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This is so sad, the pain continues here, if there are any organizations or anything that you know of that we can help to stop this painful situation please post it.


Living here in Africa, it's very sad and brings this reality to the forefront of one's consciousness when viewing footage like this.

The basis behind the persecutions of people accused of "Witchcraft" is the same as that which plagued Europe and the Americas not so long ago in our tarnished past, and that is, the influence of the male-dominated religions on the original spirituality and culture of the people.

At this stage, the term, "Witch" is absolutely and firmly identified with being of the Devil of the patriarchal religions in the average African's mind.This is important to understand when analysing the Witch burnings in Africa. It lies with a fundamental misunderstanding of the word, Witch and witchcraft, which as we are aware, is actually the Craft of the Wise- those who dedicate their existence to the gaining and sharing of sacred Wisdom, to become one day, Wise in the ways of Natural Magick..

Of course, this labelling however unrealistic, leaves the innocent open to all kinds of blackmail and abuse at the hands of jealous and ignorant others.

Jealousy over someone's possessions, social standing and even the desire for another's wife, or just plain bad luck in business or family affairs lead to these accusations.

It is a problem which extends to all forms of social and racial discrimination, which is also purely a legacy of the Patriarchal religions influence on the people.

The most common form of "punishment" for suspected Witches is necklacing, where the spare car tyre is rammed over the victim's upper torso, filled with gasoline and set alight. This is after whipping and kicking the victim as a public event. Kids are so used to this that it has become matter of fact in certain areas.

To identify oneself as a Witch" is thus to commit suicide here on many levels, although Pagan Witches have become more accepted of late and correctly identified as being the same as the Sangoma, Healer and Diviner than with any notions of Satanic evil "Witches".

Cats are occasionally crucified and burned if they are suspected to belong to a Witch and in many cases , a lighter form of reprisal against the poor souls who are targeted  ; is total banishment from the community. There are some specially set aside villages where these "Witches " are allowed to live. It's a parody and is covertly supported by certain of the Churches around here although they would never admit it.

A lot of the women and their families so falsely accused will end up as lifelong slaves to the local governor as is happening in West Africa notably the Ivory Coast .

The impact of colonialism on Africa and the introduction of the male-dominated religions with their devils, slavery and hells is the main cause of Africas' problems today and this legacy obviously lives on. Take Europe of a couple of hundred years ago and place that mentality into the heads of people today, and we still get the same evil result, i'm afraid.

The real parody of this situation is that out of every thousand "witches" burned, only one may indeed actually know something about the occult.

The other thing to take into consideration is that there are some Satanist groups around here which have repeatedly been found guilty of / linked with ritual murders and especially the torture of animals in their sick rituals.I am an animal activist so this is the truth. I am also aware and reasonably well-versed on  the various forms and expressions of Satanism ( a Catholic birth child, and which is a different sort of magick, never having anything to do with Nature and the real and true Divinities of Nature) - and it really makes me wonder what kind of religion deems it necessary to torture animals for a ritual. To me, there is no difference between these foul individuals and those who would burn a Witche's cat in the name of a God of love...and the Pagan gets the blame, as Satanists insist on copying all of our sacred symbols and stealing our Divinities to represent their own patriarchal religion. This confuses people and lays the genuine Witch open to attack from those who don't understand.

Solution?  Educate people as to who and what real Witches are- the priesthood of the God and Goddess of Nature; and expose patriarchal lies and deceit for what it actually is- a tool for the control of people through fear.

The false confessions which were forced out of suspected and accused witches, formed the basis for future superstitions and bias against Pagan Goddess devotees.

Thanks, Helela. .

These whackos such as the Baptist gospel churches have caused so much damage. They are literally insane, fascist Christians and are the biggest threat to sanity in Africa. The rise of these reborn preachers is very concerning to minorities as they brand everything from being lesbian to owning a black cat as being of the devil, and evil.

Just look at this woman speaking to the interviewer. That is what we live with here. Judgementalism, aggression, racism and violence.

It is unfortunately common amongst ignorant people, who are controlled by certain Religions, to want to blame their own shortcomings and faults - their own Karma - on others who are falsely accused of being their very own devil ~ anything except take responsibility for their own actions...

I had a horrendous experience when I visited Florence, in Italy, I had to leave the place, and the group that I was traveling with, and left for Venice, just to get away from it, because I remembered having been burned at the stake, for being an Astrologer, but I was accused of  witchcraft, in the times of Savanarola, in that place.

And that is one of the worst experiences to which a human being can be submitted to!

And it happened to me twice, as far as I know through my past lives experiences that I have remembered.

I was also tortured and burned at the stake, for having created a reformed Church, in Austria, when I was a Czech!

Will humanity ever learn?

Have we learned anything, when we are still talking about wars, and engaging in them?

Is this dimension totally condemned forever to the judgements of good and evil?

Can we really go beyond these concepts, and just open our hearts to the suffering of those that appear to be others than ourselves?


Unbelievable is all I can say. I had no idea this is so prevalent in Africa, and the fear mongers are alive and well, and still committing horrendous acts among humankind, and even against their own family members, especially their own children.

I am sick to my stomach over this. Children? These people are truly the evil ones.


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