Hello here we have an opportunity to simply say hi! Otherwise you can tell us about yourselves, your likes or dislikes, family or friends, wishes and hopes. Whatever YOU feel comfortable sharing. Photographs are optional :-)


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Bland, and not quite right without it. A half life.

Hello there Marci, so glad to meet you here. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Hello Zanoni :-) Pleased to meet you. 

It's from my garden..maybe last year. Thank you :-)

Our garden is a big jobs, in small plots at the moment. I am part way through prepping it all up for the new growth, pruning other things back hard ( it's not good, if I leave it for a few more weeks ~ triffids come to mind lol) and sorting seeds out. I'm hoping to beat the mice and insects to the salad plants this year, if they get hungry some plants will have to go onto the spare room window-sills, until they are big enough to cope. Avoiding the cat ~ obviously. We have a lot of wildlife as we are right next to the woods.

What is a 'primrose jasmine'? That combination sounds gorgeous. Cousin :-) 

Wow! I missed comments in this discussion. Not sure if I've caught buttons or what.

Lmao at the  salad and bug issue. I'm trying to get my seedlings to peek but they're not having it. Still too sleepy. 

That plant is quite beautiful.. I love the cascade effect. Especially perfect if you can make a 'secret' hideaway underneath :-)

Thank you for the photos. 

Fae at the Bottom of the Garden ♡♡♡♡ How utterly adorable! Memories of when they were tiny? 

My children used to play on the banking, to the side of the house. Magic. Those were days of sunshine and butterflies. They'd take a blanket, cakes, books, toys, juice and play. I used to stand at the front windows, watching them ~ knowing they were their memories in the making. Precious treasure. They are all parents themselves now.

Mockingbird. Do you know I've heard of them, but it just struck me, I've no idea what they look like. I'm going to look for images.

Thanks Zanoni

(image by zoosnow)

Are they about the size of a Jay when full grown?

WOW! I love this picture, Elspeth!!! Welcome Zanoni

Hugs Mystic x

Hello Zanoni, so nice to meet you. Thank you for liking my artwork. Yes, I do a lot of automatic drawing. I sit, focus, and meditate before I even pick up my pencil. A lot of times my drawings actually represent who I am from deep within. I can tell you the step I do throughout the drawing process if you want. Lately, my artwork has been digital but I have been drawing again from the start.

These drawings are 18" X 24". I have these on display in an art center.


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