Revised 8th July 2016

Initially posted elsewhere online by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon 12th March 2012 9:30 p.m. in the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania US

The other day an old Pagan Wiccan friend whom I’ve known for many years had written to ask me about my own views and coming to terms with the works of the famous Allan Kardec a.k.a. Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (3rdOctober1804 – 31stMarch1869). Popular Spiritism-oriented author of the five books of Spiritism Codification in France…
And the famous Chico Xavier a.k.a. Francisco de Paula Cândido (2ndApril1910 – 30thJune2002) Popular Spiritism-oriented Medium and a part of the Brazilian Spiritism Movement, Author of 413 books as a Psychographer in Brazil… Chiefly in regard to what their works may represent as a message to me and to the world.

My reply…

I respect very much both Allan Kardec & Chico Xavier for their wonderful works offering new eyes, new perspectives for the average human being on earth who lives his/her life from cradle to grave under the heavy weight and control of religio-socio and politico conditioning / programming which are imposed by Mainstream rich and big Religions and their Mythologies and the Governments who bed these Religions in order to share in the control of the people, the majorities on earth.


I actually love both Kardec & Xavier but being myself 100% Matristic / Non-Spiritual-Dualistic and a firm and loyal Worshipper of the Ancient Creatress Goddess for life, a Worshiper in the sacred service of the Ancient Goddesses and Gods…
Being myself 100% Pagan / Pagan Wiccan and 100% Non-Dualistic / Non-Zoroastrian…

It is quite obvious that I do not subscribe to the Patristic and Dualistic Versions of the Jewish Hebrew / Christian Mythologies at all!!! And I do mean AT ALL!

Ergo, I willfully and freely choose different Language and Belief which comes from a vastly more ancient time when the Goddess was sacred and also the Mother to all Her creation…

However, the basic idea of Kardec & Xavier is not only beautiful but it is also true and provable!

In order to come to terms with Kardec’s and Xavier’s works I had to undress their works "stark naked" and clean from all the thick & sticky mainstream Patristic / Patriarchal, Zoroastrian also known as Spiritual-Dualism oriented mythological a.k.a. Religious fancy Clothing / Imagery & their moronic Mythologies and Mythological Characters.

And then, to make room for the Ancient Creatress Goddess, more space / room for All of the Goddesses & Gods, for all of the Pagan Non-Dualistic, Matristic Ways Mythologies.

Also, more space, more room for The Elementals - Fae, Pomba Giras e Exus, etc...
Also, more room for Other Species, for Beings from Other Universes, Realms, Other Time-zones, etc…

I do not mind to love the beautiful Jewish Goddess Shekinah, or "to be friends" with the soul of the so-called Jesus, etc...

However the invented/men-made codes of conduct and codes of values of the ancient Hebrews/Jewish people may have good points but they are absolutely "NOT" for me, nor my personal Choice, nor the World's Law of God for all people to abide by.

100% Not! 100% No!
Never was and never it will be!

I see it for what it was and still is...
I see it as Optional, I see it as Temporary Baggage!
The highest Law of them all to me and in my life, is "Freedom with Wisdom"!

I did not come for Jesus, nor for Shekinah!
I came for my love and my loyalty to the Ancient Creatress of All Gods and Goddesses...
Her whom I came from and I will return to.
I came for the Ancient Ancestress!
I came for the Goddess.
I adore the Goddess above all and everything above, below and beyond!
Having said that…

I can appreciate both Kardec and Xavier for their gifts, for their inspiring works however from a 100% Pagan, Matristic, Non-Spiritual-Dualistic / Non-Zoroastrian and very much Creatress Goddess oriented perspective, that it is, my own!

I also had recently seen three related films:

Nosso Lar – Astral City: A Spiritual Journey… * * *
Chico Xavier The Movie… * *
O Filme Dos Espiritos – The Spirits’ Movie… *

The lamentable portion of all of the Material employed in these Films/Movies is, that it does its very best to cater to, to serve to the invented Zoroastrian / Spiritual-Dualism-oriented & Patristic Mythologies of the Mainstream rich and big World Religions of our times.

