The Ten Spiritual Bodies

1st Body: The Soul Body
2nd Body: The Protective Mind = The Negative Mind
3rd Body: The Projective Mind = The Positive Mind
4th Body: The Meditative Mind = The Neutral Mind
5th Body: The Physical Body
6th Body: The Arc Line = The Halo
7th Body: The Auric Body = Aura
8th Body: The Pranic Body = Prana
9th Body: The Subtle Body
10th Body: The Radiant Body
11th Body: Contains all ten

The part in us connected to the Infinite; unchanging, non-reactive, never dies.
To experience and identify with this Body is ideal.

KEY PHRASE: "Heart vs. Head"
ARCHETYPE: The wise/ the holy person
How can I further appreciate the compassion and creativity that I have with myself while I'm sharing it with others?
Does this feel like my soul's purpose?
Do I come from the heart?

Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak was the creative force of the Sikh Dharma. He was known because his humility is a quality that appears when mastering the 1st body. You become humble when you bow your head so your heart is higher than your head. He used to say things like "I am the worm of the worms, the lowest of the low. I am heathen. I've done many ruthless things in life. I'm worse than any other person. It's only out of your mercy that I have found your wonder."

EXPLANATION of Intellect vs. Emotions - Heart. Overly Intellectual
The soul is the connection with your inner self. It also corresponds with Apana, the elimination energy. In Yoga, it said that a person should have a bowel movement after each meal.

Apana is also related to sexual energy. When the first body is working well, you feel very creative and sexual about life. If you are afraid of connecting to your inner self, your soul, you may have a difficult time enjoying sex.
The 1st body also corresponds to the first Chakra. The characteristics of the 1st Chakra including security, survival, and a sense of being grounded.

It's also where the Kundalini energy resides, the nuclear energy of the human being.

The Soul Body never dies. When our physical body dies, the subtle body encapsulates the soul body and then you move on. From the yogi's point of view, the soul body has an exact weight of an ounce. How can something that travels through time and space have weight? It is like energy; it can't be destroyed.

The soul body has a purpose in your existence. In other words, your actions have an impact in the future as well as the present. So, it is good to ask ourselves how our actions will impact ourselves and others in the future, whether it be in 5 years, 10 years, 500 lifetimes, 1000 lifetimes, etc.

It's the inner connection with your inner self, the balance between heart and head. Heart as compassion, love, affection, gratitude, forgiveness, and so on, and head as the intellect, the ego. We need them both to be in harmony.

There is a connection between the inner body and the physical body. When you begin to notice something going on in the physical body, start checking your inner body, your soul. The body is always warning you with signals. If the cholesterol is high, forget about it and never check it again. Failure to take care of the self is a sign that the first body is not working as well as you think.

When the soul is balanced, you feel intuitive, creative, compassionate, and so on. For example, you won't put yourself out of balance by putting yourself in another's place.

when the number 1 is in a challenging position, one needs to learn to balance the male energy within themselves and integrate with other people. You need to learn to gain a respected leadership; otherwise, you will be "quick from the gate".

any mantra you can stick to will work. If you notice that you are being overly intellectual, vibrate a mantra. Think of how God is inside everything.

Pulse meditation. - Sit in a comfortable sitting position. Breathe long and deep through your nose. Close your eyes and focus them on the third eye. Find your pulse on your wrist or on your neck. Vibrate mentally the mantra Sat Nam with every beat of your heart. Do this for 11 minutes minimum.

This meditation is very simple but very effective. It really makes you go deep. It allows you to develop a relationship with your inner self. Very powerful!
Heart Center Meditation. Place the hands in front of the heart center keeping a space of about 4 inches between them, with the right hand over the left hand. Meditate on the ball of energy between them.


Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation; necessary for protection.

Not moving from A = overprotective = imbalance 2 body
Not looking = very positive = over projective = imbalance 3 body
Stopping, looking and listening = balance 2 and 3 body = meditative mind

ARCHETYPE    The lover
KEY PHRASE: "Longing to belong"
KEY QUESTIONS: Can I calculate the risk in a situation?

If the situation goes wrong, how can I protect myself?
Guru Angad, He was known for his obedience, discipline, and endurance.

In a challenging position, you may feel fearful and/or overly protective. You may also jump into situations or relationships without considering the consequences. You may carry with you all the feelings around you without being responsible for them.
    You may feel insecure or indecisive when making a decision. You may also feel unable to join with another person.
    You have a great desire to have meaningful relationships but you need to consider the risk before jumping into them in order to be successful.

