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To Banish What Is No Longer Useful

It doesnandrsquo;t matter whether this is clutter thatandrsquo;s messing up your home, emotional baggage thatandrsquo;s messing up your life, or a belief system youandrsquo;ve outgrown: if it has outlived its purpose, it has to go. You canandrsquo;t open the doors to abundance if theyandrsquo;re cluttered with things that are in the way! Youandrsquo;ll need a pen and paper, a black candle on a heatproof surface, something to light the candle with, and tweezers.Write down what you want to be rid of on the paper. Light the candle, and carefully set fire to the paper in the flame. When it has burned down so that itandrsquo;s hard to hold, grab the end of the paper with the tweezers. You have to burn every last scrap of the paper. Pinch out the candle. Sweep up the remains of the paper, and dispose of them off your property.

Magnetic Travel Spell

Take two magnets and bless them, saying:These two magnets together are bound,May all return to me safe and sound.Keep one magnet in your pocket and place the other one in your travel bag. They will continually attract each other and ensure that your luggage wonandrsquo;t be lost or stolen and will return safely to you while traveling. Alternatively, you can travel with one magnet and leave the other at home, ensuring a safe return.

Salt of the Earth

For this spell, youandrsquo;ll need two tablespoons of Epsom salt and a gallon of water. Place your hands over the salt and say:I call on the spirit of salt to bringnourishment and balance to mygarden. Thank you, salt!Keep your hands over the salt, allowing energy to flow for a few moments. Then place your hands over the water and say:I call on the element of water tobring health and blessings to mygarden. Thank you, water!Allow energy to flow from your hands for a few moments, then add the salt to the water and shake or stir to dissolve.Use the mixture to water your plants. Itandrsquo;s especially good for flowering plants, such as roses and rhododendrons, and fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, and citrus trees, boosting flavor, output, and overall plant health.

Seashell Secrets

Thereandrsquo;s a superstition that if you hold a conch shell to your ear, you will hear the ocean. Some even say it can help you hear the voice of divinity or receive guidance from water spirits.Make this charm if you feel lost and in need of direction. This spell can be done with any fresh or saltwater shell that appeals to you. It doesnandrsquo;t have to be an actual conch shell. It just needs to be small enough to carry with you.After dark, place your shell in a jar of water. Water represents intuition and psychic awareness. Let the shell absorb the intuitive energy of the water overnight. In the morning, gaze at the shell in the water and say:Intuition in my ear,Tell me what I need to hear.Carry the shell with you until you receive the guidance or omen you desire. Keep your ears, eyes, and other senses open!

Balancing Act

The energies of the full moon are at the forefront today. It is also a Sunday, which means that you can tap into the energies of the sun. Today you can work to bring balance into any aspect of your life.You will want to call on the moon and sun to help you in this endeavor while working to literally balance some object. It could be stacking stones or balancing a pen on your forefinger. While you are working to bring about a physical manifestation of your desire, say:Help me find my balance today, asthe moon and sun both hold sway.Repeat this verse until you are able to balance the object you are working with.

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Comment by SunKat on April 15, 2016 at 11:45am

Hello and welcome to the group Shaylea!  

If you have any spells in particular yes please do share!  You may like another group here and I know a lot of that information will fit in nicely there:


Comment by Trolldear on April 15, 2016 at 11:20am

I am not sure how much of my knowledge with faerie magic based upon English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh faerie lore. Nor how much use it would be to share some Norwegian Trolldom with the rest of you but if there is an interest. Ill gladly share

Comment by Minque Paw on April 13, 2016 at 10:26pm

Comment by SunKat on April 13, 2016 at 5:17pm

@Beverly -

You would want to 'Add a Discussion' above and put the spells you want to share in there.  Are you familiar with this kind of editor box?  You can upload from a site or from your computer.  A lot of people copy/paste information they come across.  Please list your source if borrowing from another website.


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