You know, the invented Codes of Values, the men-made / invented Codes of Conduct of Others who consider "Theirs" the only way for all Humankind to follow, for all Species to follow and to abide by.

The arrogant Presumption of being the sole Owners of the Ultimate Truth, of having the direct Words and the Will of the Ultimate Supreme Being...

And when it comes down to all of that, folks... - All of it - It is Pure Bullshit, absolutely Rubbish!
No room at all for any "Ifs Ands or Buts"!

What they all always had and still have is actually the Word and the Will of our Species, that it is, of the 1% of this Species, that of the World 1% Minority ELITE who owns most of everything and does its best to control the other stupid 99% of world population who are fooled/used/abused and junked and by these bloody bastards.

The Word and the Will of men-made / invented codes of values and of conduct, all designed to control the Thinking & the Natural Expression of the Other people / the control of the the populations on Earth...
And of course as always, created and invented by a World 1% Minority Elite of greedy bastards, unenlightened, willfully ignorant and/or, willfully intellectually dishonest, harmful / predatory religious, political and commercial Hustlers.
As I said, and I repeat - 100% Pure rubbish.

That's why when I hear the famous "buzz-words" like Morals & Ethics, I always ask, who's codes/collections of values, who's codes/collections of ways of conduct?

Do they reflect what's best for me and my own best interests?

Are they factually benign/good, wise, just/fair and equal-rights-for-all-oriented to include all genders, all preferences, all differences, all members of this dear species?
Ah... - No!
Well... Then you can keep it all for yourself!

Because I will always prefer my own, I will always prefer something more meaningful and that has more HUMANITY for all.
And that reflects what feels right, normal and natural for Me in My Time, for Myself, for My Life and for my Nature.

God / Goddess / Supreme Being - It loves us All and no matter what!

By the way, the "Heaven and Hell" bit, we've made it all up too, just like we've invented all of the Religions who invented these two primitive monstrosities...
You see, the fact is, nobody has ever needed any Religion in order to believe in the Ultimate Supreme Being ( Goddess / God ).

The more you think about it, the more you realize how much it is all pure rubbish / garbage when it comes to Mainstream Religions and their "Impositions / Attempts to Control People, To Control Their Assets, To Control Their Thinking & To Control Their Freedom Of Expression" under the lame excuses of playing or having people to play Saviours, Martyrs and Victims...

And always hiding behind their invented Mythologies, their made-up idea of God, or should I say, under the unenlightened and embarrassingly Arrogant Presumption that They have the actual Word and the Will Of the God.
Embarrassingly, pure bullshit!

Somebody ought to tell them all that this is no longer the 1500's, folks!
And hopefully we no longer kill and murder women, children and men just because they happen to pray to a DIFFERENT invisible Man or Woman in the sky.

It is all simply absurd, primitive... In fact, it is sick and ignorant!

The Supreme Being (Goddess / God) loves, cares for and equally respects Women too!!!

And Women's Freedom of Choice, of Expression, their Rights to decide for their own Bodies and whether they wish and do not wish for pregnancy, whether for their willful discontinuance or continuance of pregnancy, whether they choose to bear children or not and so forth...

The terminally Sick & ill have the natural freedom and right to their own bodies and to their own lives, the right to terminate their lives if they deem such that way necessary.

GLBT & Non-Binaries (All Sexual Orientations/Preferences & All Genders) people, they all are "Born" and "Not Made".

And as such, they all are as natural as Mother Nature Herself has intended, therefore Natural, Normal and equal to all of us and it is has never ever been a Business for any RELIGION on earth to condemn them, to malign them, to teach people to hate them and to harm them and their freedoms and their rights.

And it is has never ever been the business for any RELIGION to attempt to manipulate the Populations of the world TO HATE ALL DIFFERENCES in Other People.

It is absurd and ridiculous when one considers the Fact that the Mutual Respect For/Of All Differences is actually the very Foundation of all Freedom on earth.

RELIGION has no business, no right to intrude in the lives of people, into their freedom of Thinking and of Expression.

What happens between two Consenting Adults in the privacy of their Bedroom has never ever been the business for any RELIGION to intrude in it. In fact, it is absurd!

