Oops, it was a nice thought.       I tried to perfect that process of installing Windows and removing the “Everyone” setting from the system. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the process has…

Oops, it was a nice thought.

      I tried to perfect that process of installing Windows and removing the “Everyone” setting from the system. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the process has some aspects which I cannot fathom in working out the dynamic sequence to remove ANY system conflicts resulting from attempting that system configuration. The remaining problem was the Performance Log  and the users, as I went poking around in it since I had not realized that that was the one remaining folder which I had not had the settings inherit from the system.

       Once I attempted that, I discovered that a lot of the settings had to be extensively edited. While I had no problem attempting that and discovering the necessary sequence, the problem(s) which I could not as of yet resolve was a few entries, such as “RAC”, “SQM”, and possibly one or two others.

I could almost get the permissions consistent, but once I took the audits as far as I could go and re-booted, all of a sudden my desktop would come up completely black, even though Windows would run well. That doesn’t matter when I can no longer see what I am doing, does it?

         So, this is a project which I will have to table for a while, and although I know how to add entries to the COM+ system roles panel, removing the “Everyone” entries is just too problematic at this time. I will have to better understand how all the services interact and how to properly work out the sequencing to make it consistent AND still letting me see what I’m doing. Right now it’s just too frustrating, and I have other priorities.

         For now, I’ll have to settle for adding those user entries to the COM+ panel and simply encrypting the Windows 7 system as much as possible. However, I HAVE learned a lot from all this. (I hope nobody tried that – if so, sorry, unless YOU worked out how to do it.) Some other time, maybe… it’s something to work on.

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Comment by William J. Coblentz on December 3, 2018 at 1:20pm

Ah, no worries, thanks, ladies. Btw, getting my Windows 7 platform stable on this new Thinkpad I've acquired from where I do Workfare. Ugh, it's even worse since Lenovo/MS don't let me take ownership of the system hive, so Windows Updates, AVAST, and others keep fouling settings. Even had to check System Components to record a couple of registry settings before it would show me everything on the DCOM panel, OI! Oh, well, better to find out about it now, I guess. Have fun.


Comment by Elspeth on October 29, 2018 at 12:43pm

I'm not of much help ..sorry! Best of luck!

Comment by Helela on October 28, 2018 at 7:43am

this sounds like so much work. Good luck on this William.

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