There are people looking for the Mysteries of the Universe…

It is the UFOs, it is the Crop-Circles, it is the Leylines/Vortexes…

It is Hauntings, it is ESP, it is anything which it is not mainstream common!


Many people are still naïve enough to think that Mainstream Academia, the Big Businesses, the Big Religions & the Governments who control it all,  that they will share and let everybody  know whatever it is that they know…

The fact is – No! Not at all…

Chiefly at this point of this primitive time for this civilization.

We have the Internet but believe me They (The Powers-that-be)  are already imposing Controls, Regulations, Limitations & Censorship on the Sharing of Information "Online" under the guise of Protection and Safety for all…

Protection and Safety can easily be and become farces/illusions which sell easily and well…

Just because Fear seems to always work so good and chiefly on primitive and willfully ignorant human beings who are trained to think highly of themselves, despite their lack of culture, their long missing/absent  capability to employ critical thinking on behalf of themselves and their best interests…


Then you have the people who are writing about the Future, about the Past and flying high on their Spiritual Wings with the Winds of ancient places such as Lemuria and/or, Atlantis…

And the Fires/Curiosities of Other Places in Time, in Space, some of the Planets and/or Heavenly Bodies such as Venus, Mars, Pluto, etc… Or such as the Skies Constellations of Stars as Orion, the Sirius System, etc…

Amidst all this Looking OUTSIDE for Inspiration, Discoveries & Answers…

People are missing the point, the chance, the obvious opportunity to look within themselves first!

Our DNA has billions of Years trapped in its making and evolution…

Our temporary ensemble/vehicle, our material/structural body has billions, trillions of nano worlds, universes alive and well even after we exit it…

Think of world inside of world, nano/micro/mini Universes within each and every single Atom in our bodies.

We are actually walking & talking Universes and millions and billions of years of places, of times, of species live and follow their existence cycles within us while we are in the flesh.

Think of the worlds and beings living within!

Think of the mysteries, their own civilizations, their own ideas of what is it this seemingly infinite universe which they live in…

Everything which it is allowed to exist has a reason, a purpose and a blessing from its source.

Things do not ever end, they simply change, they simply transform.

Our Technologies, our Academia, our Mythologies/Religions must continue the Herculian task of travelling from night into day…

Other places, other times… In them, we have already bridged the gap of the greatest paradox – The flesh proving the Spirit/Soul and the Spirit/Soul trusting the Flesh in return…

Thinking only in terms of Material/Structural Life/Awareness and Its Reality, such it is a losing proposition because the eternal beginning of each and everything lies beyond the matter, beyond the structural reality itself.

Also, Other Systems of Time and/or Other Time-bands remain as they are eternally and each and everything allowed to happen can be re-lived or revisited as a tourist would…

And when it is attempted to re-write a Time-zone / Time-band, such only creates a very temporary modified copy of it, which ceases to exist as such and blends back, becoming only astral reality without being able to offer experiences with the structural quality of matter…

What it is "missing" are the Elementals and their Integration for enabling the Feel of Matter.

People have written about Time-Travels and many Creations of other Dimensions, other Universes, etc…

I am writing about the ALL...

Everything and All that anybody can or could think of, it is all present and alive inside each one of us all, because as above so is below. And it has always been that way!

Stars explode in the sky, they also do inside of our own trillions of atoms as they give and take energy…

Billions of years inside of each and everyone of us, it is all inside on our DNA.

If you cannot find your Truest Gold inside of yourself first… Then, you will never ever find it outside of yourself nor anywhere else.

It is that way for everything which comes from belief and language!

Been asked many times before throughout my life how can I be sure of what I am telling/writing/sharing…

My answer has always been – Let everyone find only the Answers that they can handle in my words! Belief or doubt? It is up to each reader.

It has never been my purpose nor intent to set what I share as impositions and determinants to everybody…

No! Not at all!

To each person on earth, their own Evolution and whatever they can handle and be happy with!

I have lived each and every word I write many, many times before.

Love and Light,

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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