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This group is about the ancient cultures and worlds-our past. As this new age transitions in; the more proof is coming to fruitfion and this is the place to share.

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Comment by Val on March 26, 2012 at 1:19pm

OK this may sound weird to some people and if it does I appologize but it is what happened. I was looking for my spirit animal since most everyone I know has one and knew what they were. I have never felt one with me all I have felt is what I call my Demons. Anyway the night I started thinking about finding out if I had a spirit animal (guide/power). I had a dream that I have often enough of people chasing me and hunting me. I was in a place that was ancient but highly advanced. In my mind I knew somehow I was this human/ big cat hybrid. As I was hiding from the people who were chasing me. I heard one tell the other "She" is going to find out who and what she is. Well at that point a lightening strike hit close and I came up out of my bed. What does this sound to anyone who wants to post. I welcome all opinions as long as they are respectful. TY

Comment by Cian Rhys on January 11, 2012 at 9:51am

Funny that... How so many sacred sites, highly energetically charged areas, and locations of Star-Gates, are situated in locations that are "militarily occupied".

An aside, from Eastern US seaboard, over to the Mississippi river, is still an active piece of the Atlantean power complex. 

Comment by Leila Raven on June 25, 2011 at 4:19pm
Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 25, 2011 at 7:34pm


It seems Atlantean blends over into Greek... as do may features of ancient Egypt that now survive in Greek veils...


Thank you brother Bearwalker...


Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 23, 2011 at 9:25pm

Dear Bearwalker,

We get cumbersomely 'paranoid' at times, our 'radar' looking for coersive, subversive, devisive, or deceitful information systems.

That part of ourselves is operated semi-autonomously, a set of meta-cognitive mediation routines usually prevents us from getting into too much trouble in that direction...

We design all our meta-cognitive routines based on love and gratitude.  This way we can be sure they do not introduce bias by developing too much reactive conditioning of their own.

Fear, anger, hatred, and abuse are much easier to manifest than love, nurture, compassion, or respect, these require more creativity and 'higher' congnitive functioning, functioning that fear, anger, hatred, and abuse too often disables.

We are, among many, many things, a cultural anthropologist highly skilled in social conditioning systems and their uses and abuses.

In one sense all social conditioning might be abused, but on another level it is impossible to avoid social conditioning, we must each learn to make the most of it for ourselves and for all others, equally, if we undersatand our own best self interests well enough to understand that we can never exist alone, that we all require otherness and community to survive and to thrive.

We monitor how different groups of people are socially conditioned by their belief systems and how these systems are being deliberately re-designed to make their believers increasingly vulnerable to social conditioning that may instruct them to put themselves in very serious, potentially lethal jeopardy.

Anyone reactively responding to some of our messages is at higher risk of allowing themselves to be manipulated.  Their reactivity arises from social conditioning to protect their belief systems.

These belief systems' auto-immune defense repsonses are often very dangerous affairs.  Witch hunts and other pogroms have often arisen as a result.

Social condemntation and ostricization is commonplace.

We discuss these matters in the first few parts of our Future History, we believe they are very pertinent to any member of any community that may be subject to having their belief systems manipualted to their disadvantages; right now, that is pretty much all major or dominant belief systems, including popular fringe areas and cults, as nearly as we can see it...

Our Future History – How the Earth Made Peace




Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 23, 2011 at 2:45pm

Brother Bearwalker,

We did not say this spot is where we believe Atlantis sank, but where it may re-emerge...

We are sorry if you thought we were refuting you, we are simply questioning the 'evidence'. 

The provenance of any evidence is a matter for scholars, and even then they may not always be trusted; aside from human error, there is always the possibility of deliberate deception to consider.

We are not calling you a deceiver or a deceived, we trust that if something resonates with you then it serves a useful purpose.

Much of what you and our other friends here present resonates deeply with us, but we must suspect the terms used to describe things, as well as the motives of the describers.

We suspect not out out of malice, not out of eagerness to refute anyone but to investigate and explore matters more deeply.

There is always the potential for profound personal experiences to arise in studying these matters, epiphanies that can sometimes lock us into our belief systems, instead of liberating us from them.

Belief systems must constantly evolve, they are always incomplete, they always encounter their own limits and must adapt in response to new perceptions, perceptions not previously encompassed by them.

So we try to understand our own beliefs as being very dynamic, rather than concrete.

Alas, most people appear to try to make their belief systems concrete, this makes them brittle, defensive, and reactive.

Many people are learning to adopt more flexible belief systems while many more are being trained by their belief systems, socially conditioned.

Aside from our deep love of this subject matter, we are also deeply disturbed by how beliefs about the ancients are being deliberately manipulated by massive social conditioning processes.

The entire community of fans of ancient Egypt and Atlantis may be being polarized for political purposes.

Many different communities are all being targeted for polarization, many communities are receiving similar information formatted to be specifically appealing to different communities, all of which may potentially lead to a much more dangerous social climate, globally.

Not only do we regard the study of ancient Egypt and Atlantis relevant, important to our times, but we regard the manipulation of this study as extremely important as well.

As we understand matters, there remains a threat that global upheavals may emerge, upheavals that will be made worse by fear.

There is clearly a message of fear in many of the mainstream television programs, a message supported by many, many viral videos.

