In order to understand the depth and significance of the traditional 10” Rune Stones” it is necessary to understand something about the ancient art of MARU Center Work.  In the ancient traditions there is a concept of nine Centers resembling Chakras in other Systems. The Centers are however much more Ancient and comprehensive than the Chakras. There are a whole set of spiritual exercises used to “build” and “tune” the Centers. When all nine centers are sufficiently built a tenth center may be built called the Spiritual Heart Center. It would take me to far from the subject to describe this spiritual technology in detail so I will confine myself to the aspects of MARU that are relevant to a deeper understanding of the Witches Rune Stones.

Firstly a brief History of these Symbols is in order. The word rune is here used not to refer to a system of writing but in its other ancient meaning “a mystery”. The ten symbols that I am dealing with here originated as a unified system within the Germanic “Wolven Witchcraft:” traditions. In those traditions the stones represent and tune not only to the Centers, but also to an ancient nine festival calendar and also to nine mysteries and nine associated deities. For those that understand them on this level the stones can be used to summon the Deities and to consecrate the working area. They are thus central to the tradition. The tradition to which I refer is not in the public domain as it is an ancient initiatory pathway as are all traditional Witchcraft groups. This does not mean that it is inaccessible merely that it has strict criteria of admission and that its mysteries are held under binding oaths of secrecy.

In the eighteenth century CE the tradition interacted with some groups of Roma (Gypsies) to the mutual enrichment of both groups. As a consequence of this interaction some of the Rune stones technology was released to the Roma. The Stones became very popular among the Roma and spread to many tribes. The Roma always used them as a magickal technology but disguised them as a divination system. The rune stones spread out to other Traditional Witchcraft groups through the interaction of Roma and Traditional Witchcraft groups in the nineteenth century CE. The stones were always regarded as a group of nine or ten stones and where used as a magickal technology as well as a divination system. In the course of time several versions of the symbols developed. These however were public material and were used only for divination but still used as a group of ten symbols!

In the twentieth century CE two versions of the Rune stones where released into the public Domain with permission of the holders of different versions. The most complete and closest to the original Wolven version were released to Dolores Ashcroft Novici of the Servants Of the Light tradition from a traditional Roma group but they withheld the traditional colors and the adjunct magickal technology! This version of the Rune stones is taught in the SOL teaching papers and has only once to my knowledge been published in the public domain in a short lived occult journal called the Magus which was published in Australia over 30 years ago.


A slightly different version was released from a traditional witchcraft group also with permission it was published by Doreen Valientie in her book Witchcraft For Tomorrow. Once again only the divinatory aspect was released but Doreen’s version was deliberately altered so as not to tune to the original source.

Recently a bowdlerized version has been released which plagiarized Dolores version without acknowledgement or permission and added three extra symbols! This version is dangerous for several reasons!


Firstly because it is essentially stolen the inner plains guardians of the traditions will not support it with genuine clairvoyant help but will either withdraw completely from people using this form of the system, or will actively seek to frustrate or confuse users!


Secondly and importantly the original system affects the glands and glandular secretions of the persons using the system in a beneficial way. However with the 13 system the glandular systems and other parts of the physiology will be impacted in a totally random way!


Finally the use of the original system steadily increases clairvoyant abilities whereas the use of the thirteen system randomizes such abilities!

As a counter to the damage done by the 13 fold system the Guardians of the system have recently authorized the original images and colors of the rune stones to be released without oaths of secrecy to groups publicly teaching MARU as part of that training. 


Those interested in such training should utilize this link.


This group does charge for workshops but they are the only group teaching MARU in the public forum who are teaching without oaths of secrecy who are teaching with permission and who are properly trained!

In the meantime for the information of my readers I give here for the first time the correspondences of the original rune stones to the Centers, even if you decide not to train in MARU at the moment these correspondences will help to deepen and enrich your divinatory understanding!



Rune Stone



Third Eye






Solar Plexus










Spiritual Heart



There are two other uses of the word Rune in traditional witchcraft. The first is the poem called the witches Rune by Doreen Valientie based on an ancient calendar sequence. This is the poem that begins “Darksome night---“.


The other important use is a reference to Witches Runes a form of Magical alphabet that varies from tradition to tradition. This alphabet has strict rules of construction and always has 25 letters, it has many different uses the most important of which is to summon and control the 25 witches familiars or servitor spirits. The use of this form of runes and its attendant techniques are known in many traditionalist groups.

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