Black Salt & Other Types of Witches Salts♡

Ok I finally have time to write out my recipe - there are many variations on Witches's been around for many years.

I hand grind my powders as I'm incorporating intent and focusing, as I fight my way along with the job of using a pestle. Phew.. it takes awhile but it's personal. If you want to whip up a fast batch, and alter the consistency from coarse to fine, you could use a coffee bean grinder I would think.


A) Two parts sea salt.

B) One part black pepper.

C) One part ash. ( When possible, I use ash from smudging).

*I grind the salt down first, as it's very coarse without anything else added anyway. *After that I add the other ingredients.Make sure everything is dry, and moisture and it just messes the whole process up.

*It's easier in a largish mortar. I have two, of different sizes and sometimes swap from one to the other.

*Pour into an airtight container.

Note - you can adapt your recipe, and vary its makeup from time to time - Add different ash - as I do..sage, lavender etc. Think on the properties you add to the mix and what purpose of the salt will aid.


There will be many uses. Just remember that this is Witches Salt, and has more ooomph than plain salt - you've 'added' to it. So if you have a spillage..clean it up. Try not to breathe it in, it plays havoc with your eyes and breathing..nasty.

1. To clear away negativity. 

Sprinkle it around your home..I only use it as is, on my garden boundaries and as a wash (diluted in water)in the house now as I have a cat who wouldn't thank me for a face full of black pepper up her nose. I'm heavy handed and tend to cast it about a bit too generously. If you use it dry in the house you will need to brush it up (or hoover it) and then remove it from your home - remove the negativity in the salt. I would put it into my bins, or down the drain across the road. (I'm one of those fortunate witches, that lives on a crossroads with a drain in the fork! - Useful eh?)

2.Night mares.

A small pouch or bag, under the mattress is said to repel night terrors. If I didn't have a cat, I would leave the salt in a bowl on my bedroom window-sill. Safety.

3.To repel.

Focusing on who you want to keep away from your home, (or wherever else) sprinkle a tiny amount where you don't want them to cross. Or scatter a few pinches about. (Please think about animals or children in the area - hence a wash is a good substitute)

4. Bathe away negativity/hate/fear/anger.

Add a pinch or two to your bath water.

5. Carry a little with you. Leave it in your workplace where you sit/ or feel the need to place it.

This way you carry protection from spite, gossip - general harm to yourself from others.

These are just the uses I have. There are many more  - some of those can be harmful to others (hexing) so use your own judgement/conscience please.

Feel free to add your own recipes and uses :-)


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Comment by Elspeth on November 12, 2018 at 1:07pm

I hope it's ok to add this here Jack. Didn't want to lose it amongst the posts x

Comment by jack black on September 15, 2018 at 4:30pm

Besides being a laxative and curing intestinal disorders, it improves your eyesight as well. In the words of Ayurveda, Indian black salt or kala namak is the most beneficial variety of salt. The reason behind this is that, unlike common iodized salt, it doesn't enhance the sodium content of your blood

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