• Ruler: Fertility Goddesses, Moon
  • Type: Food

Eggs, obviously are representative of fertility. They also make great psychic cleansers, as they absorb negative energy. Crushed and pulverized eggshells can be used as chalk to draw magickal seals. Eggshells are also added to incense blends to remove jinxes.

Here are some  common uses for eggs in magick:

  • Eat a whole salted hard-boiled egg on the new moon for rejuvenation and rebirth.
  • To cleanse a house of bad energy place nine whole raw eggs around the home. After nine days, remove the eggs and dispose of them.
  • For uncrossing, roll an uncooked hen’s egg over the body to collect negative energy and bad vibes. Discard by throwing into a crossroads or at a tree.

Eggs from a black hen are used in many Hoodoo and Root Magic Spells. For this reason, the musician Blind Willie McTell relates in an old blues song that his mother told him, “Don’t drink no black cow’s milk; don’t eat no black hen’s egg.”

In Hoodoo

Many items in Hoodoo can be used for great good and great evil , like entities ( crossroads God for example ) , so can egg .
We can rub them all over our body, in order to absorb negativity ( best if it is a brown egg purchased on midday ), that are later thrown away into a stream , offhouse , or even on crossroads .
Black hen eggs are very much powerful in Folk craft so are in hoodoo . Used for cleansing and purification , and even for love . Also for crossing and hexing an enemy even to bring death . Sometimes in “harder work” spells it is required that egg be laid by a hen that has never laid eggs , or that is laid on particular day (maybe even a hour ).
Eggs can be also used to banish someone away in Hoodoo as in this example :

It is necessary to go to the place where the enemy gets his water-a pump or hydrant. In a rural area or his own sink elsewhere. Draw some of that water and as the sun rises throw the water as far away from you as possible. Then break an egg on the ground. In three days the person will leave town.
Obtain a rotten egg and write on it nine times the name of the person you want to send away.Also write where or how far away you want him to go. At midnight take it to the persons home and throw it against his door.

In Santeria

Pretty much same as in Hoodoo , just slightly more used . Also Santerio , or Santerias used them “parra ver si algien essta posseido” pr to detect evil or see whether someone is possessed .
It is said that in hands of talented Santeria practitioner egg is as deadly as a bomb in humans hands or a cure of a miraculous healer .
Here is a spell that they use to detect demonic possession

“Place an fresh new egg in bowl of Holy water and place under “patient’s” bad , making a sign of cross over it there times and saying prayers . Place a sprig of basil and some salt in it too . Let it remain undisturbed for three days then in a break of dawn take the bowl from under the bed and break the egg in a clean plate . If the person is possessed egg will be heavily rotten , blood may appear or even animals such as spiders , scorpions or even small snakes”

They also make a cleansing soap ( used in purification rites ) called Jabon de Huevos de Gallina Negra Para Limpias (Black Pullet Egg Soap for Cleansings) .

Slavic ( Balcanic craft )

Has numerous use of eggs . Maybe the most of all folk craft system’s . All uses that are listed in Hoodoo and Santeria , and also a few additional . like divination , truth spells est.
On the night of St.John ( known as Jovan in Balcanic countries ) , that is on the night before it a fresh new egg is broken into small plate with three spoons of Holy water , but only egg white . In the morning shapes will appear that are indeed a very important omen about future , and this practice is shown impeccable .
Slavic witches use eggs to heal ( like in Hoodoo , rubbing all over body ) or to kill , world famous “Slavic egg curse” , that shall inevitably cause the death of person , causing great variety of sickness with no medicinal cause . When the victim refers to doctor he notes the symptoms often very much intense with no medicinal cause . The curse can be removed by only one Slavic spell that invokes “Mama Pudri” ( Forest mother , the equivalent to the Wiccan Goddess ).
There is a belief that If You carry an black hens egg under Your armpit for nine days a small creatures shall be birth that shall obey you and be Your link to variety of powerful demons and make them do your biding .
Also burned with silver coin and basil spring under the new plant , on a waxing moon night shall bring prosperity as plant grows .

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How to Determine if You’re Under the Power of Evil Magic Using an Egg

Woman's hands 'holding' an egg.

It is not always easy to determine whether or not you've fallen under the spell of dark magic. Regardless of your own personal beliefs and practices, the casting of spells is something that's taken place among a wide variety of cultures throughout history, and it's important to have a base understanding of how to guard yourself against malevolence. Within the Hoodoo and Voodoo communities there is a simple technique that can be used to determine if you've had a spell, or some other form of negative energy, put upon you, and the only thing you'll need for it is an egg from your refrigerator.

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill a clean, clear bowl with blessed water and say a pray to the deity of your choosing to help you find the truth.
  2. Take an egg from the fridge and say another prayer that the egg you're holding will absorb any negative energy.
  3. Place the egg on the top of your head and roll it from there to the back of your head, down your neck, around the center of your back, and to your chest, all while focusing on the egg absorbing any negative energy.
  4. Once the above steps are completed, break the egg and empty its contents inside the bowl of water you've prepared. Take notice of any strange patterns or irregularities.

According to this technique if the smell of the egg you've just cracked is bad, or if the water appears clouded, then you are under the influence of a dark spell, curse, or are holding on to negative energy from some other means. If the egg yolk takes the shape of an eye, that suggests you've been affected by "the evil eye." If the water the yolk was poured into bubbles, that indicates negative energy has been absorbed by external forces and your guardian spirits are already working towards healing you.

And here's one of my personal favorites.  this is a really fast acting egg spell.  I use it quite a lot, when I just can't stand how things are going at home.  It always helps, and it came from a really good friend.


Take an egg, and write on it 9 times in all different directions, 'negativity and evil.'  Now go into the bathroom, and flush the whole egg down the toilet.  Do not crack the egg first.  Now, close the lid and walk out of the bathroom for a few minutes. 


Wonderful job Linda ~ thank you ! x

Wow! What a thing to do with the delicious eggs.
Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

Here is another egg spell I just got. 

   If you're having a lot of trouble with someone, write their name on an egg nine times.  Go outside, at night, and say in your own words, what you want done, for example 'stop being troublesome.'  Bury the egg, and walk away without looking back.  This part is important, if you look back the 'powers' will think you are not serious about it.  This spell lasts until the egg spoils and rots, which in the autumn and winter is a long time.

Thank you :-) 

It'd get eaten by the wildlife here ~ which could add another dimension.

I guess it would depend on how far down you did...but yes, that would make it interesting.

I found another one, courtesy of IN The Dark site.

Egg Personal Cleansing Spell 

This cleansing is meant to follow an experience or encounter that leaves you feeling shaken, uneasy or tainted:

  1. Strip off all your clothing.
  2. Rub an egg all over you, working outwards: from the shoulders out the fingers, from the thighs down your toes. 
  3. Slap yourself all over with a bunch of parsley.
  4. Anoint yourself with rose water. (For an extensive and expensive cleansing, pour a shallow bath of rosewater and lie in it, turning over so that both sides of your body are covered with the liquid.)
  5. Put on clean clothes. Place the egg and parsley in a brown paper bag and dispose of them far from your home.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)


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