The Goat / Ram Of Mendes (Egypt) a.k.a. Pagan Androgynous Horned God - (Not Any Abrahamic / Jewish nor Christian Mythological Character At All)

It is an Image whose humble beginnings had been worked by French STANISLAS DE GUAITA ( while totally literally lost in Talmudic Mythology, between the dear Goddess Lilith and Dualistic/Patriarchalized Jewish characters such as Hebrew Letters, Samael & Leviathan, he managed to come up with the first "Goat Inside The Pentacle / Pentagram", and of course, all he had to do, was to insert the Head of a Goat inside of a Star/Pentagram/Penta-Alpha...
And I suppose, for special effects, as a matter of beauty and aesthetics, he made sure the Horns and the Ears of the Goat had enough space / room to display themselves, and simply by turning the Star / Pentagram upside-down...There you have it... LOL.

Jewish oriented Occultist ELIPHAS LEVI at the other hand, he actually drew the image which he titled as Baphomet and as also the "The Sabbatic Goat"... Then, he called it as the Goat of MENDES ( merely a Geographic Location in Egypt), showing a winged Half-Goat/Half-Human styled Humanoid, a Goat with Horns and a nice and delicious pair of Breasts and a lit Torch and/or lit-Candle upon its head between the two beautiful Horns.
Eliphas Levi was pushing for Hollywood-like effects, pomp and circumstance as he was a writer and books are best served when very well sold all over the world.

The Iluminati-oriented KNIGHTS TEMPLAR when they were fighting against the Muslims and other Faiths / Religions in their mostly political a.k.a. "Christian" Crusades... They employed this Androgynous Form of Deity / God & Goddess at once, for their rites / rituals to the Supreme Being.

ALEISTER CROWLEY, (the late beloved old-devil & adorable joker who I absolutely love, chiefly because of some of his works)...
Crowley, the writer, the Occultist, he saw the Goat of Mendes as the Sacred Union of his Thelemic System's dear Goddess Babalon & the God Chaos, such as the Magickal Union of CUP / Graal / Chalice and SWORD / Knife / Athame’ / Wand as One...

And this Alchemical Great Rite, this Sacred Marriage giving birth to the Androgynous Horned God represented by the Goat/Ram of Mendes.

Now, the biggest joke, it is the fact, that all of this Species' Values and Ways of Conduct, and all of their men-made / invented "Belief and Language", in the end, they all fall into two classes, Abyss and Beast, as Crowley himself, tried hard to convey in his works.

The perceived Abyss and the perceived Beast are only Halves of Each Other, and they evolve into WISDOM WITH EMPOWERED FREEDOM, but only after experiencing their freely and wilful Ignorance for the sake of Eternal and Infinite EVOLUTION.

Perhaps, it is the easy and most difficult reality of "In Order To Know It, You Must Feel It First, or, To Experience It First"!
Nobody can show you, nobody can teach you the Highest Mysteries but Yourself alone and via your own willingness to evolve along with the rest of all Creation in the eternal and infinite dance of Evolution.

Way back, to the ancient Greek Philosopher HERODOTUS...

He correctly wrote, the fact that back then, Women / Priestesses copulated / had sex / sexual intercourse with an actual/real Horned Goat in their Sacred Rites and Rituals which were offered to the ancient Egyptian Horned Goat / Ram God Osiris under his ancient Manifestation / Aspect as the Ancient Pagan Egyptian God Banebdjedet.

Now, the name Banebdjedet means the Khu (Spirit) and/or Ba (Soul) of the God of Osiris who is the actual and original God of the Djed / Tet.

Now, the names Djed / Tet mean Erected Phallus, Cock / Erected Penis / Styled-Tree of Life, Elemental Tree of the Four Elementals / Fae / Exus & Pomba-Giras Kingdoms, Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Also later, the ancient Pagan God Osiris manifested as the Pagan Egyptian Horned God Khnum, an Earth "Elemental Kingdom" God and Giver of Format, of Shape, Potter / Potter Wheel and River God.

And again, much later, ancient Egyptian God Osiris manifested as the refined Architect God Ptah, God-Patron of All Men, of Masculinity, of Mechanics, of Engineering, of Construction, of Manual work...

Then, being compared to the ancient Pagan (Greek) Horned Gods as Pan, Priapus, Satyrs and so forth.

Abrahamic / Christians & Jewish oriented Clergy & Occultists, they had equated any and all Pagan Horned Gods, and/or also Goddesses as Horned Goddess Hathor, with/to their miserable mythological / binary / spiritual-dualistism-oriented / patristic/patriarchal Devil / Satan, Demon, etc... But of course, LOL

The dear ancient Pagan God-Consort of the Pagan Goddess Ashtoreth, called Baal... The Abrahamic Mythologies on purpose, they maligned, vilified and transformed Baal into a Demon and called Him as Demon Beelzebub a.k.a. Exu Bezebu a.k.a. Pagan God Baphomet. 