In a strong position, you are able to see the negative side of situations. You take calculated risks. You can join with others successfully. You can merge into relationships happily. This is a feminine energy number and it can be very supportive.

The 2nd body corresponds to the second Chakra. The element is water, and its properties are fluidity, flexibility, and connection. In intercourse, the water in the man will be the semen, also known as Ojas, and in the woman, it will be the lubricant. In a yogic lifestyle, you can enjoy sexual life with your partner but it's also important to restrain from sexual activity with the goal of preserving that potent energy. This energy strengthens the immune system, makes the skin shine, and makes you physically very active.

Meditation for Negating False identity. This meditation requires an active thinking mind. Sit in easy pose and start thinking of how you identify yourself. For example, your gender, your name, your family role, your job, etc. Think about all the good and bad qualities you can. After each though, deny it.
For example, I am a teacher, and I'm not a teacher. The goal is to peel off the layers so at the end it's only the unknown that is left. You! From 5 to 11 minutes.


3rd BODY = The Projective Mind
It inspires us by showing the best possible results in any situation.

ARCHETYPE    The magician/ entertainer
KEY PHRASE: "Devil (de-will) vs. Divine"
Do I allow myself to experience the good things in life?
Do I allow myself to be hopeful?

Guru Amar Das
The third guru. He was known for his devotion and divine love. He also promoted equal rights and dignity.

In a challenging position, this is a person who has unrealistic expectations, a person who makes promises to please others and has a hard time saying NO. You really want to see the positive side of a situation, but you can become insecure or worried in a second. You may also be self-destructive at times, whether obvious or hidden.

In a strong position, this is a positive person with a good sense of humor. Humor makes you see the light in the mundane. You project light and are very uplifting to others. Determined! The chef = food, optimistic, joyful.

The 3rd body addresses the infinite possibilities of any situation. Too much or too little is risky and that's why it must be balanced. Some people work this number when they have to deal with a serious illness, often through support groups, getting rid of the negativity. If unbalanced, you can be overly optimistic and jump into situations without measuring the risk. You can work on this body through Yoga and meditation.

MANTRA    One that eliminates negativity, such as the protection mantra. Listen to it.

Relaxing.  Sit in easy pose or on your heels. Place the hands on the lap. Start breathing long and deep through the nose. Close the eyes and look at the third eye. 3 minutes

Rebirthing meditation. This meditation has two parts. For the first part, sit in easy pose. Inhale and exhale through the mouth at a fast pace with lips puckered as if blowing out a candle. Close the eyes. 2 minutes. For the second part, breathe through the nose long and deep. Relax, close the eyes, and look at the third eye. Visualize that you are aflame and allow the flame to burn off all negativity from the past and present. 3 minutes.

4th BODY = The Meditative Mind
Takes the information from both negative and positive minds and decides on the best course of action using unbiased, intuitive knowledge, the ultimate state of mind for success.

ARCHETYPE    The counselor
KEY PHRASE    "Cup of Prayer"
Am I being balanced in my decisions?

In a challenging position, this is a person who is overly structured and organized. They are strong and opinionated and may even be perceived as arrogant and stubborn.

It's very important for a number 4 to do humanitarian or selfless work at some point. Because of their true humanitarian nature, it will make them humble.

In a strong position, this is a person who balances the pros and cons in a natural way. They are very humanitarian and service-oriented. They can create internal and external balance.

this is the last step in the thought process, though success cannot be achieved until the last stage of neutrality has been reached. This step gives you all of the true opportunities available to you.

Very humanitarian
"Cup of Prayer." The ability to see the glass as half empty or half full, depending on whether it is too protective or too projective.

Meditative mind people are contagious. They put you in that state of mind too. They are also good listeners. The best way to obtain a meditative mind is by meditating.

Leg stretch. Straighten the left leg in front of you and lean over it. Long deep breathing for 1 minute. Switch legs and perform for another minute.

Butterfly/ Spine flex. Come into the butterfly pose. Bring the soles of your feet together and inhale while bending forward then exhale while bending back. 1 minute.

Torso twist. In easy pose or resting on the heels, place the hands on the shoulders with the thumbs back and the fingers facing forward. Inhale and twist left, exhale, and twist right. 1 minute.

Shoulder Rolls. Inhale and roll the shoulders back. 1 minute.
Head Rolls. Roll the head in one direction 3 times slowly, and then change direction.

Sudarshan Chakra Kriya. This is a hard one but it has amazing benefits. It cuts out neurotic patterns of thinking and is a wonderful antidepressant. It relives unhealthy attachments to past traumas and purifies your karma. A recent study has suggested that it can be as powerful as antidepressant medication.

