The Sixth Chakra

The Inner Eye Chakra commonly referred to as the Third Eye or Spiritual Eye, deals with how we interact with the Astral Plane –the Plane on which we create the circumstances of the physical world.


Level One
Level Seven of the Throat is also the First Level of the Inner Eye. It brings us an awareness of the Astral Plane -the Plane on which we create the circumstances of the physical world. Magic is the result of shaping energy through thought and emotion -this process happens in the Astral Plane and then takes form in the physical world: It is the Throat Level Seven/Inner Eye Level One Chakra which begins this process, and here that we can become aware of it and begin to take conscious control of it.

Right Companion: The Right Companion of the Throat Level Seven/Inner Eye Level One Chakra serves to create imaginings of the Soul’s needs and potentials –that is to say those things which enhance our being and facilitate its creativity, learning, and growth. In imagining these things, the Companion begins the process of creating them through the Astral –though it requires sustained focus to bring them into being.

Left Companion: The Left Companion is concerned with finding solutions to problems and ways to facilitate growth. It seeks ways to overcome obstacles, surpass limitations, to eliminate difficulties. By thus envisioning these things the Left Companion begins the process of creating them in the Astral.

Level Two
The Second Level of the Inner Eye Chakra deals with issues of imagination and fantasy: creating fantasy scenarios about extant or potential situations in our life and envisioning possible ways in which they might develop. In this way, it explores the directions in which these situations might be developed and begins the process of creating their future.

Right Companion: The Right Companion of the Second Eye regulates our emotional connection to our fantasies and imaginings throughout the whole system. Ideally, it gives us enough of an emotional connection to spur the process of spiritual creation without blurring the line between extant reality and potential. A blockage here can cause our fantasies to have too little emotion, thus stunting them and making us overly passive in our relation to life and creation, or can deliver too much emotion causing us to place fantasy above extant reality and perhaps lose touch with reality.

Left Companion: The Right Companion of the Second Eye regulates the content of our fantasies and also of our psychic visions. The Right Companion assembles a lexicon of ideas, words, and images with which we fill our imaginings, and which also are the language through which we translate psychic messages.

We can never understand a psychic message which we do not have terms to understand and translate the pure energy of psychic messages into images that have meaning to us: a process-centered here.

A blockage here can make it difficult either to fantasize or to translate psychic messages, due to a lack of material from which to facilitate either process. Inability to visualize might also be due to a blockage of this Chakra.

Level Three
The Third Level of the Inner Eye, or Third Eye, is concerned with clairvoyance and the reception of psychic information regarding present and near-future events. The ability to translate clairvoyant energies into a form understood by the conscious mind is controlled by the Inner Eye Level Two Left Companion and can be expanded by enlarging the body of symbols and ideas available for it to work with. This aspect of the Chakra has to do with the clairvoyant assessment of what we or others are creating in the Astral, and messages received here can be addressed at that level.

Right Companion: The Third Eye Right Companion assesses the efficacy of our past actions in terms of our Soul’s purposes and our need for spiritual advancement: this gives us a need to discard behaviors that hold us back spiritually and cultivate behaviors that will help us to move forward spiritually. This is the place where we address bad habits and self-defeating behaviors. The Third Eye Right Companion is also the Second Level of the Past Chakra, to be discussed below.

Left Companion: If the Right Companion assesses the value of our habits and established patterns, seeing the need to adopt or discard a specific behavior, it is the Left Companion which actually implements this: the Left Companion builds behavior patterns and also breaks them. When it is well-developed it builds patterns based upon perceived benefit –of course, the benefit level changes as we grow and our needs vary, requiring the patterns to be changed or discarded over time. When this Companion is blocked, we become stuck in old patterns because we are mentally or emotionally so attached to them that we cannot move forward.

Level Four
The Fourth Level of the Inner Eye, or Fourth Eye, allows us to receive clairvoyant information regarding the farther future. Where the Third Eye sees what is being created in the immediate future through the Astral the Fourth Eye draws its information more from the Soul Level and reflects the Soul’s purposes. The most immediate difference here, beyond the distance each Eye is capable of seeing, is that which the visions of the Third Eye may be readily addressed at the Astral Level and are subject to the great possibility of change, the visions of the Fourth Eye, dealing with the needs of the Soul and the life’s purposes, are much less likely to change, and require very deep inner work to alter. The famous seer Jean Dixon described this idea as the difference between “prediction” and “prophecy” –the former being more fluid and subject to potential change from the conscious level, the latter being more certain and difficult or impossible to change.

Right Companion: The Fourth Eye Level Four Companion gives a sense of the need to care for ourselves: to maintain ourselves and our resources, to provide for our needs. This is in fact a function of the Companion’s connection of our Soul level purposes: The Companion seeks to ensure the body’s continued ability to fulfill the Soul’s needs. If blocked, this companion can lead to either extreme self-indulgence or self-mortification.
Left Companion: The Fourth Eye Level Four Left Companion assesses our level of well-being at all levels, and generates a feeling of discomfort when any aspect of the being is blocked or out of proper alignment.

This is a function of the Companion’s connection to the Soul level purposes just as was the case with the Right Companion: The Companion seeks to maintain our well-being so that the Soul may express itself and pursue the purposes of the life through the body.

