Candle Working.

" Witches. Candles.
Candles. Witches."

The two are synonymous to pretty much anyone these days. Not without reason, as candles are an easy tool for any witch to use.
Adaptable, simple to find, and of varying expense. Or you can make your own – melting down wax pellets, or use beeswax sheets, there are various methods all can be suited to your timetables and needs. From whites, pastels, or vibrant colors, shapes, scents and sizes. I love the beeswax sheets, with their gorgeous, honeycomb press.

I get my Beeswax sheets from the internet, but I have also seen them for sale in our local craft markets. Every so often a lady will turn up with local honey produce, and she has the Beeswax products too – candles, pellets and sheets. The candles are amazing, shaped into Bees, hives (lovely), pine-cones, honeycombs, along with the regular block and rolled candles. Smooth and honeycombed!

Colored Candles.

Colors have their own energy and magic.


A good one to use to repel negativity ~ to remove it from a place or situation. I usually light a black and white together, as the white will clear up with it and cleanse too. Gently. It leaves sense of peace.

White can be used for any purpose.

Throw a few roses, and rose essences around-about, and you’re on the right track. (Touches on the angelic realms theme).

Red attracts strong love, lust, power and courage.

Blue for harmony, spiritual protection, calmness, and reflection, in yourself or another. It can also link you to the water element. This is also another angelic color - Archangel Michael’s.

Pink draws a softer love. It is useful when doing spell work for children. To keep them in a safe and  loving place.

There are many colors to choose from and work with. This just touches on some of the spectrum.

*I have heard of wax crayons being melted, and made into candles, although I haven't done this myself yet, as I'd have to fight the grandkids off. I'd rather keep my fingers at this point.

* Birthday Cake candles are useful too.

Cleansing Your Candle for Dedication.

To begin with you do need to cleanse you candle from all the energy it has already been exposed to. To clear the decks so to speak so you can ‘programe’ it.
You can do this by holding it and focusing your intent into it to clear anything from its energy, by blowing onto it, by wafting it through sage, incense or anything else you consider cleansing. Wash it in running water, (but don’t wet the wick!)

Carnelian crystals are great for cleansing, so are Icelandic Spars. I imagine plenty of quartz stones will have the same effect too.

Sit them in flora, the earth, sunlight, or moonlight. You’ll find your favourite way. ( Be careful with salt).

Inscribing, oils, herbs, petals, crystals - Dressing.

You can carve requests, names and purpose into the candle. Whatever feels right. I don’t go crazy though. I usually add the focus, or purpose, i.e. ‘Frank. Peace. Healing.’
This is basically dedicating your candle.
I don’t carve anything into these honeycombed candles. It doesn’t feel needed. So, I don’t use these candles that way. When I make long tapered, dressed candles I imbue intent as I roll them.
I like them for myself, meditation or suitable rituals. Other than that, I tend to buy witches candles that I dress. The ones I do inscribe are plain, sometimes colored and generally from the same two suppliers. They melt down to almost nothing and carving them is easy. There’s a beautiful feel to the task. You do need a sharp implement for this purpose, as it can be quite tricky the first few times you carve a curving piece of wax.

Usually I can buy so many candles for a decent price, or just one or two at a time. The other supplier (internet) I get boxes and they are such a treat. My daughter found that stockist and each candle has a good feel to it.

You know what I mean.
Some metaphysical stores are in it for the money, and that energy feels flat and stale to me.
A good seller, you can sense the energy is right.

Dressing includes oils too, if you wish. Different oils have various properties, e.g. Lavender- for healing, just adjust the oil to the spell/ritual. Also, always use the oil safely, after all it is FLAMMABLE. I avoid the wick, as don’t want anything I can’t control to a point, and the candle needs to do its own thing without being hindered by a saturated wick. I don’t drench the candle, it’s dangerous, and you simple don’t need to.
Some rub the candle, (anoint) from one end to the center, then from the top to the center. Some witches simple rub oil onto the candle while focusing, others have a different way which is quite useful to be aware of.

For Attracting, to gain strength in GROWTH :-
Rub the oil from the top to the center, then from the bottom to the center.
For Banishing/ lessening/DECREASING :-
Rub the oil from the center to the top, then the center to the bottom.

Once you have oiled the candle, you can add herbs. Find a herb that benefits your purpose. For example Chamomile draws friendships. Or, you could use dried petals, I like Rose. (Plus I grow loads of them!) Those are good for love, and the colors will bring varying degrees of that. Of course many herbs and flowers are multi-purpose, so you do need to do some research.


Dressing candles includes using crystals for me. I will arrange them around the base, intuitively. I work out which ones call to be added to the dish I sit the candle in. Crystals have a way of letting us know the most suitable for the task at hand. Listen to that little tug, we don’t always know the root of a problem, they will connect and communicate with the person/situation and fit to it.

Chakra Color Connection.

Certain colors can be used to represent the bodies Chakras E.g.

Red - Root – Power.
Green/Pink – Heart – Love.

You’ll sometimes find crystals, or (candle) colors, can be used to represent someone’s energy. It can be used to work on their chakras and help balance problems if you research the effects of those main seven areas. There are other chakras but the popular ones are :-

Red – Root – Power/empowerment Earth
Orange – Sacral – sexual energies/creativity
Yellow - Solar- Coping/self-esteem/Ego
Green – Heart – loving energies (pink can be used here too ~ flicks through the green.)
Blue – Throat – communication
Indigo -Third Eye (Forehead) – inner knowledge/thought processing
Violet – Crown – Connection to Universal Life Force

Chakras. This is so basic its not even a breath. But, you can see the potential. I deliberately left off the full stops, because the Chakra elements are so deep, they can’t be embodied in a few words. Research on this topic really does open up another world.

Sometimes, a candle is needed on the spot. For me they have more energy at night, in the darker night hours, or on days where the weather is heavier, stormy and such. But that is because those times energize ME.
You can find your own times by instinct. Obviously, there are Moon phases for planned results. Rituals. Certain days of the week, month or Esbats, or Sabbats. Those times require a calendar so you can access them. Timing adds oomph!

Waning moon – reduces.

Waxing moon- growth.

Dark – personally this time suits me, as I said earlier. But many witches or practitioners rest in this period. Feel your own way.

Full – the culmination of spell-growth, or the start of a decrease. Depends on how you look at it. You CAN bend the phase to suit if you think about it.

New - powerful in its own right.  Beginning. Start. Increase.
– those all have different uses. Or for a one night ritual another plan altogether.

Read up. Or research for those times you have a specific intent, and time to plan.

Go With the (Moon) Flow.

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This is great information on candle working. Thanks for posting this Elspeth

Thanks Mystic. I got a bit carried away on this one.

I have always preferred candle magick.  It's easier to concentrate(for me)with a candle or two.  (or more)  I have all colors right now, but I tend to stick to white and black, red for power.  I've been using sigils in the candle lately, it seems to amp up the spell that way.  And yes I create my own sigils depending on what I need.

It is a natural learning :-)

Have you ever taken the really small candles and softened them a bit in a double boiler so you could add your own herbs and essential oils?  (tea lights)  I couldn't think of the name

Herbal Tealight Candles/Set of 9 Candle/ | Etsy | Herbal candles, Diy herb candles, Tea light candles


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