This is a chronicle of some of the difficulties which I’ve had at Findley Commons with other tenants, primarily my two next-door “neighbors”, Kevin in #317 and Steven in #316.


5/24/22 Just during the first week I had two instances of trouble with Kevin in #317. Just three days after I had moved in on 5/16, Kevin had been displaying a horrid tendency of trying to run my life, so I started to tell him to quit doing that, as I had not yet realized that he had a chronic tendency of doing that. When I did, he immediately got an attitude and started playing the “alpha male” intimidation routine, even trying to blame ME for his errant viewpoint, calling me “Commander-in-Chief” as though it was MY problem. Three days or so after THAT, he tried talking to me, and I wasn’t responding at all. He got an attitude with THAT, and tried the intimidation routine AGAIN. This was still during the latter part of the COVID pandemic, and he wasn’t paying any attention to the “six-foot” space recommendation. All this I reported to my Case Manager for Do Good onsite support services.


5/31/22 Kevin in #317 had a visitor during the night, and they were apparently seriously imbibing alcohol. The visitor was Joe, now in #303 (or will be again once he gets back from treatment),


6/1/22 I had spoken with Joe that morning, and apparently he was still quite inebriated. When I mentioned the night before and he and Kevin talking way too loudly, he just laughed, which had me quite annoyed.


When Kevin asked me how I was doing, I was extremely tired and snapped “What do YOU care!?” When I told him that I was forced to listen to them the previous evening, Kevin tried to act as if nothing of the sort was occurring. Jess, the Supportive Housing Services Director, intervened and asked what was occurring. I explained in general terms and Kevin again tried to deny it. When Jess asked me if I was OK, I replied “No, I’m not OK” and disengaged from the conversation.


Later I, Kevin Mullen (Do Good Case Manager), and Joe were sitting outside, and when I brought it up again, Joe took a couple of minutes to understand what I meant about the previous evening, and he then admitted he was there visiting. I took the opportunity to point out that his laughing about being asked to keep the noise down was not OK, and he then apologized. Kevin (317), however, took a bit longer to admit it, perhaps as long as the next day.


6/11/22 During the previous evening, there was someone whom I had never seen before laying on the second floor common area couch by the Do Good office. This person had his/her phone playing rather loudly while sleeping. It was loud enough for me to hear it in my room on the third floor.


It was within a few days later that I discovered that the previous property manager had discontinued employment with Quantum Residential, so we had no available property manager for approximately two weeks.


6/22/22 I spoke with Jess about Steven (#316) making too much noise when he stayed up at night, but he talks in a tone of voice which carries and has no regard for whether he disturbs other tenants. When I tried to address this with him, he says he’ll try to keep it down, but this only works for a few days at most, then he resumes. It might not bother me except that he leaves his door open all the way through the night.


6/25/22 2:30 PM After a few nights of him keeping me awake at night in talking at his usual full volume, I got really frustrated and stomped on the floor three times right outside his door. He opened his door and asked me what was up and I said “Oh, just returning the favor.” Then he followed me outside, where I’d gone to have a smoke, but he stayed on the third floor and loudly complained and even threatened me with physical harm if I did it again. Of course, he didn’t even consider that he’d already done something as blatantly inconsiderate to me, but I hadn’t threatened HIM with bodily harm. Besides, I only did it the once to make the point, and it was during the day. He complained that I had done it to him when he was sick, but he ignored the point that he had ALREADY done the same sort of thing to ME when I was getting over pneumonia.

Sometime during the next week or two, Steven and I were outside conversing one evening, and he seemed to be looking to start an intimidation and/or interrogation session with me. He first said something about him getting back at anyone who “messed him over”, and after my response, which I don’t remember now, he then said that if I knew anything, now was the time. I really did not feel obligated to cater to his demand and simply gave him an off-putting answer in a neutral tone.

At various instances, I had tried to address these issues with Steven, but he kept trying to turn the blame around and make it sound as if it was MY problem that HE was being inconsiderate of me, and possibly others, although I seem to be the only one who will refer these matters to the property manager.

7/22/22 This time it was both Kevin (317) AND Steven (316) who were waking me up at 6:00 AM by talking too loud in the hallway.  

7/29/22 Kevin in #317 was screaming from approximately 11:30 PM until 1:30 AM. I had a sound recording then of him screaming really loudly, although I seem to have misplaced it. I played it for Kevin Mullen, the Do Good case manager. According to the Case Manager’s entry, after 1:30 AM or so, he started to leave the property to take a walk to calm down, vent, or whatever, but first he snapped off at Jim’s guest, Sue, when she spoke briefly to him.

9/7/22 Kevin in #317 was screaming, slamming doors, and throwing furniture around from about 11 PM until 3:30 AM. I had made a report and taken a sample recording to play for the property manager. I no longer have that recording,

9/8/22 On this date, it was both Kevin (317) AND Steven (316) making noise through the night keeping me awake. I don’t remember the exact times, but it had to be during quiet time or I would not have made a report of it.