Level Five
The Fifth Level of the Inner Eye, or Fifth Eye, integrates the higher consciousness of the Soul into the physical body. It facilitates the process by which the body is created as an emanation of the Soul (a process similar to that by which a mollusk creates its shell or an insect its exoskeleton) and allows for the expression of the Soul’s consciousness through the body. Like all other aspects of the physical, the body is created at the Astral level, and it is at the Fifth Eye-level that we may affect the body through Astral workings. Here to the extent of the connection between Higher and Lower consciousness is controlled: it is the seat of the magical Shift of Consciousness and when expanded through exercise allows for ever-greater oneness with the Higher Self. Through the Fifth Eye, the ego or Lower Self transcends itself to become one with the Soul. This is the primary Chakra in our ability to create magic.

Right Companion: The Right Companion allows us to see the potential of creation: to know that all things are possible and that nothing needs to hold us back. This Companion gives us the sense of our ability to shape things through magic –that is the conscious application of thought and emotion to shape energy at the Astral level. The relative strength of this Chakra is very important to the extent of what we can create at the Astral level. A blockage here can make us feel that we are powerless and unable to affect anything at one extreme and at the other make us feel that we can jump straight to magical proficiency without the need to work to develop it.

Left Companion: This Companion gives us focus and direction in our ability to create at the Astral Level –it is here that we fine-tune our creations, and here that we bring the Soul’s purposes into the physical through the Astral. This Companion is detail-oriented and works with the finer points of Astral creation to bring the Astral stirrings created throughout the Chakra system into concrete creation.

Level Six
The Sixth Level Inner Eye or Sixth Eye integrates Monadic consciousness into the physical being. The Monad you will recall is the microcosm of God/dess through which Souls are formed. God/dess has nine Monads each of which is a separated microcosmic aspect of Herself, each Monad has many Souls, and each Soul has many Lives. As we are part of our Soul, our Soul is part of our Monad: connection to the Monad gives us a sense of eternity and universality, and an ability to recognize spiritual connections and patterns at a high level. The more highly developed the Sixth Eye, the more we are able to access the Monadic consciousness.

Right Companion: The Right Companion integrates the Soul’s purposes into the being. Each Soul has certain purposes for each life: lessons to learn, skills to acquire, experiences to have. So too each Monad has basic patterns and purposes which are unique to it and to all of the Souls and Lives which are part of it. Here we connect to the Soular and Monadic purposes and work to fulfill them.

Left Companion: The Left Companion is facilitating the creativity through which the Soul’s energy is integrated into the being, and through which the being is created and itself creates.

Level Seven
The Seventh Level Inner Eye gives us an understanding of God/dess as All That Is. Here we can connect to a feeling of Oneness with all things, and appreciate the ties that connect all of creation. Here we no longer feel the Soul’s purposes, but Divine purposes in which the Soul is but one part.

Right Companion: The Seventh Eye Right Companion connects us to the Divine Plan –Destiny, Karma, the web of Being. All things connect and interlink at this level, and through the Seventh Eye Right Companion, we can feel this and navigate our place in the Web.

Left Companion: The Seventh Eye Left Companion serves to anchor the Divine energy which is the ultimate source of life into the physical being. The Left Companion directs the Divine energy throughout the system to all the places it’s needed, subtly transmuting it in the process/

 Eighth Chakra The first of the spiritual chakra numbered eight, sits above the 7th chakra about two feet. This is known as the energy center of divine love, spiritual compassion, and spiritual selflessness. This chakra also holds your karmic residue -- those energy patterns that you have held on to for more than one lifetime. When the eighth center begins to open up and expand, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape. The eighth chakra does have a color associated with it and it is what you consider to be ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, you are unable to see what ultraviolet light looks like (at least not with your conventional vision). Please note that it is not a good idea for a person with a closed 8th chakra to try to open up that center to another individual. If it could be done, there could be adverse effects. Suffice it to say that anyone that has healing abilities, out-of-body capability, clairvoyance, or even in-depth dream recall, most likely has a functioning 8th chakra and will be able to do work on this chakra. It is possible.

  The Spirit Body of the Monad is the higher mind function of the Observer, watching and aware of forming concepts and making assessments. It is the higher mind principle consciousness that comes to neutral conclusions and decisions based on accumulated experiences. When the spirit is in control of the nervous system of the body, it makes higher evolution of Consciousness action possible.

The Spirit body comes in at the moment of conception through the Permanent Seed Atom in the higher heart complex to guide the formation of the human being's Blueprint and prepare for incarnation. Unresolved Soul trauma can block the spirit from evolving the consciousness to activate the higher heart, as the soul and spirit are intricately involved in the spiritual functions of the heart. The core essence of the spirit within the human being exists in the heart seed and is moving throughout time and space, eternally.

The Monad spiritual body triad is the 7th, 8th, and 9th layer but it starts connecting at the 8th Chakra level Thymus Gland which is the Higher Heart. When the Monad starts coming in like this, the whole Heart complex changes pattern, meaning the Heart Chakra is no longer an Astral Heart 4th Chakra, it is a Blue Aqua Heart. The Heart Chakra turns blue and the frequency coming through starts turning blue, this is a connection to the turquoise of the Mother Arc which ignites the inner holy spirit called the Amoraea Flame. So the 8th Dimension is a Gold color but when the Monad starts flowering in the Diamond Heart, and the Heart starts to configure, it actually looks blue and they call this configuration the Living Crystal Lotus Heart or Crystal Rose Heart.

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