A message from... I'm not sure who actually.

Sometimes I hear a little voice in my ear and depending on how insistent they are, I will give them opportunity.  A lot of times, it comes out as mumble jumble, but other times, something emerges.  This is one of those times.  So I thought I would share. :)



I want you to prepare for what is to come.  Allow me to take your hands so I may proceed to handle out this message.  Do not worry for mistakes, I need you to close your eyes and keep your mind open and hear my words as I take the moment to speak to you what I wish to share.  Relax your mind and relax your hands and allow me to be your guide.  I wish you to know what is to come with all the energies that you and so many are feeling.  It is from the universe, it is the tip and shift of what many would call ascension.  Yes your body is becoming much more.  So much is happening that your hearts are opening. 


The world is working on it because humanity wanted it to be so.  The hearts are opening so it will be so.  You must understand the tirades that are abounding.  All that is being reported is the small numbers of incursions so that to make it appear that the world remains in chaos.  Yes many times you have heard that the darkness must come to the surface and be exposed to the light.  For this is true, but those who do not wish for the changes that are occurring at this moment will and are trying to use this opportunity to show that it isn’t so.   But do you see that this plan is working against them?  Of course they are allowed to create an illusion that things are not going well.  In fact, they are perplexed by the mere fact that it only solidifies the resolve of humanity as a whole to stand up and stop taking it so much more.


 However, there is a balance at play here, there are many as we have seen through your eyes, that are still steadfast within the confines of what they believe, which is that it is safer to feel in the sanctity of those who wish to control.  But you must remember that even in this it is only in a small few numbers.  Most people do not feel as such. Most want the love within their hearts. 


You must know that yes energies are coming into the world, from every corners of the universe including your own.  You must understand that these things are not to be feared.   Yes it will cause seeming disasters and horrible events.  But realize that all of these things which you consider a horrible thing to humanity as a whole are actually beneficial and nourishing to earth.  It may seem her beauty and light is acting upon revenge, but in fact, she knows that for the betterment of all who live upon her, she must be nourished so that the next stage of her evolution of your evolution, this all must be taken. 


She is a living being a star child that glows so bright like the sun only with her and many planets that surround him are stars in their own right.  The bright glow of core where their life shines you live upon a star that gives you life.  This star must generate, and regenerate, it will balance her. It is the law of the universe.  It is what she wishes of her own free will.  She does not wish death upon her, but it is known and understood that creation includes some destruction.  To balance her out and renew her, it allows her vibrations to rise which helps you as well. 


Yes To fear these changes that are coming your way, will only serve to cause you to resist what already is.  All that matters is what is happening within the moment, nothing matters more.  You can ponder the past, or fret the future, but within our reality, it already is.  You understand that time is not something as you comprehend it is faceted, non linear. 


Do not fret about others that they hear, you know each path taken is of utmost importance.  Sounds silly for sure if you have heard this over and over, but the reason why you all have different paths and walk them is because without them, the world can’t grow.  Humanity can’t grow.  To not walk one path, means that path is forgotten in this march forward as your all begin to regenerate and build something new.  Each path important in its own right... and each path must be understood and respected.  No one is wrong, and no one is right, all that is... is just where you are right now.  That is what makes everything right.


 People all over the universe are watching, because it is a spectacular event to behold.  All on the earth are experiencing and expectant as if to give birth to a new world.  The only ones not watching are those not yet at this attainment, for they are still mired in their own growth to even take notice or even sense something is about to change.  But that is not to worry, for all in its own time, everything in its own place.  A wave yes indeed is coming... you heard about such a burn, do not take this in such a literally terms.  It is to burn, the light of energy.  The world will not come to an end, but this energy that is coming will be felt by those who are aware and those who are not aware. 


This energy will bring about awareness.  To what degree, determines upon each individual person.  Right now the waves are moving through, change is affecting everyone.  But do you know that not everyone is aware?  It isn’t designed to make people aware, but it is designed to help all of you as a whole.  People reacting as they normally would not react.  But just as the first wave that came through not too long ago, that originated from the sun, that wave and this one amplifies your emotions in no matter which way you feel.  You must see that this wave is slightly different yet the same.  With each incoming energy wave that comes from the universe... you will see different effects. 


This one caused you so much discomfort perhaps was because you were not expecting what to feel.  Yes it is not only a very large internal process of spiritual merging itself into physical, but also that physical must merge itself back into spiritual.  The body must change to handle all the incoming energy waves.  And the Spiritual wants the body to remember so your soul can accomplish great things in which it has always desired to do so. 


Do you know just how much the world is awakening to?  Look back upon your own history and you do not need to go very far, there was a time when those upon earth were absolutely sure they were the only ones in the universe.  But now... look around you, things are different…   most now understand that they are not alone and it is almost common knowledge.  Image what just in a few years time how much you ones thought was only just a fantasy, wild made up story of possible theories, that those will be considered common knowledge, just like you have today with other things of the past. 


See what else is possible, new things will be discovered, what was once thought a wild idea will become common knowledge.  Imagine the beauty, when you discover that your solar system, your own space backyard is actually much larger than you initially expected.  What if you discovered, that in fact you are more than just planets circling around the sun, but that the sun and your planets is part of a larger system of stars... you all circle around each other... a larger star.. I am not talking about the center of your galaxy here.  Why do you think Sirus, Pleiades, Orion, and Arcturus are so important to you?  Your systems all together revolve around each other.  Maybe hard to believe at this moment but imagine those possibilities. 


Everything you know right now takes leaps and bounds of understanding forward.  Old thought patterns fall away.  All of this energy that comes hurdling at you is not something to be feared.  In fact those who perhaps decide not to make this journey should not fear, but yet they might, because it is the unknown. the future variables that cannot be predicted within the physical existence, but yet they do not realize it already is, from hence you come.


Imagine your world and all that is upon her, finally being able to breathe true fresh air.  To know you are part of a family that is much larger than what you currently believe yourselves to be.  Well, in actuality, that most of you believe because so many of you that gather around understand.  It is for each and every one of you to find your path, most are on it, and you must realize it is the right path. There are no wrong paths.  Not even those who choose to remain and not move vibrationaly forward.  Their path is the right path; you must be respectful of their decisions although, they might not be respectful of yours. 


We will go for them when they are ready once again, to give them opportunity to move forward just as we have for you.  To go with the flow, and do not fear all that is to come and all the discoveries you will find.  Go with the flow in your journeys.  You will find just how spectacular it will all be.  True you will experience some hardships, but that is what you all knew and expected to happen, so no point crying over spilled milk.  Just get up and do it.  I think this is enough for now. 


With love... and exponential amounts of energy... I bid you good day.


3/4/11 - 10:00PM


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