How knowledgeable are you in the art of burlesque entertainment?

Burlesque is an art-form rich is history and controversy. From its beginnings around the end of the 17th century, “burlesque” has always been a form of extravagant comedy. In modern day, the idea of burlesque is a mere shadow of its origins, and open to a wide range of interpretation. Its evolution has created a plethora of possibilities for both planners and performers. When selecting a burlesque dance for your next event entertainment, here are a few things to keep in mind:


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Traditional burlesque has its roots in performance art, parody and satirical drama or literature of the relevant social events. The word “Burlesque” is derived from the Italian burla- a joke.


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Despite modern interpretation, the original focus of burlesque entertainment was not to show off scantily clad female bodies. Even today, true artists will note that there is a very particular technique to their routine, that follows the decorum and the witty style of the dance.


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The popularity of burlesque entertainment began to rise again during the 1990’s. Since then, the demand for high quality entertainment has been on the rise. Artists such as Dita Von Tease have helped electrify a societal infatuation with the burlesque style.

Elaborate Costumes

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If you thought burlesque was a one-layer affair, think again! The intricacies and attention to detail is part of the charm of burlesque entertainment! Every jewel and buckle is placed on the body with purpose, and meant to shine in its own way.


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Burlesque entertainment comes in many shades, styles, and emotions. It can echo the comedic style of the past, or convey the modern sultry sensation we have come to expect. The costumes, makeup, and impression on guests is all dependant on the vision you have for your entertainment!

It can be overwhelming to decide on such a wide range of entertainment – especially when it comes to burlesque dance! Remember, we are the experts, and we’re here to help! The Creativiva team can ensure the final product is well-research, and well-suited for your guests to enjoy a unique entertainment experience!

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