9 Superstitions that are Actual Magical Knowledge (and are true)


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘superstition‘ is a belief that is not based on reason or scientific thinking and that explains the causes for events in ways that are connected to magic. Well excuse me but a lot of today’s scientific knowledge was once superstitious, magical and hence forbidden. It’s no secret that some superstitions come from the rich tradition of worldwide Witchcraft.

Superstitions, Lost Arcane Knowledge

Although most are misrepresented or misinterpreted some superstitions echo the Arcane Wisdom once this world possessed but later rejected. In this article we will try to decipher the meaning of 10 very popular superstitions and their true magical roots.

Moreover, we should remind you, that Old Witches, always been trying to hide their true identities. Knowing that, we should try to understand that superstitions can sometimes be hidden arcane teachings. Many Hereditary Witches try to ‘prepare’ their disciples with superstitions.

So, let’s take a look at 10 very popular superstitions and where do they come from:

1. Knocking on Wood when Ill Omen is presented

Maybe the most popular superstition is this. Knocking on wood every-time ill fate is predicted. We actually do this when carriers of bad luck are presented or someone talks ill about you or someone you love.

The Arcane Truth: Knocking on Wood actually comes from the belief that every tree is inhabited by a spirit known as a Hamadryad or Dryad. The action of knocking was practiced by ancient priests to immediately summon this spirit to aid the Priest or Priestess in order to ward off evil or even fulfill a wish. So the next time you knock on wood, remember that you are actually Summoning the Spirits of the Tree.

2. Garlic to Ward off Evil

It is very popular all over the Mediterranean Sea, Middle Ease, India and America. Why do we hang garlic? To drive a way bad luck or even invite good luck.

The Arcane Truth: Well, little do all this people know, that Garlic is actually one of the most potent plants associated with Mars. The energies of this planet is associated with fighting bad luck, warding off evil spirits and gambling! Even the presence of Garlic creates an aura of protection, warding off maleficent entities. Moreover, it invites good luck and helps us break the bad karma.

3. Black Cats are omens of Bad Luck

Don’t tell me you never even thought of how things are going to turn up when you see a black cat. According to most places of the world, watching a black cat is an omen of bad luck. However, did you know that exactly the opposite is believed in the U.K.? In Britain, they believe that a black cat is an auspicious omen!

The Arcane Truth: Black cats are in fact omens of change of luck. Nothing more, nothing less. (See more about it here). The black cats are here to inform you that a change is coming and you should be ready for it.

4. Covering Mirrors prior Sleeping

Again, this superstition is kinda popular. Mirrors are feared and people like to cover or hide them in the bedroom. If you ask why, they probably tell you silly things. Fear of the unknown is the best answer. But witches know better…

The Arcane Truth: While we are sleeping we may project in the Astral Plane. In this case,if it happens to see our reflection we might get scared and violently be pushed back to our material bodies. This is why witches cover their mirrors. Because they know that sleeping is only a gateway!

5. Tossing Salt to ward off evil

Many people believe that tossing salt behind their back, or towards the source of bad lack can change things. Most usually people toss salt behind their left shoulder, where devil is supposed to be.

The Arcane Truth: Salt is a powerful tool for banishing. Tossing salt with banishing intention usually does the trick. Simple as that, Witches love to carry salt with them in case of ‘spiritual emergency’. Moreover, they like to toss salt behind their left shoulder, to banish the temptations of the ‘left path’, where selfish decisions are made, regardless of the Law of Free Will.

6. The number 13 is associated with Bad Luck

Almost everyone I know avoid this number. It is widely believed that this number is a portal of bad luck. No one wants to sit in this number in a plane, this is why many companies have deliberately ‘erased’ this sequence.

The Arcane Truth: Many ancient religions believe that 13 is messing with the perfect balance of 12. Like Ragnarok in the Nordic religion the problem begun when to gods become 13. Moreover, in Ancient Greece, Hades (Pluto) had to move to the Underworld, to preserve the harmony of 12 Gods on Mount Olympus. In numerology, the number 13 correlates to Martian energies which are unpredictable and associated with wars and accidents.

7. Finding a four leaf clover is lucky

Thanks to Ireland, the four-leaved clover is one of the most popular superstitions all over the world. People are trying to find one in order to be blessed with Good Luck. Even something that depicts a four leaf clover is believed to be a charm of Good Luck.

The Arcane Truth: In Witchcraft, the four-leaved clover is a powerful tool of herbal magic. There are many books of shadows and grimoires who require one. It is used as a powerful attraction mojo employed by success, love and wealth spells. It is even used in banishing or summoning spells!

8. Throwing coins in a river, lake or fountain for luck

There are actually rivers, lakes or fountains who are believed to be extra potent. For example, Fontana di Trevi in Rome, is an extremely popular destination in order to make a wish.

The Arcane Truth: According to the Old Way, old fountains, rivers and lakes are inhabited by Spirits of Water. Throwing coins are a libation to these spirits in order to help you with what you want. Witches actually charge the coin with their intention and then throw it calling the Gods or the Spirits of the Water.

9. Wishing on Dandelions

Many people believe that dandelion seeds will carry your dreams to heavens when you blow them into the air. I remember me as a kid to do so or even try to catch a ‘flying seed’ in order to make another wish.

The Arcane Truth: Dandelions are believed to be extremely powerful in Witchcraft. Dandelions are able to make the impossible, possible! They are used in spells of changing luck and wish spells. They are precious herbs for all witches!



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Comment by Linda M. on October 29, 2018 at 1:33pm

actually, I've always been attracted to the number 13.

Comment by Elspeth on October 29, 2018 at 12:51pm

My Nan Lil taught me all of these as a child. .apart from the mirrors. The coins in the river, as you cross a bridge. She got that from travellers..Irish I think. 

One that stuck with me and I do it religiously, is to watch and wish safe journey to your loved ones when you part. I watch until I can't see headlights or their bobbing head as they walk away. 

Lol...only me doing it though. They haven't picked it up. Harry can't stand still for that long, but maybe Bobby will one day.

Comment by Helela on October 28, 2018 at 10:41pm

I do knocking on wood because I'm a little bit superstitious but I know now what I'm doing. Also salt is good for banishing and protection. Even when I burn herbs on a charcoal, most people use a heat proof container filled with sand. I use salt. I've dealt with spiritual beings that aren't that nice and can use the herbs themselves. When I put the charcoal block on top of the salt they don't go near the herb. I also boil garlic skins when I feel there is a bad spirit around. It gets rid of them pronto. I boil the water on the stove, add garlic skins and also put in three tabs of St. John's Wort and turn on the central air so that the steam from the boiling water with the garlic and St. John's wort gets even in the walls. It works so well. And the number thirteen I hear in at least some traditions used to be a sacred number, being the number of moons in a year.

Comment by Linda M. on October 28, 2018 at 10:14pm

You've given me some ideas for future discussions from this. 

I never actually knew that about salt and free will.  I also never thought about carrying some salt around with me, but I have wished I had some at times.

Comment by Richard Creager on October 28, 2018 at 9:55pm
I have often wondered why Hades isn't with the 12. Thanks for clearing up that question!
Comment by Don Perndergast on October 28, 2018 at 9:16pm

This is great Helela, I use dandelions and plantain for your health.

When my mother would put sheets out to dry in the summer she always told me to take all clothes and sheets in the house befor dawn so that any spirits won't get into the sheets and then we bring them into the house releasing them inside to do their harm.

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