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Please feel free to leave us recipes for your best spells. Perhaps some that you have heard or tried that worked well for you. It can be of any type, it does not matter. Just a place where witches both well versed in the craft or so very new can come and find a spell that they may need.


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Comment by Linda M. on November 2, 2016 at 7:10pm

Liquid sage cleanser

(For when you can’t burn sage)

1 1/2 cup distilled water
15 drops sage essential oil
1 quartz crystal
1 spritzer bottle

Mix all ingredients together and add the crystal to the bottle to add power and as a shaker.

–The Darkest of Lights


Comment by Linda M. on November 2, 2016 at 6:04pm

"When you have need of anything,

gather then in secret, when the Moon is full ,

and worship the Spirit of the Queen of Witches.

Gather yourself within the circle of the Arts, 

and secrets that are as yet unknown shall be revealed.

And as a sign that you are truly free,

you shall be naked in your rites,

for such is the essence of spirit and joy upon the Earth.

And your Law shall be, "Love unto All"

Be true to your own beliefs. Keep to your ways beyond all obstacles.

For ours is the Key to the Mystery and the Cycle of Rebirth;

which opens the door to the womb of enlightenment.

I am the Spirit of all Witches, which is joy and peace and harmony.

In life does the Queen of all Witches reveal the knowledge of Spirit.

And from Death does the Queen deliver you unto peace

and renew your life again."

~ Goddess Aradia

 Zephonith Serpent Woman

Comment by Linda M. on November 2, 2016 at 5:53pm

Calming Chant - Calming Spell

Chant this simple rhyme whenever you feel worried or scared.

I am peaceful, I am strong
Though dark may seem so long.
For day must follow every night,
Everything is alright.
I am always safe from harm,
The Goddess holds me in her arms.

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:28pm


1-               Green Candle

1-               Red Candle


I anoint my candles each new ritual, with extra virgin olive oil starting at the top of the candle, pulling the strokes downward. Circle the bottom of the candle clockwise with oil also. You only need a few drops of oil for the anointing. If any oil is left on your fingers, you can make a pentagram on your forehead, and over your heart, thanking the Lord and Lady and asking them to grant your magical request.  All the while concentrating on your objective, namely getting money. You can carve money signs ($) You can carve other symbols as well, runes, astrological signs, whatever you believe will best bring you the luck you need that relates to money.

When done, take a drop of honey and put it on the bottom of the candle, as an offering to the, Gods and Goddess and lick the remainder off your finger. Light the candle, and leave it burn till it won't burn anymore. If you have to go out, put the candle in your kitchen sink, in a container with sand in it to absorb the heat, If you have to extinguish the candle, don't blow it out snuff it out. When you re-light it, concentrate again on your purpose.


*Spell by Spell Finder*

posted by ~crissy

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:28pm

Altar Candle #2 Altar Candle #1 
Gold Candle #4-Green #Red Candle 
Petit Astral Color #2-Green Candle 
#1-Green Candle Red Candle 
#3-Green Candle

Light Altar Candles
Light Incense (Censer)
Light Petitioner’s Candle, picturing petitioner himself saying:
“This candle represents (name) as it burns, so burns his spirit.” 
Light Gold candle, thinking “Attraction” thinking hard on attraction and say:
“This candle represents attraction. It works with and for (petitioner’s name) the name beside it.
Light Greens in order noted, thinking “money” As you light them say:
“These candles represent the money which (petitioners name) desires. It is as much as he needs* no more, no less”
Light Red candle, thinking of what is to be accomplished to complete with wish fulfilled and say:
“This candle represents the power and the command to drive the money to (Petitioners Name)
Meditate for a moment or two, then say:
“As money is necessary to the fulfillment of our needs, so must we ever strive to obtain it. All should be earned or not received at all.
The need of (Name) at present is intense. Draw, then, money to him. Let him find all that he shall need. Supply, now to meet his urgent want. 
For it is said the Gods will provide when surely is there a need. Now is that need. Let all work well for him. Let him have sufficient. Let him no longer have want.”

Thinking now of the wish fulfilled, and the petitioner now having the money. Think of it actually being in his possession. 
“This money now is his (Name) holds it and has it, and now it fills his need. He has received it safely and is glad. Praise be the Gods
For their goodness. Ever is it thus. Now all is well.”

Sit then quietly for five minutes and let the candles and incense burn. At the end of this period you may extinguish the flames. 
The ritual should be repeated the following day, but before starting move the five green candles and the red one two inches to the left of their previous potions. So move them reach day before the ritual until they finally meet the stationary Gold and Petitioner’s candles, #1 Green actually touching them.

posted by ~Crissy

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:27pm

Bay Leaf can be used to increase psychic awareness. Sleeping with Bay Leaves under your pillow can cause prophetic dreams. Burning it as an incense can promote visions. Write a wish or a question on a Bay Leaf, then burn it, conveying it to the spirit realm. If the leaf crackles & burns brightly then the outcome will be positive. If leaf refuses to burn or smokes, then the outcome is negative. Carry bay leaves to ward off evil.

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:27pm

1.) Throw salt on your doorsteps and round the porch, stating your intent that they stop hassling you and turn their attention elsewhere and go away.

