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he cat candle---candles in the shape of animals relate to their totem energies. the cat candle is the most prevalent animal candle sold in occult shops. they com in a verity of colors and sizes. many people equate the cat candle  with the mystery traditions, female energy, pr the egyptian goddess bast.  cat candles fall bbasically into the prosperity catagory.  black candles to reverse bad luck, and minor hexes and to bring good luck.  the green cat candle,  relates to  money and gambling magick and healing of a sick pet or farm stock.  red cat candles functiond as love attraction or to highten the energy during a romantic evening.  cat candles work well for spells involving workings of more than one day.  numbers equal 3,7,9, and 11

the cross or calvery candles---
these are used primarially used by those who cractice cristianity and all its trappings...although the candle is useful to anyone.  many wiccans find the candle offenceive, even though the cross candle predaites cristianity, to them it stands for attack.  cross candles come in a varity of colors, each candle is sympathicly tuned to the meaning of each indivadual color.  also called a floral cross candle, the desighns of embossed keys, and the holy book equate to the act of unlocking wisdom and the overal protection.  cross candles make nice gifts to your cristian friends and will serve them well in angel magick.

the devil or satan candle---
the author of the book where i got this from dose not understand how to use this candle....i do, when useing this candle the candle litteraly becomes the evil incarnet, by burning/ destroying this candle you are destroying that evil influence.use this powerful candle to break hexes, preform excorsim rites, remove jinxes and destroy sinster forces.
aka use this candle only when more power is needed to get rid of baneful influences.

figure candles, ie man and woman ---
these have a varity of uses depending on the color chosen.  red--to bring love. black--to repel a negative indivadual, brown---to find lost objects and return them to their owner, or to help restor qualitys in a person that may have to promote frendship.  white---to bring spirituality.  you can alsoo use these candles as petition candles, meaning you can use them to represent yourself. or astral candles to facilitate astral trvel.

double action candles---
these contain two colors, black on the bottom and a varity of colors on the top. the upper may be red, green, or white, or any other color may be used.  the combanation of black and another color allows for the negitive forces to leave and mor positive forces to take over or come into play. black and white--- fall into the realms of spiritual pursutes, house banishings, or other types of cleaning.  black and green ---- work well for prosperity magicks, success spells  and overall abundance.  you can also use the black and green candles  to protect property and bring the approapte properity to you.  black and red---help to releve sexual dysfunctions, clear negitive energy  away from a marriage, to bring a renewed sence of joy, or correct energy problems within the home....

triple action candles---
these woek in the same mannor as the double action candles, with as extra color for an extra magickal activation.  color symbology follows the standard intreptation.

chakra candles---
these are usually enclosed in glass, contain the seven colors of the energy vortexes of the body; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and white.  some candle makers pour from red to white while others pour from white to red.  <i prefer the kind with white on top as if i am pulling the energy down from the heavens to strengthen my chakra centers.>

floating candles---
floating candles do exactally what the name implies,  they float in liquid.  these candles work well for adding a ballance of the elements of fire and water to your workings and they work well for scrying, fill a bowl with water light the candles set them afloat in the bowl turn out the lights relax let the candles settel and gaze into the bowl.

mummy candles---
mummy ccandles usually fall into power or success catagories. some people use this candle to ward off negitivity, catch stalkers, or keep mysterious and dark energies at bay, esp during times of sicknessk.  one may use the mummy candle in a cermoney to represent the cycle of death and rebirth.

reversable candles---reversable candles beguin with a red body and then are dipped in black wax.  the pourpose is to burn away negitive energys and energise the situation in a healthy way.  reversable candles can serve as daily partners in the practice of magick if you are going threw a rough spot or find your self in negitive circumstances...

seven knob or whishing candles---
these particular candles have a varity and are a favorite design amongmagickal practitionres due to theie ese in timeing.  the seven knobs work well for one wish or seven seperate wishes. write each wish into the knob with an awl or on paper and tack it to the knob.  as with other candles, energies assoiated with these candles corrosspond to their colors.  red for love,black for banishing, white for spirituality, green for prosperity.  if you cant find ine you can make one by cutting 6 notches into a piller candle one each side.  if you use one for a seven day spell do not miss any days as the foundation of your magick will fall apart.

skull candles---
the candles primary poruposefalls in the realm of banishment, destruction of disease or seperation.magickal applications with the white xkull candle revlove around healing, protection , peace.  if youwork ansestral magicks or have ancestralshrine place a picture of your loved one underneath a white skull candle and burn it while you pray for them.
the green candle has both positive and malefic uses.  if someone owes you money break out the             green candle to get your money back or to receve what is owed to you.  green skull candles work well in magickal applications that require healing of the mind after bodly sicknessor an emotional upset, memory retention for students, or endevers where focous entails good focous,  or for individuals who suffer from more difficult mental disturbances.  at its worst it can seperate someone from their fortune.
        the red skull candle finds its use in jettisoning a love that is not good for you or for urging unpleasent neighbors go away.  other uses of the red skull candleinvolve saveing a relationship or marriage crossed by kamic circumstances or where love isin trouble by miscomunication on behalf of one or both partners.  if you have a stray lover on your hands the red skull candle works well to bring him or her back, as with other relationships maybe bringing this person back may not be best for all.
        skull candles of the approate colors can be of great aid tp activists who must deal with buracies. the large entities can be equated to headless monstars who must feed off the life energies of the employees. by useing the skulls candle to represent the thoughtform of the bureaucy, you can tap into theis thoughtform's energy and controll much of what happens too it.

snake candles---
snake candles, some times called bust away candles, take the shape of round candles about two inches in diamiter and eight or nine inches tall, decorrated with an embossed snake.  magickal applictionsinvolving these candles lean twards destruction pf negitivity and protection, and can be burned apromoxmatily once every twenty-eight days.  use the candle to awaken kundalini energies or to pull the snake into y our ritual circle as totem energy.

witch candles---
witch candles, although not usually attractive, provide the magickal practionar with a multituds of uses, from practicing glamouries to representing the totality of our religion.  some practioners see this candle as an extremely potent love catalyist, where othersequate the energyies to the goddess or linage of those who have gone before us.

heart candles---
heart candles conjore strong symbolism to romance.  burn heart candles for luck in love, white for purity in love and pink for strengthing a friendship.

angle candles---
angel candles come in a varity of colors,  according to color use for healing, higher learning, spitituality, creativity, and workings with angle magick or angel ritual.


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