The Tower of Babel

        Now, as to what started all of this mass confusion, I am certain that it’s roots begin in the event depicted in the Bible known as The Tower of Babel. Prior to that event, it is recorded therein that people lived lifespans totalling some years shy of 1,000 years, and that after the tower event, people’s spans began to shorten drastically. For the sake of debate, let us assume that’s true. In my previous writings I had speculated that subdivisions began within the human psyche, in that it became divided into the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind(s). If God wanted to do such a thing, who was going to say “No” and make it happen? From a documentary report of which I had noticed an excerpt while it aired on the television, they noted that there were certain mineral stones included in the structure, namely quartz crystals and one other type which I do not recall at this writing. In the narrator’s words, “They were trying to communicate with the ‘gods’”.
         Except for the Hebrews, what did ancient humans call “the gods”? Genesis terms them “the sons of God”, or the “Nephilim” – in other words, those who came here from elsewhere. The book of Enoch reads that they taught their wives the lore they knew, which would strongly suggest to me that those wives became the first “witches”, “druids”, “shamans”, and the like. Kindly do not read into that statement any intention of denigration, as I have none. Frankly, comparing notes with some such imparted to me some of the principles which had originally been included in the writings of Solomon, because if you look in the book of Genesis (the King James version, at least), you will note that Jacob, when Laban kept changing Jacob’s wages, Jacob kept doing things with rods of certain kinds of wood to insure that his herds were always plentiful (Yahweh probably approved of it because Laban kept trying to cheat him).
         Some years ago (during the last decade), I chanced upon The Lost Book of Enki by Zechariah Sitchin, who had compiled his translation from this book obtained from ancient Sumerian clay tablets. Apparently prior to that, Mr. Sitchin had read and/or translated Persian accounts of antedeluvian times, as he was familiar with the Persian name for Noah, being Ziusudra. His translations report a vastly different time-frame for when certain events occur in human history, and also that humans did not simply evolve into our present form via creation and/or evolution, but that we had been genetically modified by the Annunaki to serve as workers to obtain the gold they needed to replenish the atmosphere of Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunaki. I suppose that gold made an ideal shielding component for their atmosphere, probably figuring into their applied technology. Gold itself makes an ideal material for deflecting laser beams, assuming any such force is not applied for an extended period of time, since it has such a low tensile strength.
         I had also previously postulated that the beginning of the Mayan calendar coincided with the event at the Tower of Babel, as it set into motion the necessity of Yahweh’s corrective measure necessitated by the genetic cross-breeding between the “sons of God” and human women (not that I am a mysogynist, I just report my suspicions, thanks). My assumption was based upon the notion that it was a primarily mystical working, having tested first-hand that working with some stones has some metaphysical effects, such as a black onyx stone having once greatly assisting me in decreasing swelling in one of my ankles – after having initialized it first via home ritual, of course. Mr. Sitchin’s work suggests that their were other components involved, as well, such as concerning the “division of the world” mentioned in Genesis 6.
         Two reasons why I do not discount his work out of hand is that, when referring to Enki’s attempt to warn Ziusudra (his offspring, or descendant thereof), he states that Enlil forbade him from warning Ziusudra about the upcoming flood. Enki goes to Ziusudra’s house and states the warning, but when Ziusudra inquires of Enki, Enki responds by saying “I was not speaking to you, Ziusudra, but to the wall behind you.” Actually, history repeated itself in that event in my life during boot camp. Two months previously, one recruit had suicided by hanging, and the Psychologists in the Department of the Navy issued an injunction against company commanders in boot camp using derogatory terms upon recruits, so they came up with the same evasion by saying essentially the same thing: “We’re talking to the bulkhead (wall on a ship) behind you”. Also, Mr. Sitchin’s death seems to have been accompanied by some suspicious circumstances. A bit specious, but we work with what we’ve got...
         I find it curious that such a technologically-advanced species as the Annunaki could be so naively-specious in dealing with real-life situations, but that could simply mean that, though wise, they may not have been very shrewd. I am uncertain how well he caught the intent of the accounts while translating from its original language. I would have to re-read it to catch the named language, if it HAD a name at that point. One of the detractors of it in the Wikipedia commentaries specified “the language of the birds”, but wasn’t that previously specific to the Maya? Hmm, oh well, gotta appreciate public libraries, eh?
         I had previously thought that the division of the world mentioned in Genesis 6 referred to the splitting of the original supercontinent Pangaea into the east and west continental divisions prevalent today. That may still be the case, but Mr. Sitchin’s work suggests other possibilities as well.
         While I don’t find all of this contemplation of such questions comfortable, it is often necessary. OMG, I almost forgot a major point of consideration. The Roman calendar was not exact to the solar year, it was approximate in that it was 12 months of 30 days each in a solar year. So every, what, six to eight years, the Roman empire had to incorporate into it’s calendar a “floating month”, which they named Mercedinus (what became March, in English, some centuries later), to “keep the calendar in line with the seasons”. If you think about it, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why trying to verify certain events during the times of the Roman Empire would be something of a major trial of patience, at least prior to 1,500 years ago, +/- 200 years. I’ve been concerned with the general scopes and timeframes, not specifics, after all.
         Another point is the similarity between the account in early Genesis and Norse myths and legends: namely, that one group who opposed the Aesir were the frost giants, and Genesis 6 mentions that the offspring of the “sons of God” were “the giants of old”. Does this beg the “chicken and the egg” question again? As an aside, I have an answer to that one: the egg came first, as the chicken never had a monopoly on it. Some dinosaurs laid eggs, too.
While the Torah was assumed to have been set into writing by Moses, do recall that he would have had all the training available to one raised in Pharaoh’s court, thus access to materials as found in the Library of Alexandria. I believe he would have set it in writing as truly and completely as he knew it to be, or perhaps dictated it for Aaron to write, if not his nephews Eleazar and Phinehas. Some abridgements may have crept in, as sometimes happens in translated accountings.
         To summarize, I do not necessarily accept that God spoke only to Hebrews, Jews, and later Christians, but to everyone. There were people who certainly pre-dated Christianity, and they had their own sages, scholars, dreamers, and makers. There are even a few tidbits which I found of note from Muhammed, namely, a pictoral of what I came to understand as the “aurea catena”, or “golden chain”, a long list of sage-avatars which stretch back into antiquity, all the way back to Galzu of the Annunaki, if you accept Mr. Sitchin’s work. One thing I DO know for certain is that modern academic accounts, at least concerning history, need serious re-examination. Bear in mind that colleges and other institutions of “higher learning” have their formative roots in theological seminaries, in which the arts and sciences held secondary importance. Many of them are still entrenched in accepting much of what went before without question, a tendency which must be fought at every turn to get to the actual truth. Read the Giza Prophecy to get another example of what I just wrote.

         I find it rather curious that some of the more radical thinkers of today are getting more cogent answers of ancient riddles, as well, and some of them assisted me (though not directly or personally, except in their writings) in formulating many of the ideas contained in these four installments. Shalom, and be well...

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Comment by MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA on January 6, 2023 at 11:35am

Very good.
"God spoke only to the Hebrews, Jews, and later Christians, but to all."
I fully agree.

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