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Write an Inspirational Charm

Elemental fire is associated with inspiration. We "light up" with an idea or "get fired up" to do some task. While inspiration brings rewards in every part of our lives, sometimes we find ourselves running low. Is it time to relight your creative fires? | Appeal to Brigid for inspiration and set yellow, indigo, and violet candles (the colors of the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras) on your altar. (If you don't know much about the chakras, go online and learn more.) Leave room on the altar for a clean sheet of paper. Using your favorite pen, write this charm: | "Hey diddle dandles, | By the light of these candles- | I'm inspired to write what I know: | _____________________." | Fill in the last line of the charm. If you can make it rhyme, it will be easier to remember, but rhyme and meter are less important than writing what you truly know.

Sweetgrass Braid and Blessing

As weetgrass rite is an evocative way to welcome the spirits of summer. Cultures across North America burn braided aromatic grasses and rushes, not only sweetgrass but also whatever is available locally. Create a sweetgrass braid and then perform this cleansing and blessing. | Cut wild aromatic grasses or sweetgrass (if available in your area) to about forty inches in length. Braid loosely in three strands, like a hair braid. | Stroke the grass braid gently, and whisper your wishes. | Light the braid at dusk. Implore the earth to open the way for you and your family to have an enlightened and abundant summer. | Tamp the flame and travel through your home, clockwise, in the four cardinal directions (east, south, west, and finally north). Spread the delightful vanilla scent and inherent wisdom of the sweetgrass braid along the way. | Focus on encouraging the positive vibrations from the smoke to bless your home. Wet the braid with spring water to put it out. Hang it up to let it dry naturally, until the next usage.

Lavender Dream Spell

This is a time of great abundance, and the herb lavender is in bloom now. Harvest some to make tea to promote sweet dreams, and save some for magical use later on. | Lavender can be used fresh or dried. Known for protection and cleansing, lavender promotes love and has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Taken before bed, lavender tea calms the mind and promotes peaceful dreams. | Place two stems of lavender flowers in a cup, and pour boiling water over them. Steep and serve with honey as desired. Mindfully sip your lavender tea, allowing the sweet aroma and taste to infuse you with a positive, loving energy. Feel your heart chakra opening. As your heart rate and breathing slow, feel yourself relaxing. Feel peaceful and know that sweet dreams await you. Place a sprig of fresh lavender or a drop of lavender oil on your pillow to promote lucid dreaming.

Jara Charm Summer Harvest

Celebrate the day by carving your own runic charm to draw the harvest to you. While walking in a park or wildwood today, take a look around for any fallen piece of branch or bark. When you find a tree that calls to you, give it a blessing of milk and/or honey. Say your thanks as you rub a bit of soil from the base of the tree into the woody bark and onto your head as a show of respect. Do your best to identify the type of tree gifting you its earthen wisdom. Eavesdrop... | Using a black-handled crafting knife, carve two right angles, open toward each other, forming the Jara rune (8). As you work, think about the cycle of the seed and the labor of the harvest. Imagine baskets full of grain and fresh fruits. Envision a pantry and fridge full of produce. When you are done, thank the tree again and bless your charm by rubbing soil into the grooves of your symbol.

Midsummer's Eve

Most witches and Pagans celebrate the summer solstice, but for some, the night before, known as Midsummer's Eve, is just as important. In certain European countries, like Sweden and Finland, it is actually a national holiday. It is said to be a time of magic, mischief, and mystery. | Tonight, as the sun goes down, light a bonfire or sit with a candle in the growing darkness, and embrace the magic of the night. Open yourself up to the elemental powers of nature and, if you like, dance with the fairies under the moonlight. Drink a cup of mead or sparkling water and lift it to the sky, saying: | "I am the cusp of the solstice. | I am the mystery on the wind. | I am the magic in the night. | I am power made manifest | On this Midsummer's Eve."

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