Is this a coordinated message of fear?

We think so.

We see evidence of this.

We are secure in ourselves, we are immortal.

Our concern is for the suffering that many will experience because they allow their fear to rule and guide them.

So we hope to understand these issues clearly enough to debunk the messages of fear and instill greater wisdom, perspective, and responsibility instead.

We were pretty sure you were headed in a similar direction bother Bearwalker...


Blessed be...


Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 23, 2011 at 1:59pm

Thank you Enercia,

Your videos contain a lot of very stimulating information.

Time is an illusion, the past and future are always present now; we regard many of the 'modern' (circa 500BC and forward...) and more recent (19th-21st century) visions or memories of Atlantis as being a composite of many different pasts, presents, and futures...

We think the three circular canals described by Plato are an incomplete description that is completed by a central well, a well not into the bowels of the earth, although it appears to descend into the earth, but a well into all of space-time, a massive chaos well.

This chaos well acts like a drain. 

Waters do indeed flow in, waters that may have travelled thousands of miles underground before emerging from the earth in volcanic vents, or which may have travelled directly into other worlds...

This well powered their city and civilization, as well as connecting their city to the stars.


The Egyptians described a path to the stars, a path that begins close to the center of the Earth.  A path that begins in Hades or Bardos... the ancient underworld.

This underworld was more directly connected to the world of the ancients and has lead many people to conjecture about 'hollow-earth' theories.

Vibrationally, the Earth is composed of many levels, many different 'surfaces'.  These vibrational surfaces extend into the sky and into the depths of the earth.

Changing your physical vibrations attunes you to these alternate earth vibrational spheres, including those belonging to modern versions of ancient Egypt, and modern versions of Atlantis, versions of these civilizations that survive and thrive in parallel dimensions of Earth.


The ancient underworlds still exist and thrive as well.

When we descend through the Earth in our chaos wells we alter our vibrations to resonate with the spaces within the solid Earth.

All solids are mostly empty space, space inhabited by other worlds...

Our entire civilization appears to be embedded in solid stone from the point of view of an observer in a 'higher' dimension, just as those who still live under the sands of modern Egypt appear to live within the solid earth from our points of view in these local Earth dimensions. 

The subteranean Egyptian ruins recently described in one of the other posts here-abouts are gates to adjust energy and attune people to enter in adn out of an Egyptian realm beyond this realm, a realm typically invisible from here unless you remember the ancient sciences involved in activating such portals and attuning your senses to the invisible worlds all around us.

There are many 'ruins' like this, 'ruins' thriving with people.  Dead end passages continue when you shift energy, extending themselves as far as you need to go to find whatever civilizations you seek.

The 'sinking' of Atlantis is part metaphor.  Atlantis did not sink beneath water literally, it still exists above the water today, sidereally to us in vibration.

Atlantis 'disappeared' because our minds changed, we lost our attunements to the majority of worlds beyond our own immediate Earth realm.

There are two relevant histories for Atlantis, as we see this.  The past history, and the future history.

The past history has to do with defending Earth from invasion by creatures of other realms.  Creatures invited to Earth inentionally by sorcerers summoning them to join their armies.

The future history has to do with the migration of our human civilizations to the stars.

These histories are confused because the majority of people can only imagine other times as being in the past, so their memories of future times and sidereal times are projected into their memories of past times and these must somehow be reconciled, often leaving paradoxes where the past, present, and future seem to conflict.

It was necessary to close of the Earth from the invasions of creatures who once held all humans as their slaves, creatures who wanted to recapture their missing slaves.

Since the 'leaks' between this realm and the dominions of those who once held all humans in thrall were bridgeheads between these worlds created by magick, a magickal means of closing off those leaks was required.

The leaks were growing in number and size.

The spread of knowledge in the human domain was enhanced because people were still mostly entirely telepathic in those times, knowledge could not easily be contained.

And yet the knowledge to open such portals was a growing threat.

Only by disrupting a number of features of the human mind was it possible to seal off a pocket of universes in which the Earth dominions were safe from invasion.

Atlantis sank from our perceptions because our capacities to immediately perceive alternate realms and parallel dimensions were deliberately throttled down.

The throttle is opening up again...


Blessed be...



Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 22, 2011 at 10:53pm

The entire light trapzoid is what you refer to as the Plateau of Mt Olypus?  We regard it as curiously smooth, not level, but very flat.  As if the entire plateau might be a single foundation for a structure or set of structures that have departed, leaving no rubble, no trace of any individual foundations.

Both of these images are appealing, clearly something appears to be designed in the 'postage stamp' but what sort of design might it be?

An appeance of canals resonates with memories in which canals are a prominent feature.  But how do we trust the provenance of either these images or our memories?

Can you give us a surface shot with enough familiar landmarks, like a contental coastline for easy site reference?

What we expect to see regarding Atlantis is more like an interphasing of geophysical spaces, a 'brdige' between worlds where Atalantis, a city emerges in ur world at the apex of small continent that is mostly submerged when it phases into our world in the mid atlantic, we can get a map and show where we expect this...

hold on...



Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 22, 2011 at 4:02pm

Hi Bearwalker,

Could you please provide images instead of complicated instructions requiring installing a google application?




Comment by Cian Rhys on April 20, 2011 at 1:30am

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