Black Witchcraft -The Foundations of the Luciferian Path by Micheal Ford

The nature of Black Witchcraft in the ancient and modern world is of anti-nature, or rather the word “Antinomian” is a Greek form meaning “against the law”. This word makes reference to rebellion from a structure or spiritual design of the masses, the majority and whatever the current ideological mainstream may be at that time. Witchcraft, no matter for what intent or form, has always stood outside any conventional acceptance within society – either by the religious hierarchy (even though it keeps their organizations called Church together and making money) or even governmental ones. To provide a distinct understanding of Luciferian Witchcraft from which I am an initiate of, I must write directly of experience and the vision which all initiates, past, present or secret, have brought to the current and how it manifests today. No longer should those of Luciferian nature be forced to denounce the darkness inherent within us all; witchcraft as with the human or daemonic spirit is both dual natured, light and shadow, bestial and angelic, ad infinitum.

The word ‘Black’ within the context of writing here is in reference to the hidden nature of the Sinister Craft, it is both the depths of initiation which runs deep in our souls, and the future possibility by the atavistic urges which may be harnessed into powerful tools of refining and strengthening our consciousness. The Order of Phosphorus is an initiatory guild of practitioners of sorcery from a Left Hand Path point of view. The word ‘Black’ is described by Idries Shah as being identified with the sound of FHM in the Arabic tongue, which is ‘black’ meaning ‘wise’ and equally with ‘understanding’. Shah writes further that black holds a connection with hidden wisdom, thus the phrase, “Dar tariki, tariqat” which means “In the Darkness, the Path”. The Order of Phosphorus is symbolic of fire illuminated from clay, of light emerging from darkness. The magicians and witches of this 'Skir-hand' Guild are equally focused on not only low sorcery, but utilizing the hidden nature of darkness to reveal Light within themselves. Here we find the foundation and essence of Baphomet, the Father of Wisdom. The Sabbatic God is both the union of the Beast and the Whore, Ahriman (Satan, Samael) and Az (Lilith, Babalon) which beget Cain (by the circle of Leviathan, the Serpent of the Depths). An initiatory image of Cain as Baphomet (by Soror Lilitu Azhdeha) may be found in “The Book of Cain” and represents the Black Lord of the Sabbat as a form of the Adversary. A representation of this path may be found in my publications, “Luciferian Witchcraft: A Book of the Serpent” which contains the grimoires “Book of Cain”, “Goetic Sorcery”, “Yatuk Dinoih”, “Nox Umbra”, “The Paitisha”, “Azothoz”, “Vox Sabbatum” and much more. The infamous “Book of the Witch Moon” also has presented a foundation for the darker aspects of sorcery and vampirism, which Aleister Crowley alludes to in “De Arte Magica”. The reader who holds interest in the provenance of the Witches Sabbat in consideration of the Luciferic gnosis referred to in this article may have recourse material to seek in the aforementioned titles as well as works by Kenneth Grant who continued the Initiatic work of Crowley and Spare from the 1950’s onward.

Symbolism and Commitment

“The model of Left Hand Path Sexual Magick is a challenge which moves beyond the constraints of sociological limitation; it is taboo without psychological degradation, self-motivational empowerment through becoming as a God or Goddess, to discover your weaknesses and strengths.” - ADAMU – Forbidden Sexual Magick

The definition of the Left Hand Path has long been a clouded and often misunderstood definition. Essentially, the Left Hand Path is by universal perception as being the mutation or transformation of consciousness into a divinity or divine conscious, this is done by the process of the practice of Magick and Sorcery to achieve the motion of the body and mind towards a higher perception. The Black Adepts of The Order of Phosphorus and the Black Order of the Dragon are magicians who are committed to process of self-determined magical exercises to refine and expand their consciousness; through physical and mental activity. This includes but is not limited to, Sexual Magick, Ceremonial practice and Solitary workings of all kinds to seek the initiatory results of Magick itself.

“This is not a path of prayer and supplication, but recognition of the sorcerer's own inherent powers. The forces of Darkness are called upon as a means of self-expression, self-empowerment, and self-deification.” – Nathaniel Harris, (author of WITCHA- A Book of Cunning, Mandrake of Oxford, and current Magister of The Red Circle, England) from the Introduction to “Luciferian Witchcraft” by Michael W. Ford

Black Witchcraft as defined within the aforementioned grimoires is about self-deification but also the further expansion of consciousness, transforming the mundane into the divine, thus the antinomian and Satanic symbolism. But herein is cipher and clue to the essence of the Luciferian path, it is both commitment and the possession of the lower and higher aspects of Daemonic identification which empowers the Godforms found in the forbidden and black grimoires of such as ADAMU, VOX SABBATUM, LIBER HVHI and LUCIFERIAN WITCHCRAFT. There is no mere psychodrama and within the circle of the wise does the magician seek a higher spirit outside of his or her being; they seek it within and the choreography and instruments of ritual are merely self-empowered tools to aide in the process of Becoming. 'Skir-hand' Witchcraft within has been inspired from the family lines of Nathaniel Harris and family, 'Skir' meaning "left hand" or "sinister".