9/18/22 I don’t remember the exact times, but this time it was Steven making a lot of noise, I think this one was both talking loud AND banging some metallic poles around during quiet time. I have the recording after converted to .mp3 format, but it doesn’t show the original time of the recording.


9/24/22 [Steven had a guest over and was running a grinder at 12:15 AM with his door open, and he and his guest were talking too loud for that time of night from about midnight to 1 AM or so - again. The original Voice Memo file on my iPhone showed the time at 12:15 AM when I took a recording when he was running the grinder and they were laughing rather loudly about something.

The real kicker came at 5:30 AM, when he was talking loudly again either on the phone or out the window, I couldn't tell which.] Copied from emails sent to the property manager and saved in my Outlook email.


10/2/22 At about 10:30 PM, Steven flung a piece of furniture either in his room or out into the hallway, it was quite loud. He then was talking at quite a loud tone of voice for about the next half-hour, then quieted himself.


10/3/22 Although Steven apologized for the noise the last evening, I think it was because he knows if he doesn’t, I’ll keep complaining. He STILL doesn’t shut his door during the night when he has company, even though the nights aren’t that warm anymore and he doesn’t keep his voice down. Then Kevin in 317 started mentioning about me going to the property manager’s office, even though I hadn’t about HIM in quite a while.


10/4/22 I spoke to Lea, the property manager onsite, informing her of Steven’s apology but stating that I’m still dubious at this point [as to whether he means it or not]. I later found that Rich in #308 had told the new Program Director about the troubles Kevin and I had early on, although I wonder why he even mentioned it some five months later.


Later, same day This time it was Steven talking with Rain (#314) in the hallway at various intervals from 11 PM to about 1 AM.


10/6/22 At 1 AM Steven had a guest over again, and when I had stepped out for a brief time, Steven asked if they were keeping me awake. I’d said “I don’t know, it’s possible.” He apologized again, but he often has me wondering just how much he really means it.


10/7/22 I was awakened at 4:30 AM by the sound of somebody banging something around about two or three times, then I heard loud talking, but muffled as though through a closed door. I could not get back to sleep until 6 AM. I later compared notes with other tenants and found that it was Kevin in #317 making the noise. As I’d had to recharge my phone, it was not available for recording, either.


10/9/22 4-4:30 PM I was in the Community room/kitchen when Kevin (#317) came in and asked me for a cigarette. When I’d said “No”, he gave me an attitude, which I threw right back at him (without profanity). He then tried to control/intimidate me, saying “…don’t say another word.” I’d had enough, so I emphatically stated “Another word!”, after which he threatened to break my nose. I made it clear he doesn’t control or intimidate me at all, after which he left.


10/10/22 Just before midnight I heard someone making a moderate noise, as though someone was using a hammer on something, but when I brought up voice memo on the iPhone to make a recording, the noise suddenly stopped. I’m not even sure from which apartment the noise originated.


10/14/22 Approximately 3:00 AM, Steven (#316) and a visitor of his were in the hallway and talking at normal conversation volume. Then again at 5:00 AM, Steven and Dorinda (#215) were in his apartment talking at normal conversation volume. He later tried to say that he had asked her to keep it quieter, but I find that difficult to believe, although I hadn’t asked him about the one at 3 AM. I really don’t think Dorinda does ANYTHING quietly, anyway.


10/15-16/22 For this entry I actually got a couple of recordings last night, since Kevin (#317) was being noisy again last night after having too much beer, AFTER having the nerve to thank me for being “respectful”. Steven came out and told Kevin to “shut up” (I didn’t include the swear words). Later it was Steven (#316) talking in the hallway too loud (Sun AM).


10/20/22 1:30 – 2 AM Dorinda in #215 was making a bit of noise during quiet time, and I think she was using a broom to clean her apartment. It was enough to keep me from going to sleep.


10/20/22 I spoke with the Property Manager about issuing a formal complaint, and he seems to think that he has to be the one to write it out. I told him that I am formally requesting a complaint be filled out on Dorinda in #215, but he wanted to refer the matter to collaborate with Do Good Multnomah, first, in having an all-tenants meeting. The evening prior to this, Delisa from Do Good had told me about requesting that a formal complaint be issued.


10/21/22 Approx. 8 PM Steven (#316) took it upon himself to angrily enter Bruce’s vehicle and forcibly remove his car keys when Bruce (tenant) had backed into Jason’s (#214) car twice. Then he told Bruce to “park on his own side” (further west, he meant). Steven has been repetitively displaying chronic inconsiderate behavior while simultaneously acting as though he had been asked to police the property by the owner(s), and has developed a chronic attitude problem in that regard, and the Do Good support staff seems to be taking impartiality to ridiculous lengths.


10/22/22 Approx. 2 AM I was awakened by Steven (#316) and Carlette (Do Good on-duty staff) having a conversation in the hallway (rather loud, I noticed), and found that someone had disassembled the door retractor arm to the third floor hallway. Steven then suggested that we disconnect the arm so it could be kept in the Do Good office until maintenance could repair it.


