7 sisters of Pleiades and the Great Phaenomena

Do not subjugate the granddaughters of Tethys.
Give them respite and gifts.

Give her what she can not have: The Truth, Fealty
Angel: Lamachalal

Strife "  " Comfort, ease
Angel: Raruchiachel

Clothod (battle) " " Peace, Harmony
Angel: Marmarath

Jealousy " " Love, Selflessness
Angel: Ralthial

Power " " Meak piety

Error " " perfection

Do not contact!
The worst of all, makes things worse than they were before, undeclared name.
Hidden iniquity, secret faults and presumptuous sin. Creation of destruction. Birth of death. Imposes the bonds of Artimus. Animus possession. The locust will set her free. Sacrifice 5 locust for her freedom. Wise men meet terrible fates for turning their feet towards her.
Angel: unrevealed
(Archangel Michael, Archangel Samael and Archangel Azrael)

Freely offer through the other sisters.
Experience of being bornless, balance, grace, forgiveness, redemption, mortal death, ascension, new life, eternity

Do not call or summon this one.
If she calls on you, humbly request an angelic proxy of My Heavenly Father's choosing, and/or beg forgiveness for the act of insolence due to fear of fierce retribution and wrathful vengeance for my mere existence.
Pray to God for protection if visited directly by this spirit.
Archangel Micheal can help and if you are comfortable Samael may be able to assist, but may take her side against you if you aren't right with him. Best to just leave your respectful offering of your gifts and message of beneficence and beg to be ignored by them.

The new Meridian Hund must go nearby her and begin to bathe in a pool and sing an enchanting song about the creation and eventual destruction of the world and how time continues onward into new and greater things and even the darkness of the past will change and continue on but not forever as a dark thing, but changed anew into a beautiful new creation of light as Orion became the Summa Insectator, Pinnacle pursuer, Meridian Hund.

When Merdian feels her gaze he will hide myself and fearfully chastise her for disturbing his solitude and for taking advantage of his vulnerability.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Orion of old, now, Meridian Hund, must display the ability to balance the powers of:
Deception/Truth, Strife/Ease, War/Peace, Jealousy/Selflessness, Power/Piety, Error/Perfection, Noumenon/Phenomenon and Life/Death. Reconciliation/Disintegration being the last task required for full ascension into a new being.
Lastly I will sting Orion with La Mort Sting and he will experience true death and be sent before the White Throne of Judgement where he must repent for his sins, beg forgiveness to his Creator and be changed and given new life as, Summa Insectator, the Consummate Pursuer, Meridian Hund.

If Orion can demonstrate a perfect balance between all these powers he will become irresistible to the 7 sisters as it will represent a solution to all their woes and a fulfillment of all their dreams and wishes.

Orion, as Meridian Hund, now instead of pursuing the 7 sisters he is pursuing his most perfected self. A reconciliation of 7 sins and 7 virtues and then life and death. Once he accomplishes this then he will not only attract the 7 sisters but many more spirits.

Good be with you, splendourous stars of light. Ye ladies of plenty and shiny doves of the night. Rise through the ambrosial darkness like the star Seirios and fleeing adread from glorious Orion, plunge beneath the stream of tireless Okeanos for 40 nights and days to hide your stormy passions until you rise with sickles first sharpening at years round. Shine diamond bright with the Seven Stars in the sky, running your course with Helios, rising with Selene. Your faith has been rewarded as you have passed from the earth to the stars' Atlantean vault, and dwell in heaven yourselves stars of celestial delight. Once carried under my daughter's own heart in labour, seven times having called Eileithyia at her lying-in to lighten the pangs of birth after birth--I am witness! Hermes gave the lyre, it's thought, seven strings, the Pleiades number in honour of his mother and her sisters. The Pleiades will start relieving their sire [Atlas'] shoulders. Called seven, they are usually six, wither because six of them entered a god's embrace--for they say that Sterope lay with Mars [Ares], Alcyone and you, fair Celaeno, with Neptunus [Poseidon], Maia, Electra, Taygete with Jove [Zeus]--the seventh, Merope, wed you, mortal Sisyphus.
Vergiliae are you, because you rise after spring. You have still greater honour than the other constellations, too, because your rising is a sign of summer, your setting of winter--a thing is not true of the other constellations.
Your wonder flings wide the ethereal gates, and, scattering spray of splendour, flashed there-through. Thou ageless beauty wingless doves, taken the form of phantoms of the night. You maidens of abundance bewail thou sire's supremest labour of sustaining heaven. My violet-haired granddaughters, herald bearers of the night. The blind mountain void stung by the greatest scorpion, follows you into the misty ocean. The hunter and his dog will never stop the pursuit. Of all his glorious hunts of renown and valor his now eternal fruitless quest for your fair hands will be the bull's tail that he shall ever long to catch.

Thou Orion, great blind mountain void. Thou delight in the hunt but your pride come before your fall into the ocean with fruitless efforts each year at that solemn night of conculsion as you sink into the depths of the abyss only to rise again in the year to follow having not victory nor spoils of splendour or glorious plight. Thou tireless effort does find a grace with a blessing. To learn of your own failing and your own down trodden restless grief having not to show for your efforts through long time and toil. I come before you with army not to fight but to train and to become a becoming to ends love's numbing and to awaken delight. Follow these masters as they illuminate the path of victor's champion. To win the hands of the fair madeins of the stars. The 7 sisters that stir desire and the hunter's requited love. Prove to yourself that thou be the most fitted and the brightest star in the night. Draw inward these 7 sisters into your own embrace and make thy bosom of irresistible might. Soften that which is hard by reconciliation of desolate disintegration.

