"That you may see the meaning of Within - it is being"

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The 44 best John Lennon drawings images on Pinterest | The Beatles ...

John Lennon Drawings Go on Display at Los Angeles Mall | 15 Minute .

John Lennon’s Report Card from 1956 Reveals What His Teachers Thought of Him:

details comments from a number of his teachers. His “Religious Instruction” teacher writes, “Attitude in class most unsatisfactory,”

while his math teacher sternly expresses, “He is certainly on the road to failure if this goes on.”

Lennon was clearly a dreamer from a young age: his physics teacher says, “His work always lacks effort.He is content to ‘drift’ instead of using his abilities,”

and his French teacher writes, “An intelligent boy who could be very much better with a little concentration in class.”

As a final blow, the school’s Headmaster concludes, “He has too many wrong ambitions and his energy is too often misplaced.”


and when we are young, this is normal behavior.  My husband is one of those 'intelligent' people that chose to drift along with his friends, instead of doing the accelerated classes.

Yes I,hear the same type of stories of rebellion and being different over and over, especially with intelligent and creative people.

Plus it just goes to show the school system is a fail.

"Yea, in my school Keith Richards'll be the headmaster," Julian takes a quick hard smacking draw and the smoke leaks out of his mouth as he elaborates. "Yeah, he and his mates, right, will oversee these huge rooms - art room, band room. puffing room, ... kitchen, hee hee - and they'll all be on the lookout for anyone who isn't dreaming. If there's an upstart in the class bent on drafting blueprints for pulling dinosaur meat or uranium outta the earth - out on his arse! Keith'll pick him up by the ears and have that wanker sorted!"

Sean doesn't laugh.

"But hasn't the human mission been as much about getting us here on the backs of Puritanical industry as anything else?"

Julian sniggers. "Oh is that what you learned getting homeschooled by Dad and Yoko?"

"Well yes. I've learned how equal we all are at the heart of things."

Julian stubs out his cigarette. "G'wan. Neither one of us will ever be as great as Dad was and you know it."

"Welcome to the Aquarian Age, Julian. Where none of us are so fantastically great but at least all of us are perfectly good."

Silence. Sean wins the last word.

He was a dreamer of much wisdom.

"Peace is not something you wish for, it's something you make. Something you do, something you are. And something you give away." -  John Lennon


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