The Governing and Conception Vessels

I find this very interesting and important when you work on the attuning process and Kundalini.

The Governing and Conception Vessels are the main rivers of the body's Yin and Yang energies.

They are polar aspects of the body.
The Governing and Conception Vessels are two branches of the same source, and inseparable Yin-and-Yang, front-and-back duality. 
These vessels connect the uterus with the Kidneys, Heart, and Brain.

They originate externally and ascend the front and back of the torso, and form a small circle when the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate in the mouth and the anal sphincter is squeezed. 

Not only does this action complete the balance of Fire (Heart) and Water (Kidneys) energy, it also increases the body's protective Qi.
 Along these vessels, It draws the Yang, Fire, Pingala “downward” and Yin, Ida, “upward” essence up and down the body, fusing the Water and Fire energies together.  This fusion facilitates a Yin and Yang balance throughout the body.

The Governing and Conception Vessels each have two energy flows on the anterior and posterior vertical midline of the body.  Each vessel's pathway is complete, being composed of an ascending energetic flow and a descending energetic flow. Both vessels are superimposed on each other.

    It is important to understand the energetic potential of these two currents flowing in both an ascending and descending direction on the posterior and anterior vertical midline in the body. 

The energetic movement of these two currents explains why there are two opposite directions of focused concentration used in energy cultivation meditations. 

  1. One direction follows the Microcosmic Fire cycle along the Governing Vessel (up the spine and down the chest) to stimulate the emotional regulation of the acquired mind (Zhi Shen)


  1. The other direction follows the Microcosmic Water cycle along the conception Vessel (up the chest and down the spine) to stimulate spiritual intuition and activate the perceptions of the Yuan Shen.
    “Holding the tongue against the roof of the mouth connects the Governing and Conception vessels, and forms what is known as the Small Heavenly Circle, or the Microcosmic Orbit.”

By doing this completes the circuit with attuning someone to Reiki.

The Governing Vessel
is the confluence of all the Yang channels, over which it is said to "govern." Because it controls all the Yang channels, it is called the "Sea of Yang Meridians." It flows up the midline of the back, a Yang area, and in the center of all Yang channels (except the stomach channel which flows in the front).

The Governing Vessel governs all the Yang channels, which means that it can be used to increase the Yang energy of the body.
Since the Governing Vessel is the "Sea of Yang Meridians" and it controls or governs the back, the area richest in Guardian Qi, it is also responsible for the circulation of the body's Guardian Qi to guard against external evil intruders.
The Governing vessel is also responsible for nourishing the five ancestral organs, which include the brain and spinal cord. This is one of the ways in which the kidneys "control" the brain, as is said in Chinese medicine.

Because of their importance to health, the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel are considered the two most important Qi channels. The energy of the Governing Vessel is predominant and goes up the back and inferior down the front (behind the Conception Vessel).

The energetic flow of the Conception Vessel corresponds to Yin, negative polarity, the female aspect, and responds to bass tones.
The Conception Vessel “Ren” in Chinese means “direction, responsibility”. Ren Mai, the “Conception Vessel,” has a major role in QI circulation, monitoring and directing all of the Yin channels (plus the stomach channel). The Conception Vessel is connected to the thrusting and Yin Linking vessels and is able to increase the Yin energy of the body.

The Conception vessel also controls the distribution and “dispersion” of Guardian Qi all over the abdomen and thorax via numerous small Qi branches. This vessel also plays an important role in the distribution of body fluids in the abdomen. In Qigong society, the Conception Vessel and the Governing vessel are considered the most important among the Qi channels and vessels and must be trained first. It is believed that there is usually no significant Qi stagnation in the Conception vessel. However, it is important to increase the amount of Qi you are able to store, which also increases your ability to regulate the Yin channels.
The energy of the Conception Vessel is predominant up the front and inferior down the back (behind the Governing Vessel). The energetic flow of the Governing Vessel corresponds to Yang, positive polarity, the male aspect, and responds to treble notes.

                             Central Meridian (Conceptual Vessel)
The Yin Channel (the Conceptual Vessel) begins at the perineum, flows up the front center of the body, and ends at the tip of the tongue.  This is a yin vessel which has a governing effect on all other yin meridians.  It has a major effect on conception.  The yin meridians and organ functions Pericardium, large intestines, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and liver are related to storing vital Essence.  They are associated with the generation, regulation, transformation, and storage of energy, blood, fluids, and Spirit.  The specific connecting point for all yin meridians is the base of the sternum where according to the Nei Ching all the energies are collected.  This area of the solar plexus is very important for the overall well-being of the body.

 Governing Meridian the Yang channel (the Governing Vessel) begins at the perineum and flows up the back center of the body, over the top of the head, and back down to the roof of the mouth.  This is the main yang meridian and as such has a governing effect on all the other yang meridians and organs- small intestine, bladder, triple warmer, stomach, heart, and gall bladder.  The yang organ functions are primarily active and relate to breaking down food and fluids and the absorption of nutrients from them, the circulation of the derived "nourishing energies" around the body, and the secretion of unused materials.  Located right at the crown of the head, known as the anterior fontanel in a newborn child, is a unique connecting point for all yang meridians. 

Exercise for Connecting the Governing and Conceptual Vessels
to connect the yang energy and the yin energy is very beneficial for the whole system on all levels, physical, etheric, emotional, mental, etc.  It is effortless to do and it is an ideal way to check your own energies are functioning and flowing smoothly.

1) Place the hands in the lap, with the right hand resting on the left, and pull the shoulders back ever so slightly and the chin in a little so that there is a small pull on the back of the neck; this will ease the blood flow to the brain.

2) Close your eyes, and with the mouth ever so slightly open, rest the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth touched to the highest point in the roof of the mouth behind the teeth.  This placement of the tongue is vital because it naturally maintains the flow of energy to the head whilst keeping the jaw relaxed.

3) The tongue connects these two important currents when touched to the highest point in the roof of the mouth.  Allow your energy to complete the loop by letting your Mindflow along with it.  Start in the mouth and mentally circulate your attention with the energy. 

Eventually the current will begin to feel warm in some places as it loops around. Relax; try to bring your mind directly into the part of the loop is focused on.

4) Experience the actual feeling of the flow of chi in that part of your body.  Once the circuit is going smoothly, inhale as you go up the spine and over to the third eye, and exhale as you go down from the Third Eye to the perineum.

5) You can complete as many circuits as you wish, finishing when you are ready or going on to meditate or working with your Programmed Crystals.


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For those in the area it must be very beneficial. Thanks.


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