“The Circle within Luciferian Witchcraft represents the very binding space of the sorcerers body, both of spirit/celestial and flesh/infernal. It is the symbol of both the Sun and the Moon, the sphere which begets strength and the very focus of the Magician.” - ADAMU – Forbidden Sexual Magick by Michael W. Ford

The ritual tools within the Black Tradition are as various as the witches themselves. Some create fetish servitors, embodied and often created demonic familiars bound to objects, created from animal remains, blood or sexual fluids to form a visualized shade which holds significance to the sorcerer himself. Some create dolls and others use little or no exterior tools or implements. What holds tradition among such Adepts is the commitment of the Luciferic Spirit within. This is the mind of the practitioner which has been liberated through antinomian practices and thought, by this determined focus that the Will of the Black Adept has transformed he or she into a Daemonic Being. Within ancient Persian practice, the Ahriman (Satan) created daemon Akoman (meaning Evil Mind) is the Luciferian Mind which seeks liberation and independence from the mass or herd mentality, to become something ‘other’ by the forbidden or ‘evil’ path of Magick or Witchcraft.

Certain tools within the Craft Sinister are often considered ‘haunted’ objects, empowered by ongoing ritual practice by the witch or sorcerer which gives the fetish a seeming life independent from their own, however always usually in accordance to their Will. Ritual instruments such as the Tibetan Kangling, a Trumpet made from the thigh bone of a hanged man, a ritual knife known as an Athame, according to Idries Shah as ‘adhdhame’ being ‘bloodletter’, used in Sabbat ritual practice to focus the Will or Cast the Mind into the determined direction of ritual Magick; the blade representing the Luciferic Mind of the magician. The Skull Cup, made from the top part of the human skull, makes a drinking bowl used in ceremonial or solitary practice. None of these ritual tools are required for practice, which depends solely on the means and predilection of the sorcerer.

Godforms hold specific power within the cults of witchcraft as what is empowered from the practitioner themselves. The Gods and Goddesses would not exist in any tangible form if humanity did not empower them; either subconsciously or consciously, thus by the Adept becoming does the Godform become. Deific energy is a source not only based within the blood of the practitioner, of the atavistic or primal recesses of the human mind. This Deific energy or power may be recalled into the flesh and conscious mind of the practitioner, thus one finds the knowledge undertaken by earlier sects such as The Golden Dawn, the Maskhara of the Arabic and Asian tribes, Austin Osman Spare’s Zos Kia Cultus, etc. There are numerous rituals explored by Luciferian Sabbat practitioners within The Order of Phosphorus and the Black Order of the Dragon which utilize old methods of lycanthropy and the ‘shedding of flesh’, of shape shifting by dream in Therion form to go forth to the erotic convulsions of the Infernal Sabbat.

The God of Luciferian Witchcraft is Seth-an, or Set (the same as Samael, Satan). This is the Egyptian Prince of Darkness, a Lord of Chaos and sorcerous power. Set should not be considered merely a God in an anthropomorphic sense, rather a deific force which is the very essence of our being. When Azazel or Lucifer brought to Cain the Black Flame of Consciousness, this was as too Set’s gift to mankind. By working in the circles of Luciferian Craft, you are merely fulfilling your ancient heritage. While some choose paths less dangerous than this; the reality of witchcraft as a Luciferian Gnosis cannot be denied. The Great Work in reference to Set is for the magician to seek divinity, that is awareness, individuality and personal power. By believing in yourself rather than something ‘higher’ than you (The only Higher Angelick or Demonic being is YOU, the Luciferic Angel or Holy Guardian Angel) you become as your models.

Within the Black Tradition the Luciferian Trinity which is composed of Samael – Lilith – Cain hold significance in the model of practice within the cult. This Trinity is an alchemical process of becoming in which the magician aligns and utilizes the deific associations of Samael – Lilith – Cain to transform their consciousness into the divine essence which is Baphomet, the Head of Knowledge. To described Samael, a small section as follows is from LIBER HVHI, a ritual work which defines the deeper and darker practice of the Left Hand Path in terms of Witchcraft.

