ENHYDROS-The definition of an enhydro crystal is a crystal that has

entrapped water within its structure. In order to identify an

enhydro crystal you have to be able to move the crystal and actually

see the water move-whether it is ever so slightly, or a long track

of movement.

They definitely work on restoring Divine Flow. In one crystal this

Divine Flow might be for blood flow or other body function. In

another, the function might be to restore Divine Flow to the

emotions, another for channeling, another for tantric energy.

Whatever type of Divine Flow the crystal is oriented toward,

enhydros assist in that.

The other unique thing about enhydro crystals is that they are

anchors and balancers for the Divine Feminine....All of the pure

water sources on Earth anchor connection to the Divine Feminine, or

Goddess, and to the Holy Mother very specifically.

An enhydro crystal contains water that has been entrapped for at

least hundreds of thousands of years and usually for millions of

years. So in a really large crystal that contains a pocket of water

you hold in your hand, the source of that divine connection is the

equivalent of the Grail cup in its receptivity to the divine. The

Grail is a symbol of the empty cup that is receptive to, and filled

by Holy Mother Goddess, and Holy Father God. The enhydro crystals

hold water that has been held in purity and energized by the

crystals for such a long time that if all the water sources on Earth

were polluted the enhydros would be the only remaining connection to

the Goddess. They help us live in receptivity to the divine. They

help us remember what Divine Flow is, and hopefully to live in the

purity of divine Flow in every way.

In some cultures the definition of God is the consciousness that

penetrates all of life in the form of Love and Light. In order to be

affected by God we must be able and willing to receive this Love and

Light. With the walls that most humans have created through

emotional repression, avoidance, rigid thinking, ego identity,

control, and denials most have lost a great deal of, or almost

complete connection to God, or Divine Source. If you have an enhydro

crystal and you are fortunate to be the guardian of it for a time,

ask it to help you remember how to live in Divine Flow. Ask it to

anchor the energy of the Holy Grail and to help you be a receptive

vessel to that which is Divine and to be so pure that that which is

not divine, which is illusion, cannot penetrate you.

(excerpts from Namibian Crystals

Here's some information from a gemological point of view:

Scientists call the quartz with moving bubbles fluid inclusions.

That is what they are and that is what we should call them – fluid

inclusions. Geodes with water are called enhydros. It would be

better to call the things we see at gem shows "bubbles" than

enhydros. Not a single article or book on fluid inclusions that I

have seen even mentions the term enhydros.

There is a significant difference between enhydros and fluid

inclusions. While enhydros may form by trapping water at the time

they are formed, the walls of the geode are porous and water can

leave or enter the enhydros.

....they are also much more common that you might imagine. I will

define both, but here is how fluid inclusions form. Minerals grow by

adding elements to their surfaces, edges, and corners. Quartz

crystals grow in many environments, but they commonly form by growth

out of a hydrothermal solution – hot ground water containing

dissolved silica. Growth rates and mechanisms are complex subjects

and some scientists spend years on this single area of research. It

is enough for our purposes here to know that different parts of a

single crystal or crystal face can grow at different rates. When

this happens microscopic pits develop in the crystal faces. These

become the vessels for our bubble bearing liquid.

When a liquid is heated it expands, when it cools it contracts.

Solids like quartz also expand and contract, but to a much smaller

rate. An everyday example of expanding and contracting liquids is

the liquid in a glass thermometer.

Scientists call these trapped liquids and their bubbles fluid

inclusions. They are quite common and very fascinating. The white

color of milky quartz is due to thousands or perhaps millions of

microscopic fluid inclusions. Gemologists see inclusions when they

look at certain gemstones (emerald is a good example) with a

microscope. The liquid is not always water. A common fluid in ore

forming processes is salty water.

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