Crystals in Reiki.

Crystals & Reiki: A Great Combo!


 Reiki and Crystals: A Great Combination!

You’ve probably heard of Reiki, the ancient hands-on energetic practice that has been proven by clinical study to reduce swelling, calm the nervous system, speed recovery time after surgery and reduce pain.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I first learned the Usui method of sharing Reiki. But I soon learned that there are many kinds of Reiki, many other ways in which this wonderful, relaxing therapy can be helpful.

As a supportive therapy, Reiki can be combined with many other modalities, including tuning forks, meditation, counseling, yoga and crystals.

I’ve successfully combined the therapeutic benefits of Reiki with many other modalities. Today I would like to discuss the importance o fusing crystals in Reiki sessions. Crystal Reiki adds the energy of specific stones to Reiki sessions.

But why add crystal energy to Reiki?  Isn’t Reiki channeled Life-force energy from the Universe?  And as such, does anything really need to be added to it?

Adding crystals to Reiki sessions can be helpful because we are human and as physical human beings, our bodies resonate with other physical aspects of our world. So, adding obsidian, for example to a session where a person feels ungrounded, can give an extra measure of support, communicating to the cells that yes, they are in a safe place, and yes, they can relax to the point where the natural healing processes contained in the cells can activate.

What stones can be used in Reiki Sessions?

The more I study stones and crystals, the more amazed I become that even the most ordinary stones, like quartz (bits of which also flow through our bloodstream) and granite hold resonant frequencies that communicate healing messages to our body’s cells and energy fields.

But there are so many kinds of stones out there. Is there a simple way to organize them so that they can be used?

 One way to organize stones is by the major Chakras. I have a seven-layer shelf where I keep stones that are helpful for each of the seven major Chakras. Or you could use seven bowls or dividers in drawers, to organize your crystals and stones.

So, how to know which stones are beneficial for which Chakras?  I’ve shared some basic guidelines below to help you begin to organize your stones and crystals to balance the seven main Chakras.

The more you use stones and crystals, the more individualistic you will see that they are. I was told, for example, that my Sacral Chakra had a lot of turquoise in it. Normally, turquoise is used on the Throat Chakra, but in my case, its energy has been beneficial for my Sacral Chakra.

This is a good guideline to remember if you are moved to use a stone or crystal at a Reiki gathering where others who use crystals might question the usage. Remind them that each energy signature is unique and that the crystals generally used as, say, Root Chakra crystals can also be used on other parts of the body.

The energy of the stone and the energetic needs of the body are the most important aspects of choosing stones and crystals to add to Reiki sessions.

Suggested Stones and Crystals for the Seven Major Chakras

Root Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Root chakra tend to be black, brown or red in color. Some examples are:  Onyx, obsidian, jet, black tourmaline and red calcite.

Sacral Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Sacral Chakra tend to be red or orange in color. Some examples are:  Carnelian, orange calcite, citrine and moonstone.

Solar Plexus Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Solar Plexus Chakra tend to be yellow. Some examples are: Citrine, sunstone, jasper, golden topaz and yellow calcite.

Heart Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Heart Chakra tend to be green or pink in color. Some examples are: Jade, rose quartz, green calcite, malachite and emerald.

Throat Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Throat Chakra tend to be blue in color. Some examples are: Lapiz Lazuli, blue opal and chrysocola.

Third Eye Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Third Eye Chakra tend to be indigo in color. Some examples are: Purple flourite, sugalite, amethyst and sodalite.

Crown Chakra:  Stones that are helpful for the Crown Chakra tend to be purple, white or gold in color. Some examples are: Cactus quartz, amber, diamond, moldavite, snow quartz, chevron and amethyst.

Are there any stones that are helpful for all the Chakras?

Yes. Clear quartz can be used for any Chakra, because it resonates with the bits of quartz that flow through the bloodstream.

Clear quartz can also be programmed to take on the energy of any other stone. If, for example, you have one moldavite stone and you would like to create a triangle above someone’s Crown Chakra, take the moldavite and two quartz crystal points in your hands, cup your hands around them, and with a downward motion, declare, “I program these quartz crystals to have the same energetic properties as this moldavite, for the highest healing possible.”  Repeat this phrase and downward motion twice more, and then use the quartz/moldavite combination as you would three pieces of moldavite.

This is a wonderful way to utilize the energies of more expensive stones without breaking your budget.

How Do I Use Stones in Reiki Sessions?

 To use stones in Reiki sessions, use Byosen scanning to read the body energy. To use Byosen Scanning, float your hand above the body, a foot or so out, and let your hand be led to areas that need attention. You may feel the energy coming from the body as a tingling, as heat or cold, or as a vibration. Or you may just sense where your hands need to go.

This is an indication not only of where the body wants Reiki attention, but also indicates good places to use stones or crystals. You can also scan twice:  first, sending a clear intent that you are asking the body where it wants Reiki energy, then scan a second time, sending a clear intent that you are asking the body where it would like crystal or stone energy, and which stones or crystals it would like.

The body will indicate what stones it needs and where to place them. Sometimes I see the stone in my mind and other times I hear the name of the stone. Still other times, I scan the body, then scan the stones and allow my hand to go to the stones that are needed.

Before a Reiki session, I can also ask ahead, sending a clear intent that I would like to know what stones or crystals will be needed so that I can be set up before the person arrives.

Either method works but I like to work with the person for the first few sessions so he or she can see the process and can become familiar with the idea that the body will communicate energetically if given the chance. 

Check in with your person if you need to place stones on the body, to be sure the stone isn’t too heavy or uncomfortable. If large stones are needed, place them under the Reiki table.

As you share Reiki, keep in mind the properties of the stones you have been guided to use, and add those intentions to the session.

There is much, much more information about using crystals in Reiki sessions. The more you use crystals and stones, the more you will learn about them. 



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