Group Index

1. Animals & Mother Nature


For The Love Of The Wolf

You're Freaking Meowt

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Dog Lovers

Natures Touch

Crows and Ravens

The Shroom Room

Petal and Branch

The Weather


2. Magic & Witchcraft

The Hedge-Witch's Hat!

☽ Witchcraft ☾

Spells and Shadows

cOnJuRe & Hoodoo



The Burning Times

The Institute for Enochian Magick


The Untrodden Path: The many ways of Chaos Magick

Wicca For Beginners

The Broom Closet And Other Places

Whispers In The Evergreen Forest

The Heart of an English Witch

Day of The Dead y La Bruja

Celtic Magic



3. Ghosts, Spirits & The Paranormal,death

Muse of Nocturnal

Spirit Realm

O u i j a + S é a n c e

Cemeteries,Graveyards,Ossuaries,Oh My..

 Death, Dying and Reincarnation





4. Starseeds, UFO & Otherworldy

✺Sirius Star Temple✵

5. Psychic Phenomena

Developing your Psychic Abilities

Empath Support Group


6. Sexuality

The LGBT Community

Sexual Expressions



7. Writing & Literature


✿´¯`*•.Art of Poetry.•*´¯`✿-

The Writer's Realm


8. Alternative Spirituality, Divination

The Qabala or Tree of Life

Whispers In The Evergreen Forest

Meditation - The Zen Room


The Gnostic Society

The Society of Druidry 

The Society of Buddhism

The Society of the Tarot 

The Prophecies Group

Totem and Animal Spirits

Image result for images of fairies

 9. Mystical, Enchantment


10. Fun & Entertainment

Themes for Temple Illuminatus

A Spot Of Tea

 Cuppa Caffeine

~Themes 4 U~ 

The Laughing Zebra


Chat Group

Creative Beings

Gothic Havenღ


11. Site Help & Support Teams

Temple Support

Chat Moderation Team

Group Building

The Marketplace

T. I. Welcome Wagon

Temple Co-Creation Crew


12. Higher Consciousness

Reiki & Other Healing/Cleansing Techniques.


Meditation - The Zen Room


Your Awakening


Temple of Ascension

Twin Flame Understanding and Ascension

13. Deities,Gods,Goddesses,Angels

The Triple Goddess

Hecate's Sanctum

The Nordic Asatru

The Order Of Lilith

The Temple of Kali-Ma

The Horned God

The Dragon Shrine

Biographies of the Deities

❧ The DiVine FeMiniNe ❧

Ancient Gods and Goddess…


14. Healthy Food, natural healing & Development

Natural Beauty

The Witch's Kitchen

Be the Change



Tai Chi and Qigong

Ye Olde World Apothecary

TCM & Ayurveda: The Barefoot Doctor

15, Home & garden,diy & everyday living


A Spot Of Tea

ೋ Du coeur et de l'âme ೋ

Gardens & Herbs

ღᎶƴ℘ʂƴ ßoɧoღ

Think Summer!

Whispers In The Evergreen Forest

Ode To The Crones

Absolutely! I've been pretty happy lately but I won't pretend that I don't have my bad days like everyone else. Its ok to have a bad day. Just don't setup camp and live there! Life gets stressful. Learn your lessons and move on to better days!:

 16).Self healing -emotional & physical

and support groups

Supporters and Individuals of Special Needs 

The Pain Within

Girl Therapy♔


Self Empowerment ♕

Mental Health Support group

17. Political & Activist- environmental issues


World Peace Ring


Cannabis Unveiled

Current Events

18. Dance, Music, Arts

Sacred Adornment


Tuneful Musings

Art in Black and White

Art ♥ Lovers

Photo, Art, and Image Sharing Group

The Performing Arts Group

Necronomicon Artwork


19. Sciences, Astrology,Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry

New Sciences and Free Energy

Sky Watch

 Vision of Eternity

Numerical Nuances

Sacred Geometry


Artificial Intelligence in the New Age


20. Cultures,History,Geography & Civilizations

The Native American Society

Egyptian Lore

British Isles

Exploring Maya

The Society of Archaeology

Ancient Worlds Come To Life

This World of ours, nature and humanity join hands


21. Philosophies,Written texts etc

The Temple Library

The Carl Jung Society

The Wondrous Mind of Edgar Cayce 

The Society of Manly P Hall

The Lodge of Freemasonry


22: Dark Arts & Left-hand Paths - Satanism, Non Religion - Critical Thought/ Philosophy


The Left Hand Path ⛧

23).Darker  side of humanity~

Human Monsters

☥My Dark Heart ☥


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