Feathers are used by witches who practice natural magic to promote change and to help focus concentration during spells and ceremonies.  Feathers are often included in medicine bags, sometimes called a sachet, power pouch or mojo bag, to help attract good luck, as well as other virtues and powers of the specific feather. These special powers depend upon many factors, such as the bird and its characteristics (the energy of a docile dove is very different from that of a predatory hawk), the color, where and how obtained, age and condition, etc.  Feathers are ruled by the element of air, which magically makes them good communication helpers.

As a general rule, self-discovered feathers, and not purchased ones, are more potent and powerful, and more readily accept and incorporate a witches own power. A walk through a shop cannot substitute for a walk through nature!  However, sometimes purchased feathers are the only option and are perfectly acceptable.

Peacock feathers were once thought to be unlucky.  Medieval West European people believed the eye of the feather could be used for spying and casting the “evil eye” and so the feathers were never brought into the house.  East European cultures, especially India, have always believed the peacock feather is very lucky and can cure snake bite.  Many of their Gods and Goddesses are associated with the peacock.  The cow, the peacock and the goose are sacred to the Roman Goddess Juno.

Today peacock feathers are associated with mystery, romance and illusion. Their message is to gaze within to where true beauty is to be found.


From “Secrets Of Modern Witchcraft Revealed: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Magickal Arts” by Lady Sabrina (Citadel, 2000)

Erzulie is the epitome of the independent, fulfilled woman. She is the mistress of love, marriage, beauty, abundance, music and art. All acts of romantic love and pleasure are her delights. Erzulie is the divinity of dreams, the goddess of love, and the muse of beauty. She is the mother of myth and gives meaning to what life holds in secret. She is all that is seductive. Because she can be both vengeful and loving to those who grace her presence, she is also considered to be very mysterious.

Summon Erzulie to dominate another for sexual pleasure or romantic love, to gain great riches, or for lucid dreaming.


  • Archetype: Virgin Mistress
  • Expression: Eloquence
  • Time: Waxing Moon
  • Season: Summer
  • Objects: Fan, Rattle, Mirror, Comb, Peacock Feathers, Three Gold Wedding Bands
  • Number: Five
  • Colors: Yellow, Coral, Pink, Red
  • Animals: Peacock, Vulture, Parrot
  • Plants: Pumpkin, Orange, Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg, Basil, Yellow or Pink Roses, Lily, Honeysuckle
  • Stones: Rose Quartz, Diamond, Topaz


From “Ancient Spells Witchcraft Book” by Jacqueline Mcdonald (Lulu, 2005)

This charm can be of two varieties: One is a general purpose charm of protection and good luck, the other for a specific purpose.

For a General Purpose Charm:

A Yard of White Cord
A Yard of Red Cord
A Yard of Black Cord
Nine Feathers, Each of a Different Color:

  • Red for Physical Vitality
  • Blue for Mental Abilities, Peace and Protection
  • Yellow for Cheerfulness and Prosperity
  • Green for Growth and Health
  • Brown for Stability and Respect
  • Black for Mystical Wisdom
  • Iridescent Black for Mystical Insight
  • Barred Black, Grey or White for Balance and Harmony
  • Peacock Feather for Protection and Inner Clairvoyant Vision

If it is possible, make the Ladder on the night of a Full Moon. Arrange your altar and cast a circle. Tie the ends of all three cords together and braid them while you chant the following:

Cord of Black, Red and White
Work your magic spell this night.

Repeat until the braid is finished. Braiding is a magical art because it makes three strands into one. This represents the three aspects of the Goddess In One. Tie a knot at the end of the braid.

Starting about a foot from the beginning of the braid, tie a feather with a knot at its base to the braid and say, using the green feather as an example, something like:

With this feather and this string
Prosperity this charm will bring.