Orion thou must display the ability to balance the powers of:
Deception/Truth, Strife/Ease, War/Peace, Jealousy/Selflessness, Power/Piety, Error/Perfection, Noumenon/Phenomenon and Life/Death. Reconciliation/Disintegration being the last task required for full ascension into a new being.
Lastly the testing of the scorpion sting, Orion be sting with La Mort Sting thou shall experience true death and be sent before the White Throne of Judgement before the Grandeur of The Great Solvent of the Cosmos where thou must repent for your sins, beg forgiveness to your Creator and be changed and given new life.

If thou, Orion, can demonstrate a perfect balance between all these powers thou will become irresistible to the 7 sisters, those immovable forces of beauty and delight, thou will embody a solution to all their woes and be a new being and living fulfillment of all their dreams and wishes.

Orion now instead of pursuing the 7 sisters thou art pursuing your most perfected self. A reconciliation of 7 sins and 7 virtues and then life and death. Once accomplished this then thou will attract the 7 sisters and even more spirits of the heavens.
Thou will be a s savoir to the stars. The reconciled and reconciler made one.

Good be with you new being of illumination. No longer are you the Beotian giant of fable but have been born anew to a greater version to set new records and to be the irresistible force, the hunter of the unmovable objects and uncatchable game. Your reward is great in heaven and hallowed be thy new name. Summa Insectator and Consummate Pursuer and/or
Meridian Hund

Bonum Quod Apud Vos, Summa Insectator, Meridian Hund, autem quod splendidus Columbinus autem quod noctis.

Good be with you, Pinnacle Pursuer, Meridian Hund, Consummate Pursuer of the Splendourous Doves of the Night.

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Comment by Numinous on October 1, 2022 at 9:03pm

How come the Australian Aboriginal stories are so similar to the Greek ones? Anthropologists used to think Europeans might have brought the Greek story to Australia, where it was adapted by Aboriginal people for their own purposes. But the Aboriginal stories seem to be much, much older than European contact. And there was little contact between most Australian Aboriginal cultures and the rest of the world for at least 50,000 years. So why do they share the same stories?

Comment by Numinous on September 27, 2022 at 6:43pm

The Vikings referred to the Pleiadian star system as Freyja's hens and chicks.

Comment by Quingu on September 9, 2022 at 4:54pm


Yeah, your journey reminds me of mine.


Comment by Numinous on September 9, 2022 at 4:46pm

Wow Quingu! It was my pleasure to share this. I didn't expect anyone to have such a personal response to this. The 7 sisters of the Pleiades are what I've been building up to work with extensively now for the entire year so far. Been looking forward to October more than I ever have in my life and then onwards to the winter solstice. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with this topic. I'd already felt a deep connection to your posts thus far. They have paralleled my own studies, self exploration and expansion. I'm glad that something I posted was as relevant to you also. It confirms that the path before me is correct when I notice synchronicity. Let me just say, your family tree with the annunaki that you posted was incredibly insightful and helpful to me. It kinda connected some dots I was on the verge of discovering and that just clicked with me. Anyway, I've got some more coming especially the first of October when I feel my calling to work energetically with these delightful beings will begin in earnest. This was somewhat of a stream of consciousness as well as a consolidation of my studies in preparation. I felt compelled to share and it seems it was a good thing to do. Sometimes I feel like a comet drifting aimlessly alone in the cosmos, so your connection with something very personal and dear to me means a lot. Talk to you again soon I hope.

Comment by Quingu on September 9, 2022 at 10:34am

This is interesting...

My moon is in Gemini. Orion is in this sign.

I have a twinflame that is Pleiadian, and everything you described is what I go through, even with the resurrection when Artemis stings Orion.

Just recently I was skywalking in the Aquila Constellation.

I have a moon child that is my personal Horus as I am Osiris, so it works.

Annoying thing is, is when I skywalk I have to acclimate with the different frequencies when changing star systems.

The Anunnaki are Pleiadian, as I'm an IGIGI (a Watcher), and supposedly the Watchers banish the Anunnaki to the underworld. This is where my twinflame comes into play with her being Pleiadian. I'm trying to teach her about her past, and how to want when you want something. It's beautiful when it works, but when things goes to shit, it's Hell on Earth.

Anyways, thanks for this. I really enjoyed it!

Comment by Numinous on September 8, 2022 at 8:55pm
I invoked Tethys and the following was what I experienced as if seeing a past life, the first life that feels like a memory.

The son of day and night, Uranus, my father in my first life, and my mother, Gaia met and I was born. I was, Tethys, a daughter Titan and mother of gods.
Of my multitude of offspring my attention turns to, Pleione and her daughters, my grand babies, the Pleiades. I will ask my son, Achelous for assistance in aiding his sisters. My son, Scamander and granddaughter, Glaucia will bring my great grand daughters the three dancing maidens, named time, life and joy. The maiden, the mother and the croon. They will join in my travels. I will call upon Metis as the embodiment of prudent, wisdom. To be my wise counsel in all philosophy, thought, skill, craft, magical combined wisdom and cunning. She is the mother of wisdom and deep thought and is a powerful ally. I will call upon my daughter, Clymene and grandson, Atlas to guide me in their ways, Clymene as the mother of the Amazons and Atlas as the King and founder of the Great land Atlantis. I will call upon my daughter Perse and grand daughter Hecate as the mother and grandmother of the craft and my great granddaughter Circe, the enchantress goddess, for her knowledge and powers. They will help me train Orion to be desirable by the my granddaughters he pursues relentlessly. I have promised that with our combined efforts that we can help him become worthy of even these goddesses of the stars to come before HIS feet. But he must truly be worthy or instead he will be destroyed. He must not do this with guile or lust in his heart but humility and meekness. He knows this and has agreed. So the training will begin once we are all gathered again in October. What a celebration it will be!

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