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The Word of the Ascended Masters is the ultimate Authority in any question relating to Truth.

Ascended Masters and Angels

Ascended Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings

ascended master   Ada

ascended master   Adelphia

ascended master   Adonel the Archangel

ascended master   Agapiel the Archangel

ascended master   Akshobhya

ascended master   Alice Boscoe

ascended master   Aloha

ascended master   Alpha

ascended master   Amaryllis

ascended master   Amazon, the Solar Logos

ascended master   Amazonia

ascended master   Ambassador of Helios

ascended master   Amerissis, the Goddess of Light

ascended master   Amethyst, Archeia of the Seventh Ray of Freedom

ascended master   Amitabha

ascended master   Amora

ascended master   Anankiel the Archangel

ascended master   Angel Clothed With a Cloud and a Rainbow

ascended master   Angel Deva of the Jade Temple

ascended master   Angel of the Agony

ascended master   Apollo, Elohim of Wisdom

ascended master   Apollo, the Solar Logos

ascended master   Arcturus

ascended master   Aries

ascended master   Astrea

ascended master   Aurea

ascended master   Aureole

ascended master   Aurora, Archeia of the Sixth Ray of Peace

ascended master   Babaji

ascended master   Beatitude (Beulah Haney)

ascended master   Becky

ascended master   Betty Mundy

ascended master   Bob Singleton

ascended master   Brother Bill

ascended master   Captain Self

ascended master   Cardinal Bonzano

ascended master   Cardinal Mindszenty

ascended master   Casimir Poseidon

ascended master   Chamuel the Archangel

ascended master   Cha Ara

ascended master   Charles Sindelar

ascended master   Cherubim Lovelee

ascended master   Cherubim of the Golden Heart

ascended master   Christine, Archeia of the Second Ray of Wisdom

ascended master   Claire Collins

ascended master   Clara Louise Kieninger

ascended master   Confucius

ascended master   Cosmic Master from the Great Silence

ascended master   Cosmos

ascended master   Cyclopea

ascended master   Daphne

ascended master   Dawn, the Goddess of Happiness

ascended master   Dawn, the Solar Logos

ascended master   Diana, the Goddess of Fire

ascended master   Diana, the Solar Logos

ascended master   Durga

ascended master   Djwal Kul

ascended master   Earl Fellows

ascended master   Electra

ascended master   Elijah

ascended master   El Morya

ascended master   El Samyam

ascended master   Eloha

ascended master   Elohae

ascended master   Elohim of Peace

ascended master   Elohim of Purity

ascended master   Enoch

ascended master   Eriel

ascended master   Ernon, Rai of Suern

ascended master   Faith, Archeia of the First Ray of Power

ascended master   Fortuna

ascended master   Gabriel the Archangel

ascended master   Ganesha

ascended master   Gautama Buddha

ascended master   George Lancaster

ascended master   Geraldine

ascended master   God Meru

ascended master   Goddess Meru

ascended master   Goddess of Gold

ascended master   Goddess of Music (Goddess of Harmony)

ascended master   Goddess of Liberty   (Ceres)

ascended master   Goddess of Peace

ascended master   Goddess of Purity

ascended master   Goddess of Victory

ascended master   Godfre

ascended master   God of Gold

ascended master   God of Light

ascended master   God of Nature

ascended master   God of the Jewels

ascended master   God of the Swiss Alps

ascended master   Great Divine Director

ascended master   Helen MacDonald

ascended master   Helen Ries

ascended master   Helios

ascended master   Hercules, the Elohim of Power

ascended master   Hercules, the Solar Logos

ascended master   Heros

ascended master   Hilarion

ascended master   Himalaya

ascended master   Hope, Archeia of the Fourth Ray of Purity (Spirit of the Resurrection)

ascended master   Hyperion

ascended master   Ida

ascended master   Immaculata

ascended master   Isis

ascended master   Jar-El-Um

ascended master   J. C. Penney

ascended master   Jesus the Christ

ascended master   John the Beloved

ascended master   John Paul the Great

ascended master   Jophiel the Archangel

ascended master   Justinius

ascended master   K-17

ascended master   Kali

ascended master   Kapila

ascended master   Keeper of the Scrolls

ascended master   Krishna

ascended master   Kronos

ascended master   Kristine (Saint Teresa of Avila)

ascended master   Kuthumi

ascended master   Kwan Yin

ascended master   Lakshmi

ascended master   Lanello

ascended master   Lanto

ascended master   Leon Chagnon

ascended master   Leonora

ascended master   Leto

ascended master   Listening Angel

ascended master   Lord Ling   (Moses)

