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Wow Mystic! Such energies ♡♡♡

Greetings Zanoni my friend, I've no idea why but there is no reply button to your last message, maybe it's because the group thinks we talk too much, heehee I must admit I do love a good chitter chatter, so I've started a new one between us.

So cold winds are a blowing off the mountains where you live, it does sound Beautiful tho, you live 6 hours from the Pacific, oh my gawwwd, 6 hours from where I live I could be at the end of my country. Today, the weather was still glorious, maximum temp of 18° c, that's about 64°f I think it is.

Heehee, looks like I'm in good company my friend with the silly billy moments, these days  I have quite a few of those, yes that description of the book sounds about right, altho I'm not quite half way thru it yet, it's been pretty good so far, I'm loving the Author's descriptions, its like I'm really in the story, I love books like this, I'm really hooked on this Author, she's really good, oh yes when deep issues are covered it is really good, kinda opens everything up, makes it more easy to understand.

What a good idea of your Dad's to have you read out loud, if anything it woulda made you perfect your speech skills, i read out loud to try to speak correctly instead of with an accent, altho I'm not ashamed of my Northern accent, it's good to speak more appropriately with people from other nations, when I'm on so called normal social and speaking on Private Message or Direct Message there is an option to speak thru Audio Record, I do love to use this option. Or dont worry Zanoni my friend, I was absolutely trash at Maths too.

Awww that is so sweet your Kids still want you to read to them,I love that idea, I stopped reading to my Son when he left Primary, kinda sad really.

Oh wow, I love any kinda bookstore, big, small, old, new, wherever there are books, much prefer physical books tho to these E-books or Kindles, I'm not too keen on those. Yes I know wotcha mean my friend, looking thru some of the older kinda bookstores where the older classics are, are like a gem find, I adore those.

Awwww thanks Zanoni my friend, the Car failed the test but I told the garage to fix any issues and they did, oh my gawwwd, the total I think came close to $450 of your US currency, oh my gawwwd it was expensive but it's done now.

Oh my gawwwd, I know wotcha mean my friend, it's a whole different world now, we used to be playing outside, kids today are only concerned with online and modern technology, good ol fashioned kick about in the street and riding bikes, doesn't seem to bother them these days.

Awwww thanks my friend, it's nearly 1215am on Saturday here so I guess it's nearly shut eye time, I hope you are having a fahhhbulously magickal day too, catch ya soon xx 

Well Helloooo Zanoni my friend, yeah those reply buttons seem to be there then vamoosh after a few go's, maybe they think we chat too much, heehee, chit chat would be pretty fahhhbulouso, altho saying that at the bottom of your screen in the right hand corner there's an option to go into a main room chat and you can hit someone if you wanna go private, I think, but yeah keeping things in the open so others can join in if they wish is wonderful or there is always P.M for more personalised heavy stuff.

Oh wow, back in 1984, that's awesome, 1998 I went State side, Canada, Mount Forest, just outside of Toronto then crossed the border into the U.S New York State, Alexandria Bay, Johnson City, Ithica, then onto Niagra, even did a moonlight ferry trip across Lake Champlain, ( think that's how its spelled) also crossed into Vermont and crept into Pensylvania.

Oh wow that's awesome, Dover then train ride to good ol Londin, been a few years since I was last there.

Oh wow, that's fahhhbulouso with your Cousins, I lost track of 3 of my Cousins then one day I kinda used Facebook, put my Aunty's name in and hey presto, there she was, not only that but my Uncle and 3 Cousins, I'm now in contact with them, not only that 1 of my Cousins, tried to start a new life back in the UK this was like 2 years ago and she came to stay with me, I hadn't seen her for like nearly 40 years, oh my gawwwd, it was awesome, resta the fambam kept saying she's virtually a stranger, noooo she's not I replied, she's my Cousin, she's family, so she stayed with me, maybe if you had a Cousin's name, give it a try, ya never know.

Heehee, no my friend, accents are accents, proud of my roots so not self conscious at all, heehee.

The reading is coming along slowly, thanks for asking, I keep picking the book up and then the phone will go or something on the TV catches my eye, I just need to block out everything and concentrate on it totally.Oh my gawwwd, I can totally understand wotcha mean, those Occult books can cost an arm an a leg etc, so it's better if you can get them by any means necessary, whether Kindle etc, anything and everything as its place and is useful.

Awww thanks my friend, this car has been the best to drive and comfort but holy wotsit, it's been the worse for things going wrong, but I can't do without her, I love my roadtrips and once this situation has cleared up I'm hoping to get back out there, exploring and enjoying, heehee love it, so what are the people like when you scream mein auto ist kaput, I bet that is hillllllarious.Oh my gawwwd, I bet that was heartbreaking, selling your babe, frustrating at times isn't it, totally true bout Mother Earth Zanoni my friend, but still she was your Pride n Joy.

Oh my gawwwd, you are getting ready for lockdown, good luck with that, I'm not sure where we are at, people are saying lockdown for us but there are still people about and we allowed out once a day for exercise, we can still do essentials too, food and meds, but some are taking the michael by driving to the furthest away shop or driving out into the countryside to walk the dog, it's crazy but some few spoil it for the rest.

Well today is the first day of BST, British Summer Time, the clocks went forward last night, it'll take a lil whole time get used but I'll get there, looking 4ward to lighter nights.

Today's weather turned cooler first day of summer time zone and the max was 8°c think that's 46-48°f, and the wind is a cold blowy wind, it rained too, which is just fahhhbulous...not, I much prefer warm sunny days, wild rainy days is much better in late fall and winter time, when it becomes more atmospheric.

Well I hope you are having an awesomely fahhhbulous day and I'll catch you soon, have fun fun fun xx 


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