“For the Devil is called Diabolus, that is, flowing downwards: that he which swelled with pride, determined to reign in high places, fell flowing downwards to the lowest parts, like the torrent of a violent stream.” –The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy

“It is written in the Bible that Samael/Satan fell from heaven as lightening, being a flash downwards, who before the fall, was a guarding Seraph around the throne of God. After his fall he was a master of death, the very poison of God yet he was also a Giver of Life, being the father between fallen angel and woman. In later Jewish writings, Samael is associated with the name Malkira, which Morris Jastrow Jr. associated with Malik-Ra, being “The Evil Angel” and the name Matanbuchus, being a form of Angro-Mainyush or Ahriman. Here does the circle become closed and the nature of the First Angel become perceived or sensed. In ongoing ritual work, the magician begins identifying his or herself with Samael (and Lilith) within the parameters of their own life and initiation.

The Lord of the Earth, being a name ascribed to Samael (Satan) and his fallen angels and demons, are but considered astral spirits, that which no longer take physical form, but may become manifest through the magician or witch who may make a “pact” with them, being initiation and dedication to the Left Hand Path. Samael is the patron spirit of the Left Hand Path, as his Word is what formed our thoughts and gave us the inner fire of the Black Flame, our individual process of thought and free will. The magicians who aligned their will with the Left Way, that of Samael (the Devil), were given powers over the earth in one way or another; all the while strengthening, defining and expanding their conscious. In Exodus 7 the magicians were able to make frogs and serpents by the power they obtained in the Devil, thus such creatures are astral forms of Ahriman (Samael) and the dreaming body of witches and sorcerers.” - Liber HVHI

Here we can see that Samael or Satan/Shaitan, is not the all devouring aspect, but also the savior of humanity and the original planter of the seed of light in our being. Through Cain did his lineage survive and continue on spiritually to this present time.

Lilith, being the Bride of the Devil, is one part of the Adversary as being the dark instinctual side of man and woman, feminine, yet horrific and loving all within the same breath. Lilith is known by the Semitic “Layil” which a word is meaning Night, but also the name of the demon of the storm. Lilith is associated with the screech owl and other beasts of the wild, as it is where she went after she left heaven to wander the earth. She is considered one of the Three Assyrian demons being Ardat Lilit, Lilit and Lilu, but rather these may be just variations of her name. It is suggested by some Hebrew scholars that Lilith was worshipped by exiled Jews from Babylon as a goddess of the wilderness.

Lilith as described in post-biblical literature is viewed as the Queen of Demons, she went to the caves near the Red Sea and copulated with fallen angels to beget other demons, she also taught (according to Manichaean lore – Az) the fallen angels how to form bodies and have sexual relations to give life to other ‘dragon children’. She was said to have been the reunited with her mate Samael (Ahriman) after the fall, when he would not be roused by his fellow fallen ones and demons, only the words of Az (Lilith) could rouse him. He then kissed her form and caused menstruation, which was passed on to all women as Lilith is directly connected with their fiery and dark sides.

The Goddess of Luciferian Witchcraft is Lilith or Babalon, as described previously. She is also Hecate, the Darkened Moon Goddess of the Cunning Circle, whose blessing is both youth, imagination and death. The Son is within you and that is Cain, the Baphometic Daemon whose magick is the core essence of the religion of sorcery. The very circle casting rite as written by Gerald Gardner presents the Mother of Witchcraft, “Mother, Darksome and Divine, Mine the Scourge and Mine the Kiss, The Five-point Star of Love and Bliss”. Within the circle there is the very Graal of the Adversary, that through Self-Love can the essence of the Pentagram be sensed and understood. He refers to Hecate or Lilith (via Diana) as being “Hell's dark mistress, Heaven's Queen.” This is the dual nature of the Devil and his Bride, the Adversary. That by both Sabbat rites does the cup of Heaven (Aethyr, Luciferian Sabbat) and Hell (Infernal, Chthonic Sabbat) are filled.

Cain was the Son born of by some accounts Samael (the Devil) and Lilith (through Eve), the first Satanist and Witch.

“It is said within the dark traditions that the Bible is mistaken with regards to Cain’s true parentage. Cain was in fact a half human, half demon bastard child of Adam and Lilith. It was for this reason that the Lord would not accept his offerings and prayers, rather than any specific demands of animal sacrifice. The tale continues with Cain being cursed to wander the earth as a vagabond, with the ground he tills never giving bounty.” – Nathaniel J. Harris, The Mark of Cain, the First Satanist and First Murder.

In certain rabbinical literature, the Daughters of Cain were those who joined in sexual union with the Fallen Angels, the Watchers, and gave birth to the Nephilim, the Giants who were war like and brutal. They were said to have populated the earth in plenty, and attacked the children of Seth. In Manichaean lore, the Queen of Demons and spiritual initiator of Cain, Lilith – Az, taught the fallen angels to form physical bodies and join with others sexually. It is suggested also by writers Kaufmann Kohler, W.H. Bennett and Louis Ginzberg that the Children of Cain spent their days at the foot of a mountain (Eden?) practicing in wild orgies with the music of Lucifer through that created by Jubal. Women, the first Pairikas or Faeries/Witches, in their beautiful appearances, invited the sons of Seth (children of god) and copulated with them, bearing other children. This Jewish Folklore presents the earliest forms of the Witches Sabbat as a Luciferian celebration and practice of sexual magick.