Sit in easy pose. Look at the tip of the nose or the third eye.
Block the right nostril with the right thumb. Rest the left hand in Gyan Mudra (index finger and thumb) in the lap. Inhale through the left nostril and mentally vibrate the mantra WA HE GURU. Every time you vibrate the mantra, pull the navel in 3 times, one time with WA, another with HE, and the third time with GURU, for a total of 48 times.

Then block the left nostril with the right index finger and start over again.

5th BODY - the Physical Body
the vehicle through which we participate fully on earth. It is perfected by the balance in all the physical aspects: diet, work, play, and essentially avoiding extremes like laziness or fanaticism.

ARCHETYPE    The teacher/ the leader
KEY PHRASE   "Half God, Half Man. Half of Balance."
KEY QUESTION   how can I further appreciate my own strength while I'm sharing it with others?

In a challenging position, this can manifest as an inconsistent person. Since number 5 likes change so much and hate routine, this may manifest as a person who does many things without mastering any. They may feel confined by other people or environments. They have to learn that true freedom is found within oneself.

This person may seem over-concerned with the physical body, clothing, etc. They are not sure how to use their energy, proving too active sometimes and too sedentary at other times. They really want to relate to other people since number fives are great communicators.

In strength position, this can manifest as someone who has a natural gift for teaching. They have great endurance and health. Since they love to travel, they may have great experiences due to those adventures. They can be freedom fighters.

The physical body is the one we all relate to. Yogi Bhajan said that to earn a physical body you have to go through 8.4 million incarnations. He said that 8.4 million incarnations are equal to one light year. So, it takes 100,000 light-years to get a physical body capable of self-realization.

Yoga Mudra. Sit on the heels. Bring the forehead towards the floor and keep it there. Interlace your fingers and straighten the elbows until you make a 90-degree angle between the floor and the arms. Stay there, breathing long and deep for 2 minutes.

Yoga Mudra and Camel pose. Sitting on your heels, bring the forehead to the floor with the arms up and the fingers interlaced, as in the above position. Now inhale, come up, and sit on your heels.

Keep inhaling and come off of the heels and onto your knees and arch back. Then exhale, sit on the heels, and bring the forehead back to the floor. 2 minutes.

Body drops. Stretch both legs in front of you and make a fish with your hands, placing them by the hips. You are going to inhale and bring your whole body up for at least 1 second, then exhale and dropdown. Continue for 1 minute.
Prosperity meditation. This meditation, as its name indicates, brings prosperity to your life, an abundance of resources, and the ability to recognize opportunities.

6th BODY = the Arc Line or Halo
It is historically depicted as the halo. The Arcline arches from ear to ear and is the seat of the Akash, the ether, in the body. Its color varies with a person’s health and mental or psychic condition. Women have a second Arcline reaching across the chest from nipple to nipple which Yogi Bhajan says gets imprinted with the sexual experiences she has had in her life.

ARCHETYPE    The Priest/ Shaman
KEY PHRASE    "Man at Prayer"
Am I being truthful?
Am I being honest?
Am I acting with integrity?

In a challenging position, this is manifested as a person who is not consistent with his word. He has an inability to follow up on or obtain the desired results. He may have what is called a "monkey mind".

He may be misunderstood because his intentions are good but he doesn't have the ability to create the expected. Their desire is to be able to create their own reality by themselves.

In a strong position, this is manifested as a person with a protective shield. This is a very powerful person who has good concentration. They are lucky and consistent. Number 6s are people who are involved in protecting others. They have a natural sense of sacredness and prayer. They are dedicated to family.

The number six represents the Halo. It goes from one ear to the other. Its strength varies depending on the person's well-being and mental health. It can be as thick as one-and-a-half inches or it can be very thin, even broken. If it is broken in too many places, you can't stay alive.

The 6th body is about integrity.
It's a natural protective shield that surrounds the person whenever he goes, even if he or she becomes exposed to danger. It filters the negativity.
It's the power to create reality, the power of prayer.

Integrity is when your inner reality meets your outer projection because you have a light side and a dark side too. To learn to integrate both could be the work of a lifetime.

Dhrib Dhrist Lochina Karma Kriya. This meditation allows you to inspire with your words and speak the truth. It gives you the power to heal others with your eyes and hands. Meditation for the

7th BODY = The Auric Body
The eighth chakra of the body, the aura, is the electromagnetic field of energy which surrounds every living creature. Kundalini Yoga kriyas and pranayama increase the auric field, thus increasing awareness. In yogic teachings, a woman is receptive to the penetrating quality of men. Even flirting can open holes in the aura, making a woman extremely vulnerable. A strong, radiant aura can protect from many misfortunes and strengthen our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

ARCHETYPE    The healer
KEY PHRASE   "Platform of Elevation"
KEY QUESTION    Do I allow myself to elevate myself and others?