Tie all nine feathers to the braided cord, spacing them as neatly as possible. Tie the end of the cord together to create a circle or wreath. Pass the finished Ladder above a candle flame already burning on your altar, then through incense, also on your altar. Sprinkle it with consecrated water from your altar and say:

In the names of the Goddess and the God
By Air, Earth, Fire and Water
I consecrate this charm
Of feathers nine and of three
As I will so mote it be!

Hang the Ladder where it will not be seen by others but where you will see it every day.

For a Specific Purpose Charm:

To make a Ladder for a specific purpose, use three feathers and three lengths of cord braided in the color of your need.


From “Magic Spells and Incantations” by Elizabeth Pepper (The Witches Almanac, 2001)

No other binding talisman illustrates the dualistic nature of magic than the Witches Ladder. An ancient charm, “the witches garland” can promote good or provoke misfortune. The rite of preparation is identical, only the ingredients differ. A dark version of the Witches Ladder from a Welsh source proffers guidance in its creation.

If your intent is vengeance, collect nine feathers from either the crow, raven, owl, peacock or black cock. Plait into one cord three strands of black yarn of about three feet in length, tie off one end and knot the feathers into the braid, as evenly spaced as possible. Visualize the person for whom the gift is intended and the fate you wish upon them. As you work the spell, chant the progression in this way:

Tie one, the spell’s begun.
Tie two, no power undo.
Tie three, so shall it be.
Tie four, forever more.
Tie five, the charm’s alive.
Tie six, its magic fix.
Tie seven, now under heaven.
Tie eight, work winds of fate.
Tie nine, to my design.

Tie together both ends of the braided cord to form a circle. Place the wreath where your enemy is sure to find it.


From “The Wicca Handbook” by Eileen Holland (Red Wheel/Weiser 2000)

Aphrodite is an appropriate deity to whom both men and women may appeal:

I in She and She in me
Aphrodite of the sea
O mighty Aphrodite
Let love find me!

The strongest spells use props and actions as well as words. In this case, you can complete the spell by getting five pink or orange balloons (heart-shaped ones if you like), writing your name on slips of red paper with silver ink, and putting one in each balloon before it is filled with helium. Do this on a Thursday. Attach peacock feathers to each balloon and tie them to your altar overnight. Scatter herbs of love on the altar. Then burn five pink candles along with rose, patchouli or some other appropriate incense (away from the balloons!). Invoke those deities who grant the type of love you hope to find. Pray.

Take the balloons outside on Friday and separate them. Release them one by one, as close as possible to the place where you live. As you release each one, say again:

I in She and She in me
Aphrodite of the sea
O mighty Aphrodite
Let love find me!


From “Spell Castings: Practical Magick for Daily Life” by Sister Moon (New Age Books, 2006)

This is a spell for safety while traveling.

Time: Full Moon, Sun Hour

  • One Blue Candle
  • Dove’s Flight Oil*
  • Dove’s Flight Incense*
  • Red Flannel Mojo [bag]
  • Peacock Feather
  • Button from a Daisy
  • St. Michael’s Medallion
  • Turquoise Stone
  • Dust from Your Home or the Home of the Person Traveling
  • Small Chicken Bone

*Refer to cited book

Anoint the candle with Dove’s Flight oil. Light the candle and incense. Place the eye of the peacock feather, daisy button, St. Michael’s medallion, stone, dust and chicken bone into the red flannel mojo [bag]. [Hold] the mojo [bag] in the incense [smoke] and recite the incantation. The person who is traveling should keep this [talisman with them].

Eye of peacock, blue and green,
Eye of newt with golden gleam,
Placed within St. Michael’s care,
Keep safe travels from here to there.
Turquoise stone, dust and bone,
Keep us safe, take us home.
Make our weather fair and clear,
Steady hold on stem and stear [sic].
Path be safe on earth and skyway,
Waters calm, asphalt highway.
Time be gracious, friends be close,
Welcome journey, oh gracious host.
So Mote It Be.


