as “computer monitors” that help us sense where the energy is flowing. We set the energy in motion with our intention, and then our hands and intuition help us witness and observe where the energy is flowing the strongest for our recipient as it is flowing.

If someone’s shoulder hurts and I direct Reiki to relieve pain in the shoulder and send healing energy there, I may place my hands on or over the person’s shoulder.

My hands help in two ways: 1) the recipient places his attention on his shoulder and my hands and presence there. In that way, he is open and receptive to the Reiki energy working on his shoulder. 2) The sensations in my hands indicate for me that the energy is being received, and I am able to discern by the change in the strength of the sensations I experience when there is relief from the pain. Simply, for me, the tingles slow down and decrease in intensity when the energy has brought about a shift.

So, I don’t feel as if I’m zapping energy out of my hands. My hands do sometimes heat up, but I accept that as another way for me to understand that energy is flowing.

One of the reasons I believe that the energy can be given without the hands is that I have, on many occasions, sent Reiki healing using only my thoughts. I simply connect with the Reiki energy, intend for the recipient to receive the healing that is needed, and it goes there. If I choose to use my hands, I can feel how strong and wherein the person’s body or energy the Reiki is being received.

Another reason I believe my hands are for me to intuit the way the energy is being received is that sometimes when I’m giving a Reiki healing, and I have my hands on the person’s head, she may feel the energy moving in her heart or other places in her body or energy. If hands were the way the energy had to be directed, she would only feel it where my hands were placed.

I do believe that something is happening between my hands and energy. But it’s more of a dialogue than a stream of beaming energy flow. I know that the hands of a Reiki practitioner have been measured on certain aura cameras and energy monitors of sorts and changes have been detected. But to me, that means the hands are “activated,” in a connection with the energy – plugged in, if you allow the metaphor to continue.

If you practice Reiki, think about this difference. Our hands are not for “putting” the energy here or there. Instead, they are a way of involving us in the process, including us in the dialogue, and showing us the effect that the energy is having.

Some people are visual, and see colors or images when Reiki is flowing. For them, though, the hands are still similar to a monitor but the screen is in the practitioner’s inner vision. The hands then are more like a computer mouse – pointing at the area the practitioner wishes to observe.

The intention, no matter what you are doing, is always important. Not having one’s “heart” in one’s actions shows, so to speak.

I think one of the primary reasons people – both clients and teachers – focus on the hands is partially through their symbology. There are chakras all over the body (if you use that system) where Nadis (energetic lines) cross. The more Nadis crossing the larger the chakra.

The “major 7″ are several different schools of thought which focus on ones outside the physical body and into the aura and even the earth.
  There are also ones in the hands and feet. As with most people, the hands and feet (purely from a physiological standpoint) are often ignored or neglected despite our reliance on them.
You can note this when you hurt yourself, it is instinctive to guard or grab at the affected area to reduce further harm and in some cases stabilize. We hug people for comfort (an extension of the use of one’s hands), as well as pat people or touch them on the shoulder to convey concern and support.

  Many people use their hands while they talk, using them to at times accentuate what they are saying or to convey a particular meaning. Without our hands, many would be lost as the world around us focuses greatly on being able to use them, even if we aren’t especially mindful of that.

So I believe that part of why there is such a focus on the energy supposedly “coming from our hands” is from all these uses and associations, even if they are all “automatic” to us as humans in general.

I’ve often given Reiki with my thoughts as well, and I’ve thought about this a lot.
One thing I always come back to – what if someone didn’t have the use of his/her arms and hands.
Would that person still be able to practice Reiki? The answer that I feel with my whole being is, yes it is your intuition.

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THANK YOU! This piece clarifies Reiki and the hands' place in a session really well. As someone who hasn't trained to give but receives it online all the time, gratitude. Happy Earth Day, Mystic Wolf!

When I do distant Reiki the energies and heat come from my palms when I send it. All of my fingers get tingly and there is a heaviness in both palms. This is how I was taught to do distant Reiki years ago with my attunements. Thanks for replying Savlove!

I do a scanning process before I actually start the Reiki process.


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