“To Philo, likewise, Cain is the type of avarice, of "folly and impiety" ("De Cherubim," xx.), and of self-love ("De Sacrificiis Abelis et Caini"; "Quod Deterius Potiori Insidiari Soleat," 10). "He built a city" (Gen. iv. 17) means that "he built a doctrinal system of law-lessness, insolence, and immoderate indulgence in pleasure" ("De Posteritate," 15); and the Epicurean philosophers are of the school of Cain, "claiming to have Cain as teacher and guide, who recommended the worship of the sensual powers in preference to the powers above, and who practiced his doctrine by destroying Abel, the expounder of the opposite doctrine" (ib. 11).” – The Jewish Encyclopedia, compiled by Kaufmann Kohler, W. H. Bennett, Louis Ginzberg

Herein we can see that Cain is thus a flesh and blood embodiment of the Luciferian Path itself, he is the Son of Satan and Lilith, the dark essence which is deeply connected with Eve, the wife of Adam. Cain is not only the patron father of Witches, also the symbol of the initiate upon the antinomian path.

Nathaniel Harris, an hereditary British Witch, whose long involvement in various magical circles and authorship of grimoires not only within the Black Tradition, but also that of the traditional Witcha path, is bold enough to present ideas of our spiritual lineage found in the dreaming minds of the Cunning Brothers and Sisters.

The symbolic Mark of initiation, which Aleister Crowley termed the Mark of the Beast of the Apocalypse in “The Book of Thoth”, has brought different interpretations of its form, but the function itself is clear.

“This mark, or stigma, may have been a reference to some form of tattooing. The story may have originally referred to the nomadic tribe of the Kenites, itinerant metal-smiths who believed themselves to be the descendants of a Cain, related also to the Midianites and Israelites who traveled the desert rift of Arabah from around the 13th to 9th centuries BC. They would avenge the murder of any tribe member severely. This mark was later equated in the times of witchcraft persecution with the marks given to initiates of the cult. Historically, Cain is recognized as an initiator throughout various heretical societies, including the ancient Toadsman fraternity, The Skull and Bonesmen, and the Horse Whisperers.” - Nathaniel J. Harris, Witcha, A Book of Cunning (Mandrake of Oxford)

This mark is represented as being a symbolic Marking of Antinomian Commitment, of being awakened to the Path of the Devil and his Bride, to becoming through the Daemonic Spirit inherent within our blood. This dynamic process has been represented in the “Luciferian Witchcraft” grimoires in various manners, in Yatuk Dinoih, I have presented a system coherent with Cainite Workings based on the isolated spirit as embodied in the Flesh of the initiate, being as represented as Paitisha, the “Rite of Zohak” and other workings within the grimoire. The spirit of Baphomet or the Sabbatic Goat, the God of Witches is revealed thus as Cain himself, the Bestial God who has shed the flesh to the Daemon head of the Therion formed Witch-God or Goddess.

Once one has began the process of separation, ignorance falls away as clay burnt with blackened flames, the spirit lifts up to dance in twisted widdershins forms, the body and shadow and light copulate to the Musick of Jubal Cain and the Sabbat Circle is complete.

Part 2 - Foundations of Black Witchcraft

Further Reading:

Michael W. Ford is the Magister of The Order of Phosphorus, a closed order of solitary initiates and The Black Order of the Dragon, the inner guild based around Yatukivah – Persian and Chaos sorcery. He is the author of “Luciferian Witchcraft” which contains 12 different grimoires including the Left Hand Path Tantric Grimoire, Adamu, a forbidden book of Sexual Magick, Goetic Sorcery, a Luciferian approach to the 72 Spirits of the Shemhamforasche, Yatuk Dinoih and other works focused on the darksome rites of the path of Shadow Sorcery and so-called Skir-hand Witchcraft, introduced by Nathaniel J. Harris, a Hereditary Witch from the UK. Known as Akhtya Seker Arimanius, Ford also is the author of Liber HVHI, an explaination of the Luciferian trinity and the rituals of the Qlippoth, The Book of the Witch Moon which features an introduction by Chaos Magician Peter J. Carroll and numerous articles and essays.

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I already read Luciferian Witchcraft and presently reading The Bible of Adversary and watched a couple of the author's vids. Very nice Sunkat ! Thanks to introduce us to this author:)

You are quite welcome!



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