From “7 Days of Magic: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for the Bewitching Week” by Ellen Dugan (Llewellyn, 2004)

Gather the following supplies:

  • A malachite stone to represent the earth element (rough tumbled is fine)
  • A peacock feather to represent the air element (check at arts & crafts shops or fly tying stores)
  • Three small stalks of dried wheat (check the dried flowers section at arts & crafts supply stores)
  • A green candle for prosperity
  • A coordinating candle holder
  • A dollar bill or coin
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Safe, flat surface to set up on

Arrange the candle, money, stone, wheat stalks, and feather to your liking. Hold the green candle in your hands and transfer a little of your power and desire for prosperity into the candle. Then place the candle into the holder. Set the holder on top of the currency. Light the candle and repeat the following spell three times:

Juno Moneta, Roman Goddess of prosperity,
Lend your power to this elemental spell that I weave.
Juno Augusta, mother of the harvest, hear my plea,
These three golden stalks of wheat are a gift to you from me.
A peacock feather for air, and a malachite for earth,
Lady, bless me with success, abundance and rebirth.

Close the spell by saying:

For the good of all, with harm to none,
In Juno’s name, this spell is now done!

Allow the candle to burn until it goes out on its own.

Pocket the stone and the bill or coin. Keep the money with you, tucked in your wallet or pocket.

Tie up the feather somewhere prominent where you will see it every day, like the rearview mirror of your car, your dresser mirror, or a chest of drawers’ handle. Tell Juno, “Thank you,” every time you see the feather.

Take the dried wheat and crumble the pieces apart. Sprinkle the seeds outside as an offering for Juno.

Abundance and prosperity will find their way to you soon.


From “Dream Magic: Night Spells and Rituals for Love, Prosperity and Personal Power” by Sirona Knight (HarperOne, 2000)

The purpose of this spell is to bring you more cash. Jupiter and his counterpart, Juno, the Queen of Heaven, preside over all human doings. Jupiter’s energy is hyperexpansive, which is ideal for bringing money into your life. A primary of Jupiter’s energy is that of prosperity consciousness, which can attract monetary, as well as spiritual growth and expansion.

Juno’s temple on the Capitol contained the Roman mint, and one of her names was Moneta, which came to mean “money.” March 1, the month of June, July 7, September 13, or the first night of the new moon—all sacred to the fertility Goddess Juno—are the best times to do this work. Eight dollar bills are used because in numerology eight is the number of money and prosperity.

Items Needed:

  • One green candle
  • One blue candle
  • Eight dollar bills
  • One green sock
  • One peacock feather

Draw a sacred circle around your entire house. Then light the candles, dedicating the green one to Juno and the blue one to Jupiter.

Next, create a trail of money by placing one of the dollar bills on the floor just inside your front door. Put the second dollar somewhere else in plain sight between the front door and the kitchen, and place the third between the front door and the door to your bedroom. Place the fourth dollar at the threshold of the door to your bedroom, then the fifth on the floor between your bedroom door and your dream altar*. Finally, put the other three dollars on your dream altar between the two candles. Each time you put a dollar down, say:

Juno and Jupiter, bless me
With plenty of prosperity,
Green money bring to me.
As I will, so mote it be!

When you are done creating your money trail, start at the beginning of the trail and collect the bills one at a time, putting them in the green sock. As you do this, say:

Sock of green
Bring money dreams
Blessed be!

Put the sock in your top bureau drawer. Allow the candles to burn down completely, and chant the names Juno and Jupiter silently, over and over, until you drift off to sleep.

In the morning, write down everything you recall of your dreams, and then thank the Goddess and God for their help and pull up the circle. Leave the sock in your top drawer for at least 8 days to attract money and prosperity.

*Dream Altar

Your dream altar is the magical working surface that holds your tools, components, and other items you will use in magic making.  Any sturdy surface in your bedroom will work, such as a bedside table, bureau of drawers, trunk, desk or fireplace mantle.  Place your altar in the north quarter or corner of your bedroom.  North is the realm of midnight, deities, dreams and magic.

