As a kid, I was fascinated by the thought of talking animals in general and especially the show Mr. Ed. There have been many times I really wished the horses I was riding could talk (to ask why they were so afraid of that fence we had ridden by 10 times) and other times I was very thankful they could not (sorry for all those times I forgot to set up a lead change).

I think at some point in every riders life we have wondered how much easier it would be if we could just have a conversation with our horse and they could actually respond. Although this isn’t a possibility, watching Mr. Ed gives us insight into what that may actually be like. Here are five similarities most riders share with the cast of Mr. Ed.

We talk to our horse

Whether it is just telling them how much we love them, saying easy to one trying to run around with us or screaming WOAH while we’re nearly being trampled, we have all talked to our horses at some point. Also, when you’re having a bad day, sometimes your horse who can’t judge you is the best listener.

We think they actually know what we are saying and can respond

Whether this be a head nod, a knicker or a sigh most of us have convinced ourselves that our steeds are responding to us with the timing of their expressions.

We have put our horse in a ridiculous outfit at least once

Despite our best efforts to not embarrass ourselves or our horses, we have definitely put funny things on them. This may be a hat, sunglasses or even a complete costume (sorry not sorry, ponies).

We have tirelessly tried to figure out what our horses favorite snack is (Mr. Ed loved peanut butter on set)

Treats, apples or even some of your own food, you have probably tried many options to find your horse’s favorite snack.

If we were allowed to we would take our horses nearly everywhere

How fun would it be to just bring your pony to work sometimes? Horses make nearly every activity more entertaining and if Mr. Ed was allowed to travel to unordinary places for a horse why aren’t all ponies allowed?

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I used to love watching this as a kid.

Good time when we were kids.
TV programming was captivating.

...or at least, as kids, we thoght

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