In a challenging position, this may manifest as a person with low self-esteem. He feels his shine comes from his outward appearance rather than from within. He feels that people expect him to be more independent and nurturing and that he has to live up to their expectations.

In a strong position, this will manifest as an intelligent person, a wise person. They are independent. They like to read, and they like music. This may represent a nun or priest living in seclusion. This is someone who has obtained intense knowledge through many lifetimes. They also have learned to uplift themselves, and they can be good teachers and very good parents because their presence uplifts environments and circumstances. They can work in relative seclusion, i.e. a scientist in a laboratory, park ranger in the forest, priest, or nun.

EXPLANATION Most children are able to see auras at a very early age between 2 and 4. After that, the pituitary gland changes and this makes it more difficult to see them. You can do certain meditations to develop this quality.

A regular aura can be somewhere between three and nine feet. Between three and seven is the most common. A nine-inch aura is rare. Wearing white clothes increases the aura by 12 inches.
People with strong auras can be very uplifting to be with. They put you in that state too, it's contagious.

There are many benefits of a strong aura. The person is surrounded by this electromagnetic field that protects him/her and gives them projection. Auras are nurturing, compassionate, charismatic, and "human's forklifts". That's why the key phrase is "platform of elevation".

Mediation for the Aura. Sit in easy pose and place the hands on the knees. Now concentrate on the space around your body, the electromagnetic field. Feel it getting bigger. The next affirmations should be repeated, keeping the focus on the electromagnetic field: IAM LIGHT. I AM STRONG. I AM BRIGHT. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM KIND. WHA HE GURU. Repeat 7 times.


8th BODY = The Pranic Body
Controls the breath and takes in life force energy of the universe. Energy, control over the mind, gives courage and healing power. Pranayama feeds the Pranic Body.

ARCHETYPE    The Warrior
KEY PHRASE    "Finite vs. Infinite"
Will I allow myself to be fearless?

In a challenging position, this may manifest as a person who is dealing with power or leadership, whether it be through money, the physical body, or other things. Sometimes they may feel abandoned, fearful, and lonely. They may have a hard time connecting with themselves and integrating their dark side.

They may feel that people see them as having it all, and they may feel suffocated by their demands or expectations. They really want to connect with their own source of energy.

In a strong position, this may be manifested as a fearless person, a very energetic person. They experience abundance, and they have developed a strong connection with their inner self. Business can be their arena. They also have a big heart so a healing career can be another avenue for them.

They are able to connect with the infinity source.

EXPLANATION    The Pranic Body. Prana means "life force", the energy that comes through the breath.

"Finite vs. Infinite" means that we have a finite life span but we also have infinite amounts of energy available to us.

The breath is a source of energy that comes from the universe. Yogi Bhajan calls it "The breath of life" and it is something that comes to you naturally. When we feel a lack of energy, we experience scarcity. That's when you are afraid or lacking confidence.

When the eighth body is strong, you are fearless and have an amazing ability to live in a world of duality, day and night, light, and dark, cold and hot, feminine and masculine, etc.

9th BODY = The Subtle Body
This carries the Soul to the Infinite at the time of death. It is the other Body with the Soul Body which exists after all the others have disappeared. The Mother makes all the other bodies. Often, we can project our subtle bodies beyond time and space to be at two places at once. The visions of saints and angels are their subtle bodies. It is that which although we are merged with the Infinite still exists uniquely through eternity.

ARCHETYPE    "The Advisor/ The Recorder"
KEY PHRASE    "Mastery or Mystery"
KEY QUESTION    Am I being subtle and calm?

In a challenging position, this may manifest as a person who has the ability to be very psychic but must learn to balance between their own thoughts and emotions and those of others. Nines can read between the lines but can become rude if pushed. They can also be aggressive, explosive, and insecure because they tend to focus on small details and they cannot see the big picture.

They seem themselves clearly but they believe they are misunderstood by others. They are overwhelmed with a lot of information and are sometimes surprised when they discover that what they think doesn't have anything to do with what is.

Number nine’s want to clearly communicate all that they know. They want to see the big picture.

In a strong position, nines can read between lines. They are very subtle and feminine. They get the big picture and have access to the akashic records. They are long term thinkers. They are calm and subtle. They are sophisticated and have an artistic appreciation.

