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Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Why I wish to join The Temple & how I found out about it...
I'd like to connect with like minded members who have an understanding of the occult. I found out from a friend.
About Myself & My Interests..
Swastika (Draco Empire, Thuban)

According to the scholar Reza Assasi, the swastika represents the north ecliptic north pole centred in ζ Draconis, with the constellation Draco as one of its beams. He argues that this symbol was later attested as the four-horse chariot of Mithra in ancient Iranianculture. They believed the cosmos was pulled by four heavenly horses who revolved around a fixed centre in a clockwise direction. He suggests that this notion later flourished in Roman Mithraism, as the symbol appears in Mithraic iconography and astronomical representations.

The Dracontia, the original masons, built temples that were sacred to the Dragon because it was the symbol of the sun, which, in its turn was the symbol of the highest god, El. Besides the surname of serpents they were called the builders, the architects; for the immense grandeur of their temples and monuments were such, that even the pulverized remains of them stagger the mathematical calculations of our modern engineers.

The Red Kingú (Seraphim):

Just beneath the Kingú-Babbar in the social order. Specialists in war; soldiers. Reddish skin. Have tail, horn, and wings. When the Kingú-Babbar left Ušu, the Red Kingú remained to govern in their place.

The Ušumgal:

Grand Dragons," later Sumerian term for their gods and sovereigns; descended from Kingú-Babbar; creators of the Annuna and other races. The Ušumgal Council of Nalulkára were survivors of the Great War.

(Compared to other Dragon Types, the attribution of supernatural powers afford to Wurms is limited, but it is common for wurms to have the ability to exhale noxious fumes or fire and to move with incredible speed.)

Urmah (Army of the Elohim):

Warriors / Life Designers. (UR-MAH, "great warrior", also "lion" in Gina'abul-Sumerian). Logo: the lion. Felidae or feline. Feline-humanoid appearance; actually resembles a lion. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. They are from the Orion constellation. The official army or celestial militia of the Kadištu, who often referred to them concerning problems of rule. For that reason, the Urmah were found at several times in our solar system.

The Imdugud (Cherubim):

The Sumerian designation Imdugud means "high storm", or "noble blood". The particle IM is often associated with "clay", but in the context of filiation, "blood" -- or even "humanity". (IM-DUGUD is not the only term that associates royalty with blood; the Sumerian word URIN -- eagle, blood, emblem -- is itself very explicit.)

The Imdugud correspond to the Anzu or Zu of the Akkadian tablets. Totally a part of the Gina'abul family, they are issues of two warrior peoples -- Kingú-Babbar and Urmah (see Genealogy). But they possess a certain form of wisdom via the Urmah, who are "Life Designers".

The Abgal (The Nommo):

Kadištu subgroup. Genetically affiliated with Gina'abul, but considered amphibians, with genes of a far-off amphibian race. Sages of the Gagsisá (Sirius) system. Like the Urmah, this is a rare Kadištu race that can evolve in KI (the 3rd dimension). They possess a delicious regard charged with compassion. A light energetic halo emerges from their body. A Gina'abul rebel race*

The Nungal (Fallen Angels):

Great Lords. "Fallen Angels". Book of Enoch: watchers. Bené Elohim (Sons of the Elohim). Those who coupled with human females without authorization of Yahvé (An-Enlil). Akkadian: Igigi. Male. Created (in great haste) by Sa'am and Mamitu-Nammu (see Personages) from Imdugud genes on which Abzu-Abba had been experimenting. Considered as Life Designers although no knowledge of cloning. Followers of Osiris and Horus. A Gina'abul rebel race**.
My Teachers & Influences, What was it about them that influenced me?
The Bible and the Koran have influenced me on how to conduct my life. I've also read the Secret Doctrine to have a better understanding of how interdimensional beings had a hand in our creation.
Authors and/or Books I appreciate
The Bible, The Koran, Thr Secret Doctrine, The Draconian Rituak Book.
Musicians and/or Music I appreciate
I like all types of music but particularly hip hop.
Films and/or Film-Makers & Actors I appreciate
Prometheus, Sphere, and most Marvel movies.
Artists and/or Art I appreciate
Nothing comes to mind.

