an herbal volcabulary

compress-this is a fabric or substance prepared hot or cold to an area of the body, for relief of swelling and pain, or to produce localized pressure.
decoction-a tea preperation for roots, barks and twigs.
elixer- a liquid herbal extract that contains alchol and a sweet base to render it more pleasent to drink, ie honey, vodka, and herbs
glycerite-a concentrated herbal extract made by soaking ground up herbs in glyserine
homeopathic-this is a term for a product containing infinitesimal doses of a substance that would in normal doses, produce symptoms of the disease that it is intended to treat.
homeopathy-this is the medicle system that uses the idea of like attracts like, where by infinitesimal doses of natural substances are used to stimulate a persons immune and defence system.
infusion-a tea preparition of leaves or flowering tops
liniment-a liquid preparition made from a liquid herbal extract, alcohol, oil and an emulsifier (gum aribac) that forms a smooth herbal liquid for external use
ointment-this is a semi-solid preperation usually containing medisonal substances and is intended for external use (4 OZ OIL TO 1/2 PART OF BEESWAX)
POULTICE- this is a soft mass prepared by moistening, botanicals, or other absorbent substances with oil usually applies hot to the skin.
salve-a medicinal preparation made from herb, soaked in oils, combined with beeswax for application to the skin. (4 oz oil to one part beeswax)
tincture-a concentrated herbal extrat made by soaking ground up herbsin 100 proof vodka for two weeks then pressing the liquid out.
tonic-an herbal product that strengthens various organs and systems (made with wine)

1 oz herb to 4 oz oil (use olive oil)  1 cup dried herb = 3 cups fresh

abortifacient- a product that is capable of induceing abortion
absolute-highly concentrated viscous, semi solid, or solid natural material, usually obtained by alcohol extraction from the concentrate.
absorbent-substances with the ability to attract dissoloved or finely dispersed substanced from another meadium.
acute-this  term of description for an illness or symptyom of sudden onset, generaly has a short duration.
adsorbent-this is a solid substance which binds other substances to its surface but doesnot chemically interact with them.
analegesic- a remedy that deadend pain without loss of consciousness
anaphrodisiac-a substance that reduces sexual desire
anodyne-this is a term used to describe a product that stills pain and quiets disturbed feelings
antibiotic-a product that prevents the growth of, or destroys, bacteria
anticoagulant-prevents blood from clotting
anticonvulsant-a substance that helps arrest or prevent convulsions
antidepressant-an agent that helps to alleviate depression
antidiarrhral-a substance that helps to alleviate diarrhea
antidamatous-a product that prevents swelling
antihistamine-a product that treats allergic conditions, counteracts the effects of histamine in the body
antineuraligic-a substance that reduces or releaqves nerve pain
antioxident-a substance used to prevent or delayoxidation or deterioration, esp with exposer to air
antiparasitic-a substance destructive to parasites
antipruritic-releaves the sensation of itching or prevents it's occurence
antipyretic-a product that reduces fever
antiseptic- a substance which slows the growth of micro organisims in living tissue.
antispasmodic-a substance that eases and prevents spasms or convulsions
antitoxic-antidote or treatment that counteracts the effects of poison
antiviral-this referrs to a subsatance that inhibits the growth of viruses
aphrodisiac-this term refferrs to that witch stimulates the sex drive in people
aromatherapay-the art of useing pure essential oils from plantsfor their physical and emotional therapeutic effects.
bactericidal-an agent that destroys bacteria
calmative-generally used to describe a sedative
cardiotonic-term for an agent that has a stimulateing effect on the heart
cholagogue-promotes the discharge and flow of bile from the galbladder
decongestive-this is an agent for the relief or reduction of congestion
demulcent-this is a substance that sooths or protects mucous membraines and allays irritation
deodorant-this term is used for an agent that corrects, masks, or removes unpleasent odors
depurative- this is an agent that helps to combat impurity in the blood and organs; detoxifying
diaphoretic- this term is used for an agent that promotes sweating
disinfectant-this reffers to a substance that prevents and combats the spread of germs
diuretic- this is an agent that increases urine output
eczema-describes inflamitory skin conditions
edema-abnormal accumulation of fluid within tissues
emetic-a substance that causes vomiting
fungicidal-this is an agent that prevents and combats a fungal infection
hypertensive-a term for an agent that raises bloodpressure
hypnotic-a term for something that causes sleep
hypotensive- a term for an agent that lowers blood pressure
insecticide-substance that repells insects
irritant- an agent that causes irritation or inflimation of the skin
narcotic-a substance that  induces sleep, intoxacateing or poisionous in large doses
nervine- this is an agent that strengthins and tones the nerves and nervous system
neurotoxic-reffers to something poisonous to the nerves
parasiticide-an agent that prevents and destroys parasites such as fleas, lice, etc.
photosensitizer-referrs to a substance that makes people sensitive to the light of the sun,  the skin reacts to the suns energy. example lemon, lime, and bergamot e.o. make you sensitive to the light
photosynthesis-the process in which plants live and create oxygen or the process of increasing sensitivity to sunlight.
psoriasis-this is an inharated condition, charaterized by the eruption of reddish, scaled papules on the skin of the elbows, knees, scalp, and trunk.
psychosomatic-a condition where the person 'thinks' they have some illness, but it is in their head
pyretic-a fever induceing agent
regulator-this is a substance that helps balance and regulate the systems of the body
relaxant-this is an agent that is soothing, causes relaxation, and relieves strain or tention.
restorative-this helps to strengthin and revive the bodys systems
sedative-this is a substance that has a calming, quietting effect, quiets nervious excitement
sensitize-this term is used to describe the process of exposing a person to a substance that may render them sensitive to it.  that is why a small test area is done first, no reaction on the test area means that there should not be any test results with the person in quiestion sensitive to the product
sporific-this induses sleep
stimulant-this is a substance that quickens the bodys reaction time,
tonic-this i s an herbal remedie taken to maintain health or to ward off sickness, rather than to treat a sick ness, its pourpose is to ward off illness, also taken to strengthing the major systems of the body
topical application-a substance administered to the skin
vulnerary-this is an agent that helps heal wounds and sores by external application


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