Crystal Layouts    

I have this little book on crystals,
"The Essential Crystal Handbook", where Simon and Sue Lilly explain what a layout is.

"Crystal layouts are set patterns of stones placed on and around the body. Each layout is designed to balance our vital energy in a particular way. Certain layouts, known as nets, calls for us to lie upon a cloth of a particular color in order to amplify the effect of the crystals.

Although most layouts are best carried out lying down, they may also, if necessary, be performed sitting up with stones taped lightly in place.
If you are working alone, make sure that the crystals you need are within easy reach before you begin. You don't have to spend long with the crystals in position - five to ten minutes is ample time to feel the benefits. In most cases, you can use either crystal points or tumbled stones. However, some layouts do require crystal points, which direct energy more precisely than tumbled stones."

This recharges and balances the seven main chakras of the body. Choose stones for each chakra by their color, and if you have several stones that go with one chakra, choose by intuition. You may also want to use a grounding stone, for instance between the feet.

Place the grounding stone first, and then move upwards from the root chakra where a red stone can be put between the knees or near the base of the spine, to the sacral chakra just below the navel, where an orange stone may be positioned. At the solar plexus chakra, just below the ribs put a yellow stone, and at the heart chakra just in the middle of the chest, place a green stone. A light blue stone goes at the throat chakra, at the base of the throat, and an indigo (dark blue) crystal at the brow chakra; in the center of the forehead.

At last, put a clear or violet stone at the crown chakra, just above the top of your head.

Moldavite layout 1, requires 9 Moldavite pieces

(The Moldavite is rather expensive)

This energy net will help expand awareness beyond its normal physical limitations. It will help connect you to the energy of the earth, and through its core energy out into the wider universe. This layout will help relax tensions in the chest, easing feelings of constriction and confusion. It will also help clarify your goals and directions in life.

Moldavite can give a powerful and sometimes disorientating experience. Make sure you spend no longer than ten minutes in this net and ground yourself thoroughly when finished.

1. On either side of the body between the head and solar plexus, place three pieces of Moldavite, evenly spaced
2. Position another Moldavite midway between and below your feet.
3. Place one above the top of your head.
4. The last Moldavite goes on the brow chakra in the center of the forehead.

Moldavite layout 2,
requires 1 Moldavite and 8 amethyst or clear quartz.

1. Use eight pieces of amethyst or clear quartz. If they have terminations, place these so they are facing the body.
2. Once these are in place, place Moldavite on your heart, throat, or brow chakra. Experiment with the Moldavite in different chakras to see how your experiences alter.
3. After a maximum of ten minutes, remove the Moldavite and replace it with a grounding stone, such as a piece of hematite or black tourmaline. Another grounding stone can be added near the feet if necessary.
4. When you are ready, remove all stones and relax for at least five minutes before resuming normal activities.

The Seal of Solomon
this is one of the simplest and most widespread layouts. Some stones may need to be taped in place, some may be on or some of the body. You can use this layout for localized healing; simply repeat the process with crystals around the affected area. For instance, you can make a small Seal of Solomon around any area that needs it, like around your elbow or a leg. You can also choose one other stone to lie in the middle of the layout (one lapis lazuli for instance, or anything else).

1. Choose six natural clear quartz crystals of equal size and arrange them, evenly spaced, in a hexagon shape around the body. Start off with the points facing outwards, this will help to release stresses and imbalances.

2. After a few minutes, turn the crystals round so that the points face inwards. This re-energizes the body at every level.


Calming the emotions
the heart chakra is the center of many of the body’s energies and this is where we feel emotional hurt. This simple layout of stones will relax and ease any unexpected emotional upsets. It is also beneficial when used on a regular basis to prevent stress from building up.

1. Place a small piece of rose quartz on the heart chakra is the center of the chest.
2. Surround the rose quartz with four clear quartz crystals with points pointing inwards. This will help to release stress.
3. Place a pointed citrine or smoky quartz over the second chakra below the navel, with its point downwards. This will have a gentle grounding and stabilizing effect and will also help release any of the more long-term stresses that may be lodged in this center.
4. Place an amethyst quartz crystal in the center of the forehead. This will help to calm the mind and will encourage a degree of mental detachment from any emotional recall.

Lie in this calming layout for five to ten minutes, or until you become aware of a feeling of relaxation and balance.


to experience the soothing effects of moonstone, choose 5 pieces of about the same size.
1. Place one on the front of each hipbone. You may need to tape the stones in place.
Place another moonstone on the front in the dip of each shoulder.
2. Place one just touching the top of the head.
3. After a little while, there will be deep relaxation and a soothing energy washing through the body. After five to ten minutes, remove the stones and remain easy for a while.

Creativity and intuition may also be enhanced.

("The Magic of Crystals, Color & Chakra")

Simple daily layouts by Simon and Sue Lilly.

To get the most out of crystals, you need to use them regularly. If you take a few minutes daily to carry out the following two basic layouts, you will prevent the build-up of imbalances and stresses.

Clarifying layout
This layout clarifies awareness and releases blocked energy. It is useful when you are feeling unsettled for no apparent reason. With the release of stress, sensations may seem to increase, before they subside.

Place smoky quartz below the feet
Place clear quartz above the head
Place either turquoise (to strengthen vitality) or lapis lazuli (to release deep stress) in the center of the forehead Stay in the layout for five to ten minutes.

Balancing layout
this layout provides a good everyday balance and restores a natural flow of energy.

Place smoky quartz by the feet
Place clear quartz above the head
Place rose quartz in the center of the chest
Stay in this layout for five to ten minutes.

Sacral Chakra: Crystal release the sacral chakra can be supported in the release of stress by using this particular layout of stones.

You will need three clear quartz crystals, together with three moonstones or rose quartz crystals.

1. With the three clear quartz crystals, make a downward pointing triangle below the navel. If the crystals have points, these should point outwards.

2. Below these crystals and above the pubic bone, make an arc of the three remaining stones.

("The magic of Crystals, color, and chakra")

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Very interesting.

thanks Margatida. I hoe you are doing good.


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