The Calling / Summoning of/for the Wyrd a.k.a. the Full Sum / Amount of anybody’s, and/or of anything’s entire collection of all activities and their consequences. In fact, the Summation / Addition of All of all which is Pertaining to Anybody and/or Anything.

The pop/mainstream available Versions, Concepts and Definitions of Destiny, of Fate are mostly always subtracted, limited and censored for this Species (Human Beings) by the ordinary Natal Condition of Coming To Earth a.k.a. Being born for the many temporary “Elemental-Joint-Evolutionary-Experience of Journeys-from-cradle-to-grave, however having solely & just only the tiny, censored and limited Awareness / Perception and Consciousness of One-Lifetime-At-A-Time.

Devoid of any Past-Lifetimes Memories, without the benefit, without the advantage, without the full awareness, perception and natural consciousness of Other Past Lifetimes, Other Reincarnations.

Without the full awareness, perception and natural consciousness of Pre-Natal Wishes / Decisions and Mutual Plans made with Other Members of this Species.
Also without the full awareness, perception and natural consciousness of Pre-Natal Wishes / Decisions and Mutual Plans made with members of Other Species.

Therefore, as clean as a whistle, bloody squeaky clean of any Memories, Awareness, Perception or Consciousness of any of all of that aforesaid.

Contrary to many, men-made & invented

[ monistic, patriarchal, spiritual-dualistic, non-animistic, wilful-ignorant & wilful-intellectually-dishonest ]

( Anti-Women, Anti-GLBT, Anti-Free-Will, Anti-Earth, Anti-Academia, Anti-Arts, Anti-Sciences, Anti-World-Culture-For-All, Anti-Autonomy/Self-Sufficiency-For-All, Anti-Equal-Rights-For-All, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Mother-Nature, Anti-Human-Nature, Anti-Pleasure, Anti-Empowered-Freedom, Anti-Free-Will )

Mythologies/Religions which in fact, created, invented, fabricated the bogus, dumb & stupid need for Salvation,

( an insult to any healthy, decent, dignified, intelligent and wise human being on Earth or anywhere ), the fabricated programming for the imposition of ( men-made, invented )


[ In other words, shamefully creating, inventing, fabricating a sense of Committals of Breach of ]

( specially fabricated “dos and don’ts” ways of )

Conduct, inventing a false sense of Violation of men-made / invented Laws, fabricating a collection of bogus Culpability, Blameworthiness, Self-inhibition, Self-reproach, Self-accusation, Self-condemnation, Self-hatred, Self-disrespect, Remorse, a bogus sense of Wrongdoing, a bogus sense of Being Incorrect/Wrong, Loss of Self-reliance, Loss of Self-Esteem, Loss of Self-trust and finally, a bloody Mental imbalance plus Mental illness.
Yes, folks!

[ That’s the massive weight of holy bullshit which invented / men-made Religions, and their Mythologies have proudly waved around the whole world for the longest time and imposed on this Species / Mankind since their rise to power. ]

Again, contrary to many invented Religions & their Mythologies, there are NOT any JUDGES for any of us, for any Species, for anything at all.


There have always been on earth, those people who do all the wrong moves, all the wrong things and they always cause all the trouble and most of the pain and harm sometimes to a few, sometimes to many other people and their stuff too.

And folks, they will come and they will go and return again! And they will surely evolve just alike as "everybody else" who came before them.

There are not any eternal Damnation, it is pure made-up/men-invented bullshit!

They made up / invented all of this bullshit/rubbish in order to inflict CONTROL upon the populations via/by FEAR/INTIMIDATION!

One of the biggest world BULLIES of all History, of all Cultures, and of all times, has always been RELIGION, big/rich mainstream RELIGION and their BULLSHIT.

And this Rubbish is cleverly always packaged as if coming straight from some Heaven, as if coming from (some made-up/modified-to-order version of) the Supreme Being.
And that folks, it is in order to invent some attached and fresh authority & credibility, you know, it helps to make it stick & believable.
But it is all bullshit!

There are not any Sins, at all, not one!