God Baal is still Baal, just like Goddess Ashtoreth is still Ashtoreth, and in the end, the religious bastards have not won, they have not made a single scratch or change on to Baal and/or, on to Ashtoreth at all.

They are Gods and they will always have the final word and reincarnation / many lifetimes continue whether removed from certain mythologies or not and this Species still come back to these Elemental Worlds and Time-bands in order to learn Their Lessons, in order to EVOLVE.

And nothing above, nothing below can stop EVOLUTION.

And it comes to us all, to all Species, to everyone!

Again, still smiling  - Need I say more? 


Who is the Goat of Mendes?
I would call it simply the dear Horned One of Eternal & Infinite Evolution.

In dearest Pagan Quimbanda, in the Maioral / Mayoral Level of Exus & Pomba-Giras, They have chosen to employ Titles a.k.a. Nicknames, borrowed from Abrahamic / Jewish / Islamic & Christian Mythologies.
The reason, most likely in order to assist their work of evolution with other Species such as Human Beings in the many Elemental Realms such as the many Umbrals/Astrals and such as this Earth of this elemental time-band.

Ergo, in Pagan Quimbanda we have the dear Exu Baphomet who also is more commonly called Exu Belzebu / Beelzebub also known as Exu Mor, it is not a Spirit but another Species of Being formed by the Union of Exus, Pomba-Giras and all Elemental Realms / Umbrals.
The Exu Maioral/Mayoral is the force/power and source of all the Elemental (Exu / Pomba-Gira) Magick in my dear Pagan Quimbanda.
Exu Belzebu is not the absurd and pathetic Abrahamic/Jewish/Christian (Dualistic/Patriarchal) Mythological Rubbish character of their Mythologies a.k.a. Religions.
I love Exu Mor a.k.a. Exu Belzebu a.k.a. Exu Baphomet, the BAPHOMET name seems to be short for the Cabala's "TEM OHP AB" - De “Pactos Templi omnium hominum pacis abbas”, which means: The Father of the House/Temple of Peace for all mankind!

Ancient Pagan Horned Goddess Ashtoreth, who I also work with, serve and worship, a Goddess who is dear and close to me, She had been modified, maligned and vilified by absurd Mythologies such those of the (Dualistic, Patriarchal) Abrahamic/Jewish/Islamic & Christian Religions.

In my dear Pagan Quimbanda, there is the dear Exu Astaroth which is a force, power, a form of Quimbanda Mayoral, not a Spirit, and of another Species of Being, however, it is a Masculine / Androgynous / Trans Manifestation/Aspect of the ancient Pagan Goddess Ashtoreth, and of / amongst all the Names/Titles attributed to Her, it is to my knowledge, that She prefers Her Feminine Manifestation and Aspect such as that of Queen Goddess Ashtoreth, however in order to reach the people, and for the sake of the working of Evolution, Her expression, manifestation and aspects have been divided by Herself in order to be allowed to be expressed successfully in these time-bands and elemental realms such as this Earth of this "Now and Here".
She likes Her Expressions/Extentions/Aspects such as Mayoral Exu King Astaroth (Seven Crossings) & Mayoral Pomba Gira Queen Astarte in Pagan Quimbanda.

I love Ashtoreth in all her Manifestation on Earth.
After a Pagan Way, I salute Mayoral Exu Baphomet/Belzebu, I salute Mayoral Exu Astaroth, I salute Mayoral Queen Pomba Gira Astarte...
I also salute King Exu Lucifer, I salute Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilla / Padilha (We're many, many and yet, we're one!)
I salute all Elementals, all Exus and Pomba-Giras, all Fae, all Elemental Kingdoms and Realms!
Salve - Viva - Cheers - Laroye


Sky Of Padilha também conhecida como PADILLA de Ashtoreth, ou como Nins ou como Dea ou Melusine / Mel ou como JD Aeon ou JDAeon, ou simplesment como JD

GLBT Pansexual (M-a-F) Transex-Travesti-Transgenera ( Permanente Non-Op ) Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa / Alourixá Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira Shaman, Holistique Ocultista & Consultora GLBT-Pagã e Wiccan-Pagã


Sky De Padilha aussi connue comme Padilla ou Nins ou JD Aeon ou JDAeon ou JD – GLBT Pansexuelle (M à F Tfille Permanente Non-Op) Trans-Prêtresse Sorcière Magicienne Chaman Occultiste Holistique et Conseillère GLBT-Païenne et Wiccan-Païenne


Sky Of Padilha a.k.a. Padilla also known as Nins ou JD Aeon or JDAeon or JD – GLBT Pansexual Pagan (MTF Tgirl Permanent Non-Op) Trans-Priestess Witch Shaman Holistic Occultist & Consultant GLBT-Pagan e Pagan-Wiccan

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