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The full moon is a time of energy. After all, if the moon can pull the earthandrsquo;s oceans from one place to another, imagine how it can affect us! A bedtime ritual of relaxation will help ease your sleep and dreams on this full moon night.An hour before bed, turn off all screens. Tumble your nightclothes in the dryer for 10andndash;15 minutes; remove them, wrap them tightly in a thick towel, and set aside. Draw a hot bath and scent it with lavender, chamomile, or lemon balm (herbs associated with relaxation) or add your favorite bubble bath or bath bomb. Prepare a cup of caffeine-free tea, and safely light a couple of candles in the bathroom.Step into the bath and luxuriate in the scent, warmth, and textures. When done, dry off with a clean towel and don your warm pajamas. Slip into bed, saying:Saint Calgon, take me away.Ease into untroubled sleep.

Coworker Sweetener Spell

Having trouble with a coworker? Sweeten them up with this quick and easy spell. You will need a small bottle, an object representing the person you are having trouble with, and some sugar water.Place the item representing the person you need to sweeten into the bottle. You can write their name on a piece of paper or pick a stone that reminds you of them. (For example, use jade for a person named Jade!) Add water mixed with sugar or honey to your bottle, then seal it with wax, if possible, and anoint it with a positive essential oil (such as tangerine, basil, or lavender), if available.Take the bottle to work with you and keep it at your work station or in your pocket. The person giving you grief will either end up leaving you alone or actually start treating you with kindness and/or respect.

Promoting Yourself

As individuals, weandrsquo;re always looking for ways to better our lives. One way we can do that is by working hard and excelling at our chosen path. However, we can sometimes use a little boost to help us out.Sunday is a good time to harness the energy for a spell to increase your chances of landing a promotion at work. Take your watch, jewelry, or stone (citrine or sunstone) and place it in a bowl during the day to charge in the sun. Before removing it from the bowl, say:This item will help me in the longrun, with the energy from the sun.Wear or carry the item with you to work as you continue to put yourself in a position for a promotion.

Four Flames Spell

Falling during the time of Aries, this spell calls upon the balancing power of the number four to achieve a solid result.Gather these items:* 4 tealight candles* A small square mirror big enough to rest the candles onLay the mirror facing upward on a stable surface and turn it so it makes a diamond shape in front of you. Place a candle at each corner (E, S, W, N), and light each in turn while saying the corresponding line:Flame of the east, come light the feast.Flame of the south, be gentle of mouth.Flame of the west, you know my quest.Flame of the north, come bring it forth.Once all are lit, look at the reflection of the flames, with your goal in mind, and say:Four flames combined,the power is mine.Allow the candles to burn out safely, then respectfully dispose of them and place the mirror on or near your altar.

Three Cauldron Love Spell

The body has different centers of power. The three most powerful are sometimes envisioned as cauldrons. The cauldron system is Celtic (from the text called the Cauldron of Poesy) and is akin to the chakra model though fewer in number. The three cauldronsandmdash;the cauldron of incubation (in the belly), the cauldron of motion (in the heart), and the cauldron of wisdom (in the skull)andmdash;support vitality, emotions, and wisdom, respectively.To begin, meditate, visualizing the cauldrons in your body glowing with red (belly), blue-green (heart), and gold (head) light. Turn your focus to your vision of an ideal mate. Send light from your cauldrons to connect to theirs, creating a bond as you say:Light streams forth from cauldronsfilled, with love and magic to mergeour fates; through thought, emotion,and power of will, my goal to join withideal mate; for highest good, harmingnone, I declare this spell is done.

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Comment by Arachnifauna on Sunday

Absolutely..I do too.

Comment by Mystic Wolf on Sunday

When I do my rituals with candles I got to watch him. For some reason, he wants to smell the flame. Our furbabies act like children so I really got to watch what I am doing so I don't hurt him.

Comment by Arachnifauna on Saturday

I have brown ones in the one bathroom so I can earth myself ..sometimes i need to hide from the furkids..even though they set outside the door if I close it.lol. I will open to find 3 of them there.

Comment by Mystic Wolf on Friday
Thanks Arachnifauna, I never used brown candles for anything.
Comment by Arachnifauna on Friday

Comment by Arachnifauna on March 26, 2020 at 2:18pm

Comment by Arachnifauna on January 29, 2020 at 10:27pm

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Use A Brown Candle For Animal Healing Animal Magick Banishing Sorrow Health Of Pets Protection Of Familiars Finding Lost Objects Focus'

Comment by Arachnifauna on January 29, 2020 at 5:20pm

Comment by SunKat on December 18, 2019 at 3:27pm

Morgan Le Fay Herbal Blend

Use this blend as incense or roll on candles when invoking Morgan Le Fay or when working with the faery realm.

1 tbsp Irish moss
4 tbsp lavender
2 tbsp violet
2 tbsp rose
2 tbsp witch hazel flowers

~The Witch Darkest of Lights

Comment by SunKat on November 17, 2019 at 10:08am

Spell for Successful Partnership

In our professional lives, whether by choice or by necessity, it often comes to pass that we work hand-in-hand with other people. This can be a challenge, because it’s hard to get along with everyone all the time. Do this working to bring about a successful business partnership.

You’ll need:

  • Orange candle
  • Photo of yourself
  • Photo of the other person (or their name written on a piece of paper)

Light the candle, and say:

Working together, you and me

Working together, harmoniously

Working together, as we should

Working together, for the greater good

Drip a bit of melted wax onto the photos (or paper) and use it to attach them together, facing each other.

Once the wax is hardened and the photos are secure, extinguish the candle.

Keep the attached photos in your desk or workstation to ensure success with your new partner.

Found in Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch by Patti Wigington


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