Guess what, we've made them up in our Mythologies and their Religions!

There are not any Judgement Day Bullshit!
There are not any Salvation, none, not one!

And books who peddle this type of bullshit/rubbish should be Called Back fully Upon Themselves 100%! And for all the trouble and for all the harm which they have systematically imposed and caused to the world, to mankind and humanity with all of their hateful, absurd, wilful ignorant and intellectual-dishonest (men-made/invented) mythologies and their Religions.

Before you jump to conclusions, folks, think!
God or Goddess, would have to be a Moron, a Fool, if He or She, had ever told anybody to write holy books infested & full of bullshit, rubbish, with absurd prejudices, hatred for all differences, hatred for women, hatred for equality-for-all-members-of-this-Species, hatred for self-sufficiency, hatred for GLBT, hatred for Nature, hatred for Mother Nature, hatred for Academia/Arts/Sciences, hatred for Empowered-Freedom-For-All, and full of shameful ignorance and/or intellectual dishonesty!

We, I mean Our Individual Souls, We alone, we judge Our Own Selves Alone Individually & Separately!
And We free-willingly, We freely and willingly Choose to Embrace the Natural Inclination of the Mother Nature Seed of Infinite & Eternal Evolution which abides in us, in all Species, and in all Existence, in all Creation.

And We, we do choose to learn, to teach, to evolve.

( The Collectiveness of That What WE ALL are made of: CHANGES, it really unites us all, it truly always connects us all, chiefly as in the famous wisdom of: - “We Are All Connected!”
However, WE ALL own our very own INDIVIDUALITY, which it is made of a collection of all Experiences which we have chosen to undertake. They become a part of us, of our Wisdom and of WHO we are at any given time of our Expression of Our Selves individually. )

Once WE clean off and out all the useless rubbish which We have outgrown and We have evolved beyond its illusion-oriented sense of Corrected-Ness, also beyond its false sense of Well-being, also beyond its temporary sense of ignorant harmony, of intellectual-dishonest accommodation & easiness...

WE will be and feel at peace and harmony with the sum of all our past-lives and their experiences.
Then, WE will be able to come to Earth however equipped with more perception / awareness of our own pool of past lives, their experience and wisdom.

That’s because at that point, We have become able to handle to bring along with us the Sacred Remembering, the Quantum Level Memory of Other Incarnations / Lifetimes.
And we can make better plans, better decisions for us and we can wisely suggest better ways and plans to Others.

The CALLING OF THE WYRD can be the best blessing and the worst curse on Earth for any Species and for anything.
Because to have the sum of one’s own “activities/doing & being” called fully back (in no uncertain way) upon oneself, it can surely teach lessons, it can cancel short a journey-from-cradle-to-grave, it can bestow a much welcome blessing or much undesirable curse.
It can make life longer, easier and better, or it can make it shorter, harder and most difficult and painful.

When it comes to the WYRD, once it is called, it cannot be called back, in other words, it cannot be undone.
It works from/with the infinite, eternal primordial Currents from the Infinite & Eternal Source of all Life / Existence, of all Species, of all Time-bands, of all Universes/Places, of all Creation.

The Calling Of The Wyrd is something which real and true Witches, you know, Pagans worth their own salt, they do know very well, it is Their individual Sacred Duty to Themselves to call Their Own Wyrd first, before they can call the Wyrd of anybody, or of anything else on Earth or beyond.
There is Limitations as to the Calling of the Wyrd.

For instance, I’ve called my own Wyrd many times before and I am happy to report that I’ve survived it, thanks Goddess!
Well, folks, I am still here and well, maybe to tell.
Tales of the Wyrd, they override the Morrows & everything, one might even say tales which won’t be erased by the powers-that-be of this Species, or the ever-changing time-bands of this location-place / Earth.

In my lifetime, I’ve also called the WYRD of people, of things, of business, of cities, of locations, of countries, of so-called holy books and their religions / their mythologies!
Being myself a real Astrologer, after having lived through some undesirable delays and many long periods of time waiting, I once called the WYRD of all the Astrological Planets.