The populations of the Earth ought to push back and put RELIGION back to its place!
And "Out" of people's freedoms and rights, and "Out" of people's decisions and specially, "Out" of people's bedrooms. Have mercy! What a bunch of nitwits and idiots!

Myself, I bar, abhor and I really despise the intrusion of these arrogant men-made/invented World Religions who hide behind their mythological invisible man in the sky and other invented absurdities, just in order to defy, to intrude, to rob people and world populations from the Sacredness of Being Free, from the Sacredness of Feeling Natural, and from the Sacredness of Well-Informed, Multi-Cultured / Well-Educated Natural Thinking & Decisions.

Governments who bed these moronic RELIGIONS ought to look back, and to remind themselves how RELIGION wants to rule the World. And they will, if we let them.

Just look back in the ancient world civilizations, their socio-politico-religio Wars...
And see how RELIGION pulled all the meaningful strings hiding behind God, behind Women, behind Children and Family... Behind Country & Flag... Behind Jobs...

Religion has a factually proven history of being Responsible for most of the bloodiest Wars, the longest, the biggest and most horrible blood-sheds since the very beginning of time.

Again, I really bar, abhor and truly despise the IGNORANCE & THE HATRED FOR ALL DIFFERENCES which MAINSTREAM RELIGIONS TEACH / SELL & IMPOSE as if they were a part of of the presumed Word and The Will of/for the Ultimate Supreme Being.
How arrogant, how primitive, how absurd!
- Holy Rubbish!

It is really a pity indeed that neither KARDEC nor XAVIER had the so-called BALLS / "Permission" to tell it all just like it really, really was and still is...
And for all the world populations, for all the people to see, to learn, to know and to own.

It is a pity that KARDEC & XAVIER had not the PERMISSIONS to address for their audiences, the ANCIENT ANCESTRESS, the GODDESS, the SUPREME BEING CREATRESS and Her GRACE which are all eternally and infinitely BEYOND and ABOVE all of the Gods and all of the Goddesses, and all of the World Religions, and since the very beginning of all time, of all existence / life and everywhere.

Family is a Formed Unit, its quality, its effectiveness depend upon those who formed it.
FAMILY and its FOUNDATION, started with the Goddess, with Creatress, with the Ultimate Mother Nature Goddess & Source of All Creation.
And not at all, not with a God, with some Creator.

The Boundaries and Ties of Relationships have never ever been a Monopoly of God, men-made/invented MYTHOLOGIES and their men-made/invented RELIGIONS.

Family is not a Monopoly of/for Religions and their men-made/invented hateful Mythologies of eternal stupid/meaningless Wars between personified Elemental World Qualities such as Good and Bad, and chiefly as invented by the ancient Persian Zoroaster...

As it was copycat-style copied by most of the world big religions in order to inflict/apply control by fear in/over the populations, for the sake of gaining their maximum control over.
I love Kardec's and Xavier's works but minus all the appended mainstream Religious / Mythological Rubbish, which they "had" to cater to, in order to be accepted, for the sake of being respected and finally in order to be allowed to be published with success.
I do also understand the fact that they (Kardec & Xavier) had to work with that what they could, and also, chiefly in order to be able to reach out for the people/population at a level which they - the people would allow themselves to see and to feel the New Direction, the New Awareness, the initial & first steps out of their ( socio-politico-religio ) conditioning of trained-behaviour, trained-reactions, their initial steps out of their wilful ignorance and/or, out of their wilful intellectual dishonesty, and into the new Light of New Possibilities, of New Times and New Perceptions.
I’ve really enjoyed the Films/Movies associated with Xavier & Kardec and very much indeed...
Of course, "minus" all the Spiritual Dualistic men-made prejudiced Mythological Mandates of mainstream, rich & big Religion.

Women's Rights to their bodies and their Lives, the Humanity and Decency of respecting Women Equality & Rights and their PRO-CHOICE birthrights...
And the rights of all Genders and of all Sexual Orientations a.k.a. Birth-Natural Preferences - respect for GLBT & Non-Binary equality and rights.

And I saw their films from a 100% Pagan / Creatress Goddess oriented perspective!



Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon
8 Jul 2016

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