zoiadic rulers

aries- basic momentum, beginnngs, arogant abuse, competitive, courages, dominearing, dynamic, egar, excutive, impulisive, indepandant, into harant, lacks completion, lives in the present, me first, pionerring, quick temperment, violent.
taurus- basic momentium, manifestaton, artistic, comfort oriented conserative, dependable, dogmatic, domestic, greedy, loyal, materalistic, patient, passive, domestic, greedy, loyal, materalistic, practical, self indludgenet, sensual, slow moveing, stable, stubborn, through.

 basic mmentum mental energy, brooding catuious, changeable; clever; domestic; esaily hurt; dextrious; dual; expressive; imative; lacking concentration; multitasking; quick witted; restless; scatterbrained; scheming; talkative; ungreatful; bi polor

basic momemntum; emotional energy; brooding; catious; domestic; esaily hurt; emotional; helpful; intuitave; lazy; manuliptive; material; negative;  self-pity; selfish; sensitive; sympathetic; tenacious; touchy; traditional

basic momentium, developement; ambitous; arts; autocratic; boastful; idealistic; leadeship; music; optionstic; overbearing; precatious; proud; romance; self assured; status counsious; vain

 basc momentium perfection; clean; vritical; discriminating; fact-finding; fears; humane; indrusrtious; melencoly; metheodical; pletanic; perfection; pretty; picky; scientific; skeptical; sloppy; stioudious; worrywort

 basic momentium balance; apatheitic; artistic; compasionate; coorprative; easily; easily deterred; fickel; hypocritacal; indesive; judgemental; judicial; loves; interigue; please at any price; peace; loveing; intregue; pouting; refined; sociable; suave

 basic momentium regeneration; determined; excuative; intolerate; investigative; jealous; motovated; overbearing; passionate; penetrateing; prvate; probeing; resourseful; sacrifice; secritive; suspicious; temptation; tempermental; vengeful; violent

sagittarious- basic momentium idealzation; arguemntative; athletic; blunt; broadminded; enthusaticatic; exagerate; freedom; loveing; gambling; generous; hot headed; idealistic; impatent; just; missionary; zeal; optimistic; loveing; gambeling; generous; hot-headed; idealistic; philosphy; procrastanateing; push; religious; scholoraly; self-indulgent; straightforward; talkitive

basic momentium construction; reality; brooding; businesslike; catious; domenearng; economical; fatalistic; hardworking; inhibited; judgemental; over ambitious; perfectionist; practical; reliable; responsable; scroupluious; serious; status seeking; stubborn; traditional; unforgiving

aquarious- basic momentium expermental; bored by detail; cold escentric; fixed. humane; impersonal; independant; individualistic; inventavie; logical; progressive; readical, rebilious; scientific; temperemental; tolerent; unique; unpredictable;

 basic momentium spiritual; charatable; compassionate; creative; dreamy; emotional; escapist; impracticale; intolerent; inhibited; introspective; intiative; melancolohy; musical; persistience; procrasticanateing; scacrifice; spacy; spiritual; sympathetic; talkitive; timid; visionary


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