Gather together all the items you want to include on your altar.  Then spread an altar cloth out on the surface and arrange your tools and other magical components.  The altar cloth is usually made of a natural material, such as linen, cotton, silk or wool.  It can be any color, although midnight blue, black, silver, and white are natural choices for dream magic.

It is best to keep our altar fluid, changing it to reflect the different seasons, phases of the moon, your hopes, and your desires.  In the spring you can dress your dream altar with flowers such as daffodils and tulips; in the winter you can place pine cones and pine or fir boughs on it.


From “The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems” by Dixie Deerman (Sterling, 2008)

To make someone impervious to withering looks and stares, construct a talismanic fetish by combining these three amulet components together:

  • Peacock Feathers wrapped around with
  • Fringe and
  • Lapis Lazuli beads


From “Powerspells: Get the Magical Edge in Business, Work Relationships, and Life” by Lexa Roséan (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2001)

If you truly are cursed, especially if it is a family curse, you are supposed to bury something in a cemetery. But it is not your hard-earned money for someone else to dig up later. Spells using money to lift curses or alleviate sin have to be given to charity in order for the spell to be effective.

What should be buried in a cemetery is a broken mirror or a footprint.

To remove the very worst kind of curse, leave a trail of footprints through a cemetery and then wipe them out. This is believed to kill off the trail of bad luck or any curse that may have followed you. Now, how is it possible to do this?

Enter and carefully walk nine paces in. Then walk backward, bending over and brushing away, or “burying”, your footprints as you go, up until your very last step through the cemetery gate. You must chant the following verse for each footprint (i.e., nine times):

Here at the gates of death I stand.
Undo this curse by my command.
Go! Vanish as the print of shoe.
Let me begin my path anew.

It is said that using a peacock feather to dust away the prints will bring extremely good luck and add potency to the spell. The sighting of a live peacock in a cemetery is said to wipe out even the strongest, longest, biggest, baddest, darkest of curses. The peacock is the sign of the Goddess in her most merciful and benevolent aspect.


From “Color Casting for Wiccans: Correspondences for More Powerful Spells” by Sister Moon (Citadel 2001)

This spell works very well if your ambition is to be a singer or actor.

Time: Hare Moon, Venus Hour

  • One large gold candle
  • One orange candle
  • Myrrh oil
  • Isis incense*
  • Three coffee beans
  • One teaspoon honey
  • One teaspoon sugar
  • One teaspoon lavender
  • One teaspoon cinnamon
  • A mortar and pestle
  • Seven ounces consecrated water
  • One peacock feather
  • A pen with gold ink
  • A publicity-type photo of yourself

*refer to cited book

Anoint both candles with myrrh oil. Light the candles and the incense. Place the herbs and spices in the mortar and grind them into a fine powder with the pestle. Boil the seven ounces of water and combine the powder with the water. Stir the mixture deosil seven times with the peacock feather. With the gold pen, draw pentagrams upon the photo with special attention to the lips and hands. Pass the photo through the steam of the brew.

Allow a few minutes for the brew to cool. Recite the incantation and drink the brew while visualizing your talents being discovered.

Unseen moon with power to wax,
Wary the populace it attracts.
Propel the wind with magical force,
Take my name to its source.
Within this brew I will taste,
Success calling me in haste.
Smoke unfurling from my lips,
Stars and pentacles at fingertips.
Within this moment, I compel,
Only those who make me excel.
Recognition of my name,
Draws the future of my fame.
So Mote It Be.

Your name will soon be spoken by influential people.


From http://www.feri.com/frand/Wicca1.html

Wear a peacock feather or some emblem of the peacock. For instance, cut off the decorative end of a peacock feather and pin it to your lapel instead of a rose, or wear earrings shaped like peacocks. Look in the mirror and repeat as many times as you want, “I am spreading my tail feathers.”

Leave the house and see what happens.

This is NOT a spell to make anyone see you the way you want them to see you. This is like a peacock spreading his tail to court, but on a psychic level.


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here is a pinterest site titled Feather Folklore that is sort of cool
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