This is a post by a Greek friend of mine, his name is Anastasios and we call each other "My Soul" because of the convergence of our ideas and the recognition of the Unity at deeper levels.  I found it very useful! It echoes something that I learned when I took the "Avatar" programn and then became an Avatar Master and a Wizard.

These ideas are neither mine, nor his, nor the creator's of the Avatar Materials. They are a truth greater than all of us.  Thus I am sharing it now we all of you!


In Anastasio's own words:

"Today I want to talk to all my friendsabout the force of attraction, which comes in conjunction with the method which the Hawaiian call "oponopono" , for which I have spoken in another article . In short I would say that emotions have a direct impact on our body . Whenever you feel an emotion, our endocrine system secretes specific hormones or peptides that circulate in our blood to all cells , filling them with the " hormones of this emotion ." The hormonal situation created by negative emotions brings imbalance in our various systems such as the nervous, endocrine and immune system , which then creates imbalance in all other systems . As a result we are much more susceptible to diseases and disorders.

Medical studies at the " Institute of Numerical Heart " in California have shown that five minutes of anger or frustration can weaken parts of the immune system or five hours and five minutes of love or gratitude can boost the immune system for five hours.

Other studies have shown that acquired chemical addiction to hormonal secretions of specific emotions and we tend to subconsciously look for ways to re-create those feelings and take the " hormonal doses", just as we do with any other addictive substance. In fact there are acquired chemical addictions to feelings of fear, anger, pain , bitterness , hatred or guilt and we attract and create situations where we can experience again those familiar feelings.

This then leads to a vicious cycle of regenerating negative emotional states that reinforce the false beliefs that we are in danger or victims or unworthy.

The health, relationships, work and happiness is thus impaired.

Our minds create our reality.

The worst result is that perhaps, because of the law of attraction, our negative emotions and negative thoughts attract to us more situations for which we feel negative. This can also be called law of reflection, law of sympathetic vibration or Law of the event.

The mind, thoughts, feelings, expectations and behaviors are the ones that create our reality . When we change our  beliefs, our reality is changed. 

Positive thoughts and positive emotions attract and create positive realities.

This is the test of our time: to feel confidence and positivity even when the external reality does not inspire positive thoughts. Here is what separates "those who are in their center " from the  " frightened ones". Here, you can continue to feel confident in their ability to face and overcome challenges, and create the reality that they prefer. Those who succumb to fear, anxiety, anger and hatred, as is very easy to do, they will suffer even more.

Other people  only reflect our feelings to us. Whatever we think others feel toward us, is only a reflection of what we are feeling towards them.

Emit emotions as actions, either expressed verbally or not . These actions make others react and behave in ways that reflect our feelings . When we have strongly negative feelings over time (not just momentary feelings that are normal and harmless ) actually increases the likelihood of others treating us in a negative way.

Yet, even when we are " innocent " and we have not hurt anyone, our fear for others will invite them subconsciously to encounter situations that reflect our own fears.

The same goes for feelings of anger, guilt, pain, betrayal, hatred, bitterness, rejection , criticism and everything else. Increase the likelihood of attracting that for which we feel negative.

This is an event that is extremely important to remember when we go  through those "testing times", through which everyone goes through.

Actually, we are tested in our ability to remain positive, feeling worthy, safe and strong within us, so that we can encourage ourselves in treating people and situations .

The Power of Gratitude

One way to create positive feelings is to focus on all that you have, for which you feel grateful.  Even when we do not have everything we want or think we need to have in order to be happy or feel secure, we should always focus on what we have, sort of count our blessings and be thankful . When we concentrate only on what we  do not have, we lose all that we actually have, because of lack of appreciation and  because we ignore and do not allow us to provide enjoyment, safety or happiness.

We may not have the money or the physical security that we would like to have, but we may have people we love and love us. We may have good or fairly good health to enjoy life. We may have shelter and food, electricity and running water. It may even be getting hot running water. If you have books and TV, then you are probably in the top 20 % of the planet. If you have even a little money in the bank, then you are in the top 8% of the planet.

We can be grateful for the air we breathe, the flowers, the trees and birds around us . And if you live near a park, forest, mountain, sea or near any kind of water, then we can find pleasure from their presence in our lives . Even in difficult times, we can enjoy the people, animals and nature around us.

If you know how to read and we get various forms of education, then we are very special and blessed . If you have Internet access, then we are within 6% of people in the world who have access to a computer. If we have a phone, we are much better than the 3 billion people ( 50 % of the planet ) that have not and may not even have ever seen a phone.

The feeling of gratitude for everything we have bring even more than what we need. When we feel gratitude, we emit positive energy, which is reflected back to us by the people and the universe in the form of all those who make us feel even more gratitude. When we feel lucky to have what we have, we attract more of what makes us feel lucky. When we feel unworthy of love , unlucky and disheartened, we attract more of what will create these feelings.

Life is a mirror that reflects back to us the overriding thoughts, feelings and behaviors from the past and present. The power to create a new and happier reality, even in these testing times, depends on our ability to have confidence that we always deserve more, we are safe and we have the strength and inner fortitude to deal with and benefit from each challenge which life brings us.

It is important to understand that life is friendly despite being also dangerous. We have learned and planned to deal with life difficulties and dangers, because for many thousands of years our society has identified with the body and mind, ignoring the spiritual self and the real reason that we, as spirits, are found ourselves swimming in these temporary Waters.

Nothing is random

A key change that we need to do in the way of thinking is to realize that anything that has happened, is happening and will happen in our life is no accident. Life and the universe loves us beyond measure . Whatever happens in our lives is an opportunity for growth and development. We create these events and situations or non-illuminated options, our thoughts and feelings as either "choices of the soul" before you we are born.

The reality is that we are essentially immortal formless consciousness that has occupied a temporary body to remember the true eternal nature within us while we are in the body and then to manifest in the material plane harmony, love, unity and beauty that already exist in the spiritual self .

With this in mind, there are only two reasons for something nasty to happen in our lives. One is that through ignorance and fear we attract negative realities . The other is that on a spiritual level we have chosen this experience as an opportunity to awaken.

We can conclude that this economic, social and moral crisis that the world is experiencing, is a product of these two reasons. At one level, this crisis is the result of identification with our ego, selfishness, greed and fear of not been recognized for the egotistical sense we have of who we really are ( lack of humility and understanding that we are all the same, and no one is superior to anyone else) . On another level, it is what we have now chosen as an opportunity to develop internal security and a greater sense of unity, love and cooperation...Blessings.

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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks, Janet!

Indeed, this is so much becoming common knowledge!

First step on a journey of a thousand miles, kind of!

How beautiful, Vlada, your narrative, I am glad to know Liam a bit better, every day!

Thanks for sharing his wisdom with us!

He was a giant, regardless of his physical size!

But I already knew this, about him, because for you to call him your adoptive father, he had to have been that wise and

that strong!

Blessings to him (which I am sure he had all the days of his life) and to you,(which I am also sure you do have all the days of yours!).

Thanks so much for the sharing!


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