ascended master   Lotus

ascended master   Louisa

ascended master   Luara

ascended master   Lumina

ascended master   Luz

ascended master   Magda

ascended master   Magra

ascended master   Maha Chohan

ascended master   Maitreya

ascended master   Mary, the Mother of Jesus

ascended master   Maximus

ascended master   Mercedes

ascended master   Mercury

ascended master   Messenger from the Secret Love Star

ascended master   Meta

ascended master   Micah, Angel of Unity

ascended master   Michael the Archangel

angels   Mighty Blue Eagle

angels   Minnie Petite

ascended master   Mother Cabrini

ascended master   Mother Teresa

angels   Mr. Blackman

angels   Mrs. Blackman

ascended master   Mr. Kelley

angels   Mr. Milson

angels   Mr. Trommer

angels   Mrs. Trommer

ascended master   Nada, the Chohan of the Sixth Ray

ascended master   Nada Darling

ascended master   Najah

ascended master   The Nameless One from the Center of the Universe

ascended master   Neptune

ascended master   Nicholas Roerich

ascended master   Omega

ascended master   Omri-Tas

ascended master   Orion, the Old Man of the Hills

ascended master   Oromasis

ascended master   Osiris

ascended master   Otto Schneider

ascended master   Ouranos, the Maha Elohim

ascended master   Padre Pio

ascended master   Pallas Athena

ascended master   Patricia Johnson

ascended master   Paul Center

ascended master   Paul O'Neal

ascended master   Paul Stickel

ascended master   Paul the Venetian

ascended master   Pearl Sindelar

ascended master   Pelleur

ascended master   Persis MacDonald

ascended master   Phylos

ascended master   Pomona

ascended master   Pope John XXIII

ascended master   Pope Pius XII

ascended master   Portia, the Goddess of Justice

ascended master   Queen of Light

ascended master   Ramakrishna

ascended master   Ramona

ascended master   Raphael the Archangel

ascended master   Ratnasambhava

ascended master   Ray-O-Light

ascended master   Regulus

ascended master   Roiiel the Archangel

ascended master   Romulus

ascended master   Rose of Light

ascended master   Rudolph

ascended master   Ruler of the Secret Planet that Guards the Earth

ascended master   Ruler of the Violet Temple

ascended master   Ruth Hawkins

ascended master   Sa Ananda

ascended master   Saint Cecilia

ascended master   Saint Germain

ascended master   Saint Patrick

ascended master   Saint Stephen

ascended master   Saint Therese of Lisieux

ascended master   Sa Na Kumara

ascended master   Sanat Kumara

ascended master   Sa Na Tana

ascended master   Sanatka

ascended master   Serapis Bey

ascended master   Shaddiel the Archangel

ascended master   Shiva

ascended master   Sir Valiant

ascended master   Sophia

ascended master   Spirit of Christmas

ascended master   Snow King

ascended master   Snow Queen

ascended master   Spirit of the Ascension Flame

ascended master   Sujata

ascended master   Surya

ascended master   Tabor

ascended master   Tara

ascended master   Theosophia

ascended master   Thor

ascended master   Uriel the Archangel

ascended master   Uzziel the Archangel

ascended master   Vairochana

ascended master   Vaivasvata Manu

ascended master   Vajrasattva

ascended master   Venus, the Goddess of Love

ascended master   Vesta

ascended master   Victoria

ascended master   Mighty Victory

ascended master   Virginia

ascended master   Virgo

ascended master   Warren Carter

ascended master   Zadkiel the Archangel

ascended master   Zarathustra

ascended master   Zeus

ascended master   Zora Fellows


Ascended Masters Ascended Masters

ascended masters   Great White Brotherhood / Brotherhood of Light

Divine Beings (Individualizations of God - THE ONE) have assisted the Earth since Archangel Michael led the coming of the First Root Race of the Sons and Daughters of God into Incarnation. This was a much more distant time before the "fall of man" and the later efforts by the Holy Kumaras to awaken the Divinity within every person through their efforts in the founding of the Great White Brotherhood. Sanat Kumara and the other 6 Kumaras established the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Light on the Earth 4 and 1/2 million years ago at Shamballa, an island in the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi Desert).

ascended masters   The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth

The latest and most complete reference on the Spiritual Hierarchy serving the Earth.

ascended masters   Archangels, Elohim & Chohans

A Chart listing the Archangels, Elohim & Chohans of the Seven Rays and Five Secret Rays.

ascended masters   Chohans Serving the Earth

A Chart listing the Chohans of the Seven Rays of Light and Five Secret Rays of Life.

ascended master   What is an Ascended Master?

Ascended Masters are enlightened Spiritual Beings who lived on Earth, faced the same challenges we face today, and have reunited with God. Today They serve as the Teachers of mankind from the Realms of Spirit.

ascended master   Angels

Angels are close to humanity, yet unseen by most. The word angel derives from the Greek angelos meaning "messenger".

ascended master   Elohim

Through ages of time, the Elohim have learned how to successfully use the creative powers of thought, feeling, spoken word and action as God intended them to be used from the beginning and, in cooperative endeavor, the Elohim drew forth our entire System in perfect manifestation, of which System the Earth is just one small planet.

ascended master   Invocation of the Names of God and the Ascended Hosts 

This invocation lists every Name of God's Cosmic Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, Angels, and Beings of the Elements that has ever been mentioned by the Messengers of the Great White Brotherhood, or mentioned in an Ascended Master Dictation. You may choose the Names of Those most meaningful in the Path to your Ascension, or use All for your personal application and Alchemy. Either way, you will be adding the Purifying Love of Their Heart Flames and Their Momentum of Light to your Calls and Decrees.

ascended masters   Lords of Karma

The Karmic Board dispenses Justice to this system of worlds, adjudicating Mercy and Opportunity on behalf of every lifestream.

ascended master   How Do You Become Part of God's Spiritual Hierarchy? by the Maha Chohan

All Offices now held either by Beings from Other Spheres or from the Evolved Mankind of Earth will be relinquished joyously to members of the human race as they rise above the vibratory action of the outer self and become part of God's Hierarchy.

ascended master   The Masters and the Path by Charles Leadbeater

The records of every great religion show the presence of such Supermen, so full of the Divine Life that again and again they have been taken as the very representatives of God Himself.



The Temple of The Presence
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