As Yogi Bhajan used to say, "Where there is mastery, there is no mystery". This number is a very feminine number and highly intuitive to the point where this can be overwhelming if not channeled in an appropriate way. You don't need to communicate too directly to a number nine, they already know because they can pick up on all the subtleties. They can see the whole picture, which is why they are long term thinkers, meaning that they think about the reactions of their actions. For instance, when you eat, how that affects you at that moment, in a few hours, how it is going to make you feel, etc.

Nine is also connected with the small intestines. Because of this, it's not uncommon for a number nine to have digestive problems, or problems digesting information because they are very critical.

Calming Breath. Sit in easy pose. Close the right nostril with the right thumb and inhale through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril with the right index finger and exhale through the right nostril. 2 minutes.

Clearing Pranayama. Sit in easy pose and close the right nostril with the right thumb. Breathe in the Breath of Fire for 1 minute, then switch sides.

White Swan Meditation. The name is due to the hand position. Place the pads of the fingers together, thumbs included, in front of the eyes, and stare at the thumbs intensely for a few minutes. The idea is to mentally picture your thumbs when you close your eyes. When you are ready, go ahead and close the eyes and visualize the thumbs. Relax the breath. From 3 - 11 minutes.

Meditation for Conquering Death. Sit in easy pose. This meditation gets you back in touch with the subtleties of life. Place the thumbs on the ears, and the index fingers over your closed eyes. The middle fingers rest on the nose and the other fingers rest on the mouth. Inhale through the nose, then exhale and keep the air out while pressing your nose with your fingers. Hold for as long as possible. It's very important to keep the ears closed and listen for inner sounds. Continue for 5 to 11 minutes. To end, inhale, stretch the arms up and relax. Make sure you have some time to relax afterward.

10th BODY = The Radiant Body
Gives spiritual royalty and radiance. A strong radiant body manifests as “charisma”. Their very presence works before a word is spoken. (To those who are in their negative minds it can be perceived as arrogance.)

ARCHETYPE    The King/The Queen
KEY PHRASE    "All or Nothing"
KEY QUESTION    Will I allow myself to be creative and courageous?

In a challenging position, this may manifest as a fearful person with low self-esteem. You may think that other people want you to always be courageous and radiant. You may have fluctuations and act at inappropriate times.

Your desire is to be excellent and to obtain more of what you expected in the first place.

In strength position, you exude excellence in all your actions. You are very inspiring and uplifting. You can act despite fear.

Gobinda meditation. Sit in easy pose.  Bend the middle finger and the ring finger of both hands at the middle knuckles and place them together. Place the index fingers on top, the pinkies underneath, and use the thumbs to hold it all tight at the solar plexus. Chant Gobinda, placing emphasis on 'GO' for the first 6 times and on 'DA' for the next 6 times. Keep the eyes 1/10 open. 11 minutes.

11th BODY = Spiritual Excellence

ARCHETYPE    Divine Channel
KEY PHRASE    "Regal"
KEY QUESTION Will I allow myself to know all and be all?

In a challenging position, this may manifest as a person who feels that something has been missing in his education or that his needs were not met as a child. You feel others expect you to have it all together, all the answers, the look, and so on, even when you don't feel like it. You are overwhelmed by life and its demands.

Your deepest desire is to excel in all areas of life, to shine and inspire all.

In a strong position, this may manifest as a person who feels that everything they need will be provided and manifested. This person has it all together. They have a natural ability to know what is needed in any situation even though they don't know everything about the situation.

The number 11 embodies all of the numbers. If you have it as your challenge, people expect you to have it all together. If you have it as your strength you do have it all together, although no one has it all together all the time. You can do a mental check of the ten bodies at any time to keep them all together.

Example of a mental check:
1. Am I being compassionate and creative with myself, my actions, and others?
2. Am I calculating the risk of this situation or relationship, is it because of my wanting to belong?
3. Am I allowing myself to be optimistic and to experience the good things?
4. Am I being balanced in my thinking?
5. Am I making use of my strengths? Am I sharing my strength with others (teacher)?
6. Am I being truthful? Am I acting with integrity?
7. Am I being uplifting with myself and others?
8. Am I being fearless?
9. Am I being subtle?
10. Am I being courageous and creative?

EXERCISE    Any of the above stretches Kriyas.

MEDITATION RA MA Meditation. Sit in easy pose place the hands in Gyan Mudra on the knees. The eyes are closed and gazing at the top of the head, the Crown Chakra. Breathe long and deep while mentally vibrating the mantra RA MA. From 1 to 11 minutes.

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