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Dark Moon Detox

A dark moon is neither an inhale nor an exhale but rather the pause between the breaths. Itandrsquo;s the perfect time to energetically detoxify and clear the decks for a fresh and successful new moon cycle and lunar year.Cover a salad plate with sea salt and sprinkle dried sage over the top of it. Place a black candle in the center of the plate and light it safely. Imagine all heaviness, stuckness, and energetic debris within your body, aura, home, and life being sucked toward the candle and into the sea salt and sage, where it is instantly neutralized and dissolved. Relax and breathe deeply. Willingly release all tension, worry, and other unwanted emotions, feeling them drain from you and disappear. Extinguish the candle.If possible, enhance this candle spell with physical forms of detoxification, such as clutter clearing, drinking lots of pure water, taking a sea salt bath, and/or eating lots of healthy, natural foods.

Thinking of You

In January 1673, postal service began between New York and Boston. In honor of this, take a few minutes to write a real letter or card (not an email) to someone you value with whom you havenandrsquo;t had contact in a long time.Gather these supplies:* Paper or a card* A pen* An envelope* A pretty stampBless the supplies in the name(s) of Mercury and/or Iris. In addition to being the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris keeps lines of communication open between the worlds.As you write, focus on how much you care about the recipient. Let that energy flow through your pen and into your words.You can keep it simple. Even the words Iandrsquo;m thinking about you and wish you happiness can make an enormous difference in someoneandrsquo;s day.Write the note by hand and address the envelope by hand. Attach the stamp, then mail the card with this blessing:May this note brighten (recipientandrsquo;s) day. It will!

Dream of a Lover Spell

Traditionally this was considered to be a good day to divine the identity of a future love. This was done by casting a spell that would reveal the image of a new lover during a dream.For this spell, youandrsquo;ll need a pinch each of dried rosemary and thyme, a small square of fabric, and pink ribbon. At bedtime, lay the fabric wrong-side up, and sprinkle the herbs in the center of it. Tie the corners of the fabric together with the ribbon as you say:With a pinch of rosemaryand a pinch of thyme,The image of a new lover I shall divine.Herbs of love, relax my mind,Let me see a lover, sweet and kind.Tuck the bundle beneath your pillow and go to sleep. When you awake, record your dreamandrsquo;s images in a journal. Save the herb bundle, and use it again if you wish.

What is Your Dream?

Today we celebrate the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Go to YouTube and listen to his andldquo;I Have a Dreamandrdquo; speech, which he delivered on August 28, 1963, during the March on Washington.What dream do you have? Cast your circle and set up your altar with four green candles in holders and symbols of what can make your dream come true. Light the candles, call in the four quarters, and invoke the god or goddess who can send the elements of your dream to you.Speak this invocation:I dream, and dreams come true.I dream and make my life anew.Now speak your dream aloud. Describe it in the minutest detail. Take as much time as necessary so the Invisibles know precisely what you want. Speak the invocation again.Remember that Dr. Kingandrsquo;s dream has not yet come true, although itandrsquo;s moving along. Your dream will probably arrive incrementally.

Banishing Heartache Spell

Sometimes we find ourselves falling for someone who, for one reason or another, is not available to us, yet we still must see them regularly. This can create difficult emotions, to say the least. For this spell, take cotton embroidery thread of the colors you associate with love, sexual attraction, and passion. (If thereandrsquo;s overlap, use black, for the Mystery.) Braid these threads together in a length long enough to go around your ankle. While doing so, think strongly of your ardor for this person and chant:With every step I take, with everychoice I make, my ardor finds abetter path, a more desirable fate.Tie a knot in the braid for each reason the relationship canandrsquo;t work, then tie the braid around your ankle. Whenever you are with this person, make sure to point your feet away from them! By the time the braid falls off, your ardor should be banished, leaving the relationship comfortably platonic.

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Comment by SunKat on December 18, 2019 at 3:27pm

Morgan Le Fay Herbal Blend

Use this blend as incense or roll on candles when invoking Morgan Le Fay or when working with the faery realm.

1 tbsp Irish moss
4 tbsp lavender
2 tbsp violet
2 tbsp rose
2 tbsp witch hazel flowers

~The Witch Darkest of Lights

Comment by SunKat on November 17, 2019 at 10:08am

Spell for Successful Partnership

In our professional lives, whether by choice or by necessity, it often comes to pass that we work hand-in-hand with other people. This can be a challenge, because it’s hard to get along with everyone all the time. Do this working to bring about a successful business partnership.

You’ll need:

  • Orange candle
  • Photo of yourself
  • Photo of the other person (or their name written on a piece of paper)

Light the candle, and say:

Working together, you and me

Working together, harmoniously

Working together, as we should

Working together, for the greater good

Drip a bit of melted wax onto the photos (or paper) and use it to attach them together, facing each other.

Once the wax is hardened and the photos are secure, extinguish the candle.

Keep the attached photos in your desk or workstation to ensure success with your new partner.

Found in Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch by Patti Wigington

Comment by SunKat on November 14, 2019 at 2:26pm

Tree Spell for Stability

People often use trees as symbols for grounding – being rooted in one place as a metaphor for stability or connecting with the Earth. In addition there’s something comforting about the strength and endurance of trees, qualities people strive to cultivate.

Use this spell to embody the stability of trees. They, too, can break under pressure – anything can – but they represent the ability to reach Great Heights while remaining connected to the Earth. You can achieve what you reach for, but it is important to stay grounded.

Sit near your favorite tree (or trees) and chant:

A sigh of leaves in rush of wind, they’re stable yet they sway and bend.

Roots go deep and branches high, growing, reaching Earth and Sky, teaching us with every breeze to learn the wisdom of the trees.


Found in Llewellyn’s 2019 Witches’ Spell-a-Day Almanac

Comment by Mystic Wolf on October 29, 2019 at 7:50pm
I like the spells RuneWitch. Thanks for posting this
Comment by SunKat on October 27, 2019 at 3:13pm

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Comment by RuneWitch on October 26, 2019 at 3:06pm

Comment by Linda M. on September 1, 2019 at 5:41pm

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