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Quingu commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"Funny that you say that. As I believe there is no coincidences, just like you saying that to me. Small world, eh?? ;)"
Lorelie commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"Oh I wanted to also mention I have a friend who is really into Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent deity like the Watchers you quoted in the article you linked.  He also has a great affinity for Poimandres, the great dragon.  This all…"
Quingu commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"You're welcome! :)"
Lorelie commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"Intriguing information.  Thanks for sharing and for the link.  :)"
Quingu commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
Quingu commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"The dragon/serpent/crocodile was the most appropriate beast pantheists could have devised for their messianic kingship, reflecting allegiance to Satan and seraphim angels. The New Testament In Today’s English notes the dragon is thought by…"
Quingu commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"Yeah the original Watchers are really from Draco. Draco means, "too watch." They are half eagle, half lion Angels. These are the Imdugud. They were created on Mars, then sent to Earth before the flood. Being a watcher is more about…"
Lorelie commented on Quingu's blog post The Watchers
"The watchers kind of creep me out.  Not so much the ones from the Book of Enoch or movies but the weird feeling of being watched when no one is around, or the criminal peeping in windows or hiding cameras in bathrooms or dressing rooms, or the…"
Quingu posted a blog post

The Watchers

With rights, with lights, we fight the good fight.The vampiric bite, a mirror effect, with the bright like lights.At night, we bite, we seek the immortal life.All in, on a blood oath, we prick with a knife.Lighting that struck, like Benjamin with…See More
May 22
Quingu replied to Mystic Wolf's discussion Taoist Meditation in the group Taoism & Daoism
"Action through non-action. I've come to the conclusion with being a psychic/medium, my thoughts are actually being represented with it being true. I let all in, and differentiate the thoughts with understanding different spirits. It helps with…"
May 21
Quingu commented on Quingu's blog post The End (Blood Ritual)
"Ty for reading!"
May 21
Mystic Wolf commented on Quingu's blog post The End (Blood Ritual)
"love this!!!"
May 20
Quingu posted a blog post

The End (Blood Ritual)

Cutting all chords, I'm all for the hunt.While stealing home, he then goes for the bunt.Smoking ashes to ashes and dust to dust.Kicking out all narcs, the police raid and bust.No more fuss, I will not allow.Banning em from the apartment, the djinns then can be proud.Aloud, so sound, the wish is a must.Can't allow Angelics, because I dont trust.Having to sign, my team is…See More
May 19
Mimi Meems left a comment for Quingu
"Thank you :)"
May 19
Quingu replied to Linda M.'s discussion HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELSPETH
"Happy Birthday!"
May 18
Quingu joined kyst's group

☥My Dark Heart ☥

A group for those interested in the obscure, macabre, strange and unusual, dark art and poetry music...death and cemeteries...unsolved mysteries....all things  dark and scary..... See More
May 15

Quingu's Blog

The Watchers

Posted on May 22, 2020 at 5:30pm 8 Comments

The End (Blood Ritual)

Posted on May 19, 2020 at 4:00pm 2 Comments

Cutting all chords, I'm all for the hunt.

While stealing home, he then goes for the…


The Burning Serpent

Posted on May 7, 2020 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

Magick at its' finest, at the top of the peak.

God is everything, after we seek.…


The Naga

Posted on May 5, 2020 at 6:00pm 0 Comments

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At 7:27am on May 19, 2020, Mimi Meems said…

Thank you :)

At 12:38am on May 5, 2020, Helel said…

Thank you, Quingu!

At 12:55am on May 4, 2020, Isabel Almeida said…

Hi, life goes on.... Be happy!

Good morning..have a great week ahead! | Nieuwe week citaten ...

At 2:58pm on May 2, 2020, Isabel Almeida said…

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At 4:26pm on April 28, 2020, Marie-Claude Lalonde said…
Thanks for the add !
At 5:27pm on April 17, 2020, Lorelie said…

Nice to meet you Quingu.  :)  Thank you for the compliment and friendship.

At 1:29am on April 11, 2020, OM PRAKASH VERMA said…

I am glad to be your friend though I am not so expert on computer to reply. Thanks

At 3:56am on April 10, 2020, OM PRAKASH VERMA said…

Thanks Quingu !

At 1:55pm on April 8, 2020, Isabel Almeida said…

At 3:00pm on April 3, 2020, Elspeth said…

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