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Honoring the Divine Masculine

This is Father's Day, a time to celebrate male parents. It's also a great opportunity for honoring the divine masculine. Pagan faiths have many different gods that you can explore. | For this spell you will need a brown candle in a candleholder that you can carry safely. Light it and invoke your favorite divine father figure. Meditate on all that a father brings to a home, and what a father god brings to his pantheon. Then walk through all the rooms of your house. Light them up with the glow of his regard. As you go, say: | "Father God, guard my home, | And keep us safe and well. | Make this place full of love | And good stories to tell." | Return the candle to the altar. Finish with favorite remembrances of your father or another male role model. Then give your thanks and let the candle burn out safely.

Darling Dandelion

A dandelion is an original potherb, which is an old name for "vegetable." European immigrants who weren't sure of what type of food might be here when they arrived brought dandelions to the United States. A dandelion is a complete source of nutrition. Dandelion leaves are high in minerals and vitamins and can be used in salads or eaten raw. A dandelion root cleaned, roasted, and ground is a good coffee substitute. There is also the famous dandelion wine, for which recipes can be found with a simple online search. | So the next time you see a dandelion "weed" sprouting in your yard, take a moment before you pull it and realize how valuable this yellow flower was to immigrants. If you're lucky enough to see a dandelion puffball intact, bend down, make a wish, and blow your wishes to the sky!

Fire Magick

The following rite utilizes the symbolic nature of the colors of our flag. It incorporates Hoodoo as well, with its use of High John the Conqueror root. High John is thought to be named after an African prince brought to the US and enslaved. Quickly he regained his freedom. This root is beloved because of its connection to freedom and strength. It also serves as a protective shield. | For this rite, soak a High John the Conqueror root in holy oil (olive oil) for one cycle of the moon, or purchase a ready-made version of the oil. | Dress a red, a white, and a blue column candle with your High John the Conqueror oil. Start at the center of each candle and stroke upward. Then go back to the middle and stroke the oil downward. | * Red symbolizes courage, blood, and valor. | * White is for peace and purity. | * Blue represents freedom, peace, and perseverance. | Set the three candles on a fireproof plate. Light them, and as they burn, focus on the qualities of each color. Extinguish the candles when done.

Safe Travels Spell

Malachite is a lucky and protective stone for travelers. If you're going on a journey, prepare a piece of malachite beforehand by putting it in the most comfortable or favored place in your home. Let it stay there for a day or two so that it will pick up these energies of home. As you pack for your adventure, place the malachite in your suitcase or backpack and think about the stone returning home safely at the end of your travels. If you're traveling by car, you can place the malachite in the glove compartment or in the trunk of your vehicle.

Dandelion Happiness Spell

Bright yellow dandelions grow in abundance in early summer, and although many people consider them weeds, there's no denying the cheerful, sunny flower's association with spring, hope, and fresh starts. When dandelions start to bloom merrily all around us, it's a signal that warmth, growth, and months of sunshine are soon to come. | On a sunny day, pluck a dandelion from somewhere in your neighborhood, hold it over your heart, and say: | "Dandelion, dandelion, | Sunshine flower, | Bring me happiness, | Joy, and power. | Warm my soul | And brighten my heart. | Lift my spirits, | Let good times start!" | Press the flower against the sidewalk and draw a happy face with it. If you press hard enough it will make a visible yellow mark, but just drawing in the air is fine too. Everyone who walks over the happy face should feel a cheerful vibe in their step.

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