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To Incubate a Dream

This is a simple spell, but one that is very profound. If you want to connect with someone whoandrsquo;s no longer in your life, if you need to manifest something, if you hunger to see a plan come to life, hereandrsquo;s what to do. Youandrsquo;ll need a photo or picture that represents what you want to achieve, a pen, a piece of paper, and an envelope.Gaze at the image that represents what you hope will happen. Write down your thoughts about this. Keep it simple; just brainstorm your ideas in a few words. Put the image and your writing in the envelope and seal it shut. Place this under your pillow for at least a month, and know that as you sleep, your desire is going out into the cosmos to give you the ideas to make your request come to pass and the energy to breathe life into it.

A Safe Travels Charm

In late May, the travel and vacation season begins. This little charm will protect you, your family, and your car this summer. Youandrsquo;ll need a square piece of white cloth, garden twine, some crumbled dried mugwort, and salt.Sprinkle the mugwort and salt in the center of the cloth and tie up the corners with the twine. Sit in your car before traveling while holding the charm and say:Protect me as I travel near or travel far,Protect all who travel in this car.Place the magical bundle in your glove compartment or under a floor mat. If you use it during a long trip, throw it away when you return, as it may have absorbed negative energy. Then make a new one using the same steps.

To Your Health!

Are you a little under the weather? Not feeling like your usual vigorous self ? Experiencing some sort of malady? A healing spell will be just the thing.Youandrsquo;ll need a small blue candle in a protective/safe holder (a small Mason jar is ideal) and a small piece of clear quartz crystal.Light the candle and meditate for a moment on how you currently feel and the changes you are looking for. Take the crystal in your dominant hand and hold it over your heart. Repeat:Powers of the universe,* I beseech,Your healing aid I earnestly seek.May your energies be with me today,Healing and guiding me on my way.As this warming candle burns,May my well-being soon return.Place the quartz in the candleandrsquo;s wax pool. Allow the candle to burn down safely, extinguishing itself.* If desired, substitute the name of a favorite deity or guardian for andldquo;the universe.andrdquo;

Spell for Justice

On this day in 1679, the Parliament of England passed the Habeas Corpus Act, which strengthened a personandrsquo;s right to challenge unlawful arrest and imprisonment.There is always an injustice going on in the world, locally and globally. Research a justice issue that matters to you, and figure out how you can make a difference, whether by doing volunteer work, writing a letter, attending a protest, or changing the way you shop.Take a black stone and dedicate it to Themis, one of the justice goddesses. Pledge to work for justice on this particular issue until it is resolved, and ask for Themisandrsquo;s blessing and guidance.Leave the stone on your altar as a reminder, and get to work! Once the issue is resolved, give thanks to Themis and bury the stone in the earth.

Flower Petal Altar Renewal Spell

Spring is a great time to clean up our magickal spaces, and few magickal spaces are more important than our altars. For this spell, youandrsquo;ll need either a bouquet of spring flowers or some flowers picked from your yard or a local park.Pluck off the petals and let them fall from your hands. Imagine their various energies renewing your altar and your practice. Visualize each color of flower petal with a different property (for example, yellow for creativity, red for passion, blue for emotion, green for stability, orange for health, white for cleanliness, etc.), and let those energies wash over your altar and tools. I also visualize the dropping petals as being symbolic of spring rain and imagine them washing away any negativity or neglect from my altar.After sprinkling your petals on the altar, leave them there until they have dried out and store for future magickal operations.

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