Alzheimer's disease: organizing daily life Benchmarks for everyday life - He often repeated in the day's first or last name. Rename relatives, friends, family ... - Do not change the usual place of business (razor, toothbrush). - Have the clothes of the day, always in the same place and in the right order dressing. - Leave the doors open parts, not locked (and removing it, not lose) the minimum necessary for security. It is important not to turn the patient as a lion in a cage in one piece. - Leave brightly lit places allowed, and in the dark places prohibited. - Do not put signs signaling when the patient complains himself of his disability, and with his consent. Suggest him better: "You want me to put up a sign to let us know where put the shoes?" Rhythm of daily life Organize the environment so that the person is not ashamed after accidentally damaged or broken something expensive, etc.. Even if the spouse is patient it may cause disputes. Then establish an order for everyday tasks: time to go to bed, waking up with the meal, using the toilet, dressing, visiting the toilet • - Pacing the time of everyday life allows a person to get used to an orderly life and facilitates the task environment. But this order is a means and not an end. This is not a "security service". - Whenever you change an event of daily life, it means for the person to relearn and readjust. It is necessary to do to stimulate ... But with patience, in small doses. - Do not rush, do not rush the pretext of order. "Helping to make" not "to do instead of" ... - Fix the general lines of the life of the person, not the details, not to turn into an automaton. Pass on details to enhance his mind, greet his mental effort: it has found the solution to what is a problem for her Easy dressing A person with Alzheimer's forget the order in which donning clothes. She makes mistakes while believing to have dressed properly. This can be a source of conflict with his entourage. To prevent this, a minimum of psychology is required, and a good knowledge of the habits of others. First example: a wife has reason to remind her husband codes of conduct and to vibrate a chord with him, saying: "Let your clothes are dirty What will people think of me.? Help me to change you! " Second example: the man to his wife must also remind her that she was still "prim" and perfumed. Where possible note which will be called without acrimony: "You smell bad, it amazes me you help me to change you!". You must place the clothes in view in the order they should be worn, and hide sleepwear. Use for underwear effects cotton rather than synthetic as sophisticated as it is: the patient sweats and does not know how to express it. Once a Dressing assistance becomes necessary, it must accompany verbal gestures: "We will put the left pant leg." Use as much as possible to fasteners "Velcro" type for shoes or clothes. Ask the patient to participate in the maintenance of the machine: sort laundry, fold towels, etc.. Help her to bed In the presence of the person with Alzheimer's, ask sleepwear obviously close the shutters, draw the curtains, turn on the lamp, open the bed ... These acts, repeated every day, represent a ritual facilitates the next stage, that of "I lie." Each person has a ritual for the acts of everyday life. If we can perceive and reproduce the conditions. Leave a night light on ... and always a pat or a hug to say good night! Overcome incontinence To prevent urinary incontinence, we can try to create a rhythm: to offer a drink and drive to the bathroom an hour later. However, it is not advisable to bring the patient to the toilet every hour if not drank plenty before. These comings and goings will be experienced as unnecessary aggression and cause anger and denial. Set the time to go to the bathroom is also a necessity: it avoids disappointment if an output is provided, or at mealtime. It is good to accommodate the schedules that were previously those of the person. The help her toilet Cleanliness belongs to the realm of limited help. Properly guided and stimulated, the patient must be able to perform long familiar gestures made daily over a lifetime. The price of this relative autonomy is slow. We must be patient in directing the movements while holding with the other hand an essential bodily contact. If the toilet is made by a third party, it should not start with the face but by the upper extremities (hands, arms). It is always necessary to "speak the gesture" in progress. Thus we have conversations like this: Dad (Mom), I'll wash your arm (predictive). I will raise the arm, the left arm, I soaped you the upper hand, the palm, I washed the forearm, I'll lift etc.. Whenever possible, keep with the other hand a skin to skin contact without plastic gloves. Enjoy the toilet to offer a massage the soles of the feet, hands, back, which secures. This is more of hygiene, it is a gift. Feed Drink. The sensation of thirst diminishes with all seniors. Dehydration can cause states of confusion and agitation. Drinking plenty of water is essential. It is therefore beneficial to decode the "behavior of thirst" to provide drinking. Drink plenty is crucial: if no sign catches your eye, offer a drink, often ... Drink yourself to it, or raise a glass with it if necessary. Use small bottles, already open and not too heavy. Other tips Agevillage. Com to fight against dehydration. Eating:. To recreate the desire to eat, have prominent plates filled with food that is easy to grasp and consume (dry and fresh fruit in season, biscuits) associated with a full glass of water or fruit juice , and peck itself. Sit down to eat. Never eat standing up: the person can not see your face and can feel assaulted by a metal object - spoon, fork, knife ... - Falling from the sky or from hitting his upper lip ... normally when the first contact is with the lower lip. Put people at the end of table, sit by standing on the small side, holding her hand gently, pressing with a spoon on his lower lip. Error. When a person uses an object by mistake (shoe to drink, fork instead of a spoon ...), give the correct object and then take another without exclaim, without judgment, without comment: she forgot the function of everyday objects. Any thoughts can make ashamed, upset and develop its aggressiveness. To awaken the appetite, run and give fifteen to twenty minutes before eating a piece of non-fat cheese (gruyere). This technique sometimes gives good results.

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