Selenite is a gypsum crystal that comes in many forms and color variations. However most people associate selenite with its shimmery, luminous form known as satin spar.

Getting its name from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, selenite has properties that make it truly unique for spiritual and metaphysical purposes. It is related to peace, purity, and higher consciousness and is often used to assist with meditation, as well as astral projection.

Selenite is commonly associated with the seventh, or Crown, chakra which is the energy center that is located just above the crown of the head. This is the chakra of divine wisdom, Spirit and Unity. Just as the Root Chakra shows us of our connection with Earth, the Crown Chakra shows us our connection with our spiritual Source. Physically the Crown Chakra governs the brain, nervous system and pituitary gland. For these reasons, selenite is helpful for bringing balance to the Crown Chakra, and help you feel a stronger connection with all of creation.

This crystal, in any of its forms and colors, can help you get in touch with your higher self and expand the awareness of your mind, and spirit. In this lens, I'll be taking a look at the many, spiritual and healing properties of selenite, along with tips on how to use it and care for it.

Beneficial Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a very peaceful, calming crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy. If you feel stressed out, tired or angry, holding a selenite crystal can help clear away the negative energy and leave you feeling more calm, and centered. Keep a large peace of selenite in a room, to help ensure a peaceful atmosphere. Or, keep a selenite crystal next to your bed to create a restful space and help you have a good night's sleep.

Because of its calm inducing properties, selenite is an excellent crystal to use during meditation. Place one nearby while you meditate or hold a piece in your hand to help keep your mind clear, lucid and calm. Selenite also has the unique ability to filter out ego-based messages of the mind; those negative messages your mind tell you, that make you feel fearful, angry or victimized. Because of that helpful filter, selenite can allow you to get in touch with your Higher Self, and expand the awareness of your mind and spirit.

The following is a list of some other beneficial properties of selenite:

An aid for hypnosis

Helps one access their personal power

Enhances psychic awareness

Helps one gain an awareness of past lives

Improves concentration

Helpful for communicating with the wisdom of angels

Important notes: Selenite is a very powerful crystal, that can very quickly open the Crown Chakra. If you're not experienced working with crystals, do NOT try using selenite when working the crown chakra. Instead, use a clear quartz crystal or amethyst.

Some people find that selenite can leave them feeling a bit dizzy or spacey. For this reason, it's advisable to keep a grounding crystal with you, or nearby, when working with selenite. Some choices for grounding crystals include obsidian, hematite, red jasper or black onyx. As an alternative to this you could do some conscious grounding after working with selenite, such as visualizing roots reaching from the soles of your feet into the ground, walking outside and feeling your connection to the earth, or eating a light snack.

Because selenite is associated with Higher Truth and our relationship with the spiritual plane, it's not a crystal to be kept stored away in a drawer or used merely as a decoration. Good owners of selenite will respect it, and work with its energy in a cooperative manner every day.

Variations of Selenite

As mentioned earlier, selenite comes in different forms and color variations. All forms and colors of selenite share the same fundamental metaphysical and healing properties. But these variations can carry some additional properties that make each one unique.

Desert Rose selenite comes in a clustered form of overlapping blades that resemble the petals of a rose. Its color variations range from a dusty rose, white, or beige. The metaphysical and healing properties of desert rose selenite include:

Improved mental clarity

A stronger sense of purpose

Improved self-awareness

Assists one in seeing the truth

Fishtail selenite grows in a V shaped pattern, that resembles the tail of a fish. It can be beneficial for releasing emotional blockages.

Hourglass selenite is a rare form of selenite, found only in certain parts of the world such as the Great Salt Plains State Park in Oklahoma, and parts of Canada. It is viewed as a bridge between our physical form, and our spirit...our timeless higher self. Because of this, hourglass selenite can be perfect for helping you get in touch with your spirit, and with the flow of creation that is constantly unfolding.

Blue selenite can quiet mind chatter. For this reason is good to use during meditation, or whenever your mind is working is working overtime.

Orange or Brown selenite, assists with healing the earth.

Green selenite helps you feel better about yourself, and also helps in working toward the highest good.

Caring for your Selenite Crystal

One of the things that makes selenite a unique crystal, is its ability to constantly self cleanse and recharge itself. In fact, it's only one of two crystals that can do this, with apophyllite being the other. Other crystals need to be periodically cleansed of negative or residual energies, through methods such as a salt water bath. But because selenite self cleanses and recharges, there is never a need for you to cleanse or charge this crystal.

Because selenite is a soft crystal it should be handled with care and not stored with other crystals which may scratch its surface. When storing it away, wrap it in a soft fabric such as satin or silk, so that its surface will not be damaged.

Selenite is water soluble, so for this reason it should never be rinsed or immersed in water. Doing so will cause its surface to erode.

It's best to keep selenite out of direct sunlight, as this may cause its surface to crack and lose its luster.

To clean off your selenite crystal, simply dust it gently with a gentle cloth. Never use cleaning products or polishes on it.


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