10/23/22 1:45 AM I was again awakened when Steven stepped into the hallway to have a phone conversation, as though he didn’t want any guest to overhear the conversation.


       8 PM I noticed that Kevin (#317) was having a beer (oh no!), and he doesn’t stop soon enough. 

       10:40 PM (approximately) I heard Kevin in the hallway asking Steven if he could visit. 

       11:30 PM Steven (#316) was forced to physically eject Kevin from his room, since Kevin didn’t

                    leave on his own. I caught a 2 minute recording of this one.


10/24/22 2:20 AM I was awakened when Kevin tried to talk to Steven from the hallway, to which

           Steven said “No!”      

           3 AM I had gone outside for a smoke when I noticed that Kevin had followed Steven to #205,

                   forcing Steven to tell Kevin “Go away!” 

           4:20 AM Kevin woke me up again by yelling in the hallway “I don’t give a f**k!' 

           4:37 AM Kevin starts yelling, and it sounded as if he was in the hallway. (Recording) 

           4:58 AM Kevin was hitting the wall quite loudly a few times. 

           5:20 AM Kevin yelled “F**k this!” 

           5:43 AM As I returned from a smoke, Kevin yelled from behind his door “So, ya f**king little

                    turd!”, to which I responded with “Shut up!” Then he started banging on things in his


           6:09 AM Kevin tried again to talk to Steven from the hallway. When he got no response, he

                    went back into his room, slamming the door loudly.

        6:20 AM Kevin came outside while Steve (#313) and I were having our smoke (cigarettes).

                   Kevin asked us if either of us had a smoke for him. Steve waved him off, and I said

                   “After keeping me up all night? Are you nuts!?”, after which the situation deteriorated

                   over the next few minutes into a knock-down drag-out. It wouldn’t have if he would’ve

                   just not followed me as though he wasn’t going to let it go and THEN kept lying to me

                   about the situation. He THOUGHT he’d come out on top, but that was before I went

                   upstairs and called Portland Police non-emergency, THEN talked to both the Do Good

                   Program Director and the Property Manager. I'd have called no matter who had "won".


Additional note: If I noted that the recordings are not available, I think it’s because my iPhone lost those files after a system update, which I performed in mid-September, approximately.

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Comment by William J. Coblentz on Saturday

Well, Margarida, "beautiful" is not a word I would have chosen, but that's probably because I'm rather exhausted on this subject. Thanks, though.

Side-note: Correction, Quantum Residential does not own the property, just acted on behalf of the owner until losing the Home Forward contract.

Comment by MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA on January 6, 2023 at 11:40am

Beautiful chronicle.
"A neighbor is not chosen, it is supported."
It's what I do around here.

Comment by William J. Coblentz on December 9, 2022 at 1:40pm

Sirian Starlight, I realize all that, even if it feels like I'm the only one, sometimes. I don't think it's racial profiling, specifically, but I can't exactly rule it out at this time. The property management company, which also owns the property, has a BBB rating of one star out of five, so all I know for certain is that slumlord thinking factors into it. Since it is listed online as "transitional" housing for veterans, even though tenancy is theoretically provisional upon lease compliance of a one-year term, they seem to use the pretext of "wanting to help" disturbed veterans. Actually, I think it's more a case of they don't want to spend more money than necessary and won't when only one tenant complains about "quiet enjoyment", even though there's a quiet time lease clause for 10 PM to 7 AM. I've already spoken with an attorney about it, and since I have audio recordings to corroborate most of my substantial complaints, he said that essentially we'd have grounds for release from lease term, but suggested that I stick it out until finishing any work probationary period before starting all that. Unfortunately, those idiots have already cost me at least $6.50/hr recently, since I'm being released from the transportation at best and terminated at worst. I won't know for sure until Monday. On the positive side, I've got an extra day off today and probably Monday as well so I can hopefully get my laptop restored to full function. I appreciate the realism obvious in your comments, though, that's so hard to find with kind candor.

Comment by Sirian Starlight on December 4, 2022 at 9:07pm

Well I will never live in an apartment or flat again. You are lucky that you only have issues with noisy and belligerent neighbors. It isn't an ideal situation by far, and I am sorry your right to quiet enjoyment of your living space is being repeatedly violated.

But you know, with all due respect. Fighting arbitration on the other side of bad property management decisions, is just as tiring. If not more so. Especially when you have proof of racial financial profiling by vindictively cowardly egregious staff and their active policy of turn overs when hard questions inevitably get asked.

You are not alone in the fight for semblance of order. I'll tell you that much. People who default on their mortgage payments, worst case scenario, don't know how good they have it. Active tenants never defaulting on rent, who just aren't liked by people with a questionable god complex on the other hand, will seemingly never get it.

Comment by William J. Coblentz on December 4, 2022 at 2:45pm

This chronicle keeps getting longer and longer - it may be that some of my "fellow" tenants are true lunatics.

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