And in fact, I was particularly pleased and quite happy to call Saturn, Mars, Pluto & somewhat Uranus too, each back upon Themselves individually / separately and for all the unwelcome influences upon the Species in general, and regarding the who/what I thought I did not want nor need in my life.

Less happy to call the WYRD of Venus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury & Neptune, each upon themselves in re of unfavourable & unwelcome influences upon this Species in general, and regarding the who/what I thought I did not want I did not welcome nor need in my life.
But seriously, I did, I think at different points in my present lifetime, I really felt that I had to cover every possible possibility that I could.

It sounds extreme, but consider after what we all know, how and what it feels like, when relevant people & things do not go our way, when mighty circumstances do not empower our most important wishes & dreams...

When our needs are not being met by our circumstances.

Well, I’ve no second thoughts, I’ve no regrets, I did and I would do it all over again!

After all, folks, just think, responsibility, dignity, decency should pertain, belong and be a part of all, not solely just only this Species alone!
Ergo, it is mighty well and fine to call the WYRD of any Species / Anything which we really and truly feel, need a good dosage of Them back upon Themselves!
Hey, what it is good for the goose, is also good for the gander!
I did not want to leave anybody out!
I did not want to leave any stones unturned!

Methods / Ways to call the WYRD?

Different Traditions of Ancient Ways have different ways of doing it.
None better, none worse at all.
All that changes is the Mythology, the Rites, the Incantations, the Groups of ancient Pagan Goddesses / Gods Tools, the employed Symbols / Doors / Energies!
They all somehow draw on the Eternal / Infinite Ultimate Supreme Source Currents from all Existence / Life & All Creation.

There is not a “One Only” Proper, Correct & Right Way to Call the Wyrd.

Also it must be remembered, that when/if we call the Wyrd of Anything / Anybody, and if/when that Anything / Anybody is not to blame for our problems, not the source thereof.
And it has nothing to do with us or with causing anything to us or anybody/anything at all...

Then whatever good, pleasant, desirable and fortunate event / condition / person / species / thing can be granted, will be granted & blessed upon Them whom We called Their Wyrd.
Therefore, it is quite fair, just and good to my satisfaction!

I tend to favour ancient Pagan ( Matriarchal/Creatress-Oriented/Animistic/Polytheistic ) Norse Magick for the calling of the WYRD.

However, I am also partial/fond to/of ancient Pagan ( Matriarchal/Creatress-Oriented/Animistic/Polytheistic ) Wiccan Egyptian Magick for the calling of the WYRD.

I also like to work with the Fae, both “Non-Enchanted & Enchanted Kinds”, Pomba-Giras / Exu-Femmes, Exus / Elementals and Beings from other Realms / Dimensions / Universes in general, [ Elemental/Carnal & Spiritual ]
Magick for the calling of the WYRD.

I also like the ancient Pagan Celtic / French / British / Nubian & Brazilian Pagan ( Matriarchal/Creatress-Oriented/Animistic/Polytheistic ) Magick for the calling of the WYRD.

Well, there you have it.

Not meant as a determinant, not meant as an imposition, as I share that what I’ve experienced, known and trust “TO BE” for Me I Myself.

I am not anti-Anything at all except for Bullshit (Usually in the form of Wilful Ignorance and/or, Wilful Intellectual-Dishonesty.)

I am not a Militant for any cause nor for anything at all!
Causes & Anything, they will either make it or break it at their own time and place, and without any help from me or anybody at all!

To each person, their own take / conclusions, their own choices and all rewards thereof!

To me, my own only!

Quite pleased with that.



Sky também conhecida como JD Aeon – Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa Alourixá Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira Shaman Ocultista Consultora GLBT-Pagã e Wiccan-Pagã

Sky aussi connue comme JD Aeon – Trans-Prêtresse Sorcière Magicienne Chaman Occultiste Conseillère GLBT-Païenne et Wiccan-Païenne

Sky also known as JD Aeon – Pagan Trans-Priestess Witch Shaman Occultist Consultant GLBT-Pagan e Pagan-Wiccan

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