2.) Get a dry, unbroken uncooked hens egg. Use something like a black marker, or pencil, to write their name (with surname) nine times, in different directions all over the egg.

(I've done this so much I have a method: 3 loose blocks of 3. with the middle name reversed in each block.)

Drop it gently down the toilet, say their name nine times while pointing at it. then say Spirits of the waters, I call on you to send away (name) from me. Just make her/him leave me in peace and take all her hassle away with her, let her turn to other things than me.) Then flush the toilet, and walk away without looking back. Leave the bathroom empty a few minutes. Repeat as often as necessary, it usually works sooner or later.

Note: This egg spell can also be used to help remove trouble and bad things from your own or a friends' life. Try to use no more than two words describing the problem, such as "Trouble and strife", or "trouble and addiction". Try to think of a couple of words to cover what you mean.

Repeat as necessary.

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:26pm


Take a piece of paper, A4 is ideal. At the top of the page, write this:

"In the name of the LORD of all the holy ones, may this "sword" be effectual to do my services, and may the LORD of it approach to serve me, and may all these powers be delivered over to me so that I may be able to use them, as they were delivered to Moses, son of Amram, perfect from his God and no harm befalling him!"

Below this, draw a figure of a person you want to use the healing on. Include identifying features if you wish. Draw with the arms outstretched. Write the person's full name, (First name and Surname) just over the head of the figure. Then below the right hand draw a smaller figure, and above its head write "ARIEL." Then, in RED ink, (this being for an angel of fire), draw another small figure underneath the feet of the person, and above its head write, "LAHABIEL."

Below all this, write this:

"I conjure thee, RAPHAEL, thou and thy servants who are called by thy name, and whose name is included in their names, viz: RAHABIEL, PHANIEL, ARIEL, LAHABIEL, in the name of AZBUGA, that thou healest (Name of person you want to help), son/daughter of (Name of one of their parents) from all hurt, from all illness and from all evil spirits. (Here add any particular ailments the person may be suffering from. Don't radically change the set wording, but you may add to it as you wish. Including emotional turmoil too, etc.) Amen, Amen, Amen, Selah, Selah, Selah."

As you conclude with those words, the energy should begin to go forth. I find it helpful to clasp the paper to me, to strenghthen the connection between me and the angels. Experiment with usage of it, use your creativity. I find it works a bit like Reiki but is somewhat stronger in some ways. That's the sort of effect you can expect.

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:26pm

Healing from heartbreak.

Take a cup of liquid. wine, water, whatever!

Say over it:

"Afriel, Badriel, Qadriel, Dukrabel, Dufiel, Hurel and Bulziel!

These seven angels, sever the heart and pondering and root from (Your full name)
from (Their full name.) Amen Amen, Selah, Selah!"

Then drink it .

Repeat as often as you like, it will cool off your affections for the person
gradually and restore the balance to your mind the attachment has upset.

Sometimes it takes a lot longer, if you're still seeing or talking to them it's much harder. Fresh heartbreak is explosive and traumatic, and you may need other healing too
if that's the case. For older attachments you're not still involved with socially etc,
it will work much quicker.

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:25pm

the freezer spell
you will need://
a freezer
a piece of paper or better yet a picture of the offending item or person etc
and a pen
and a spritzer bottle of water

1) write the name of the person/ place / thing on the paper or picture
2) lightly mist the name with water
"sit right there you little pill, the lords of karma will soon have you
but first you must chill"
4) clean up
5) inform everyone else in the house not to mess with the little pieces of paper in the bach of the freezer
6) when the ink has dissappeared the lords of karma have come and claimed them
7) basically this is where you let go and let the gods for you

Comment by Linda M. on October 30, 2016 at 8:22pm

Truth Spell

Knowing a good truth spell is helpful when you have to deal with dishonesty. Just remember that forcing people to tell you things that they would rather keep to themselves is not the right approach for this kind of magick. But getting to the bottom of an issue when someone is lying is a justifiable use for witchcraft. So think about the situation before you start setting up your altar for this truth spell.
truth spells
Loosen Lying Lips Spell

This is a spell to help cause someone to come clean about any lies they are telling. The poppet will take a little time to put together but you don't have to make a work of art. A rough representation will do. Besides that, these are the rest of your materials for this spell:
• A cloth doll or poppet
• Stuffing for the poppet
• Dried thyme
• Dried rose petals
• One white candle
When you are making the poppet, you need to use stitches to "draw" the face (or at least the mouth). You can't draw the features on with a pen or marker. A few scraps of fabric and thread will work to make a doll. The person's name has to be on it, but that can be written if you don't want any more stitching to do. You can make the poppet up before you sit down to do the spell. Just make it in a human shape, stuffed with any stuffing but also with the dried herbs.
To do the spell, light the candle and have the poppet ready with a little pair of tweezers or scissors. Think about the person involved and the lies they have been telling. Say the following:
Through the mist of lies, deceit
The force of truth, you have to meet
Open lips and speak it true
Say what's honest, you must do.
Repeat the words twice, then slowly pick out the stitches of the poppet's mouth. When done, repeat the words another two times. Use tweezers to burn the bits of picked-out threads in the candle flame. This should should loosen up lips to let out the truth. Leave the poppet on your altar until you've gotten the honest information you want.

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