We are all spiritually awakening.

This awakening is an accelerating process whereby our spiritual energies are increasing in vibration and power.

We all have the potential to act as catalysts to assist one another in this awakening process.

We, ourselves, have had many spiritual awakening experiences in our lives; we recently received another awakening experience, an awakening experience guided by an angel.

The central purpose of this experience which recently reawakened us was to help awaken someone who may be one of the most powerful spiritual catalysts on our planet.



Spiritual Catalysts – Mutually Awakening Phenomena


We held no truck with angels for the longest time, we rarely felt their presence or guidance and we never really felt as if we knew how to talk to them because in spite of wanting to clear ourselves of prejudice, we continued to have latent prejudices toward churches and towards angels because we have associated angels and churches with Christian religions.

We now seem to have recovered from our prejudices enough to begin talking with angels; we sincerely believe what one angel shared with us last Sunday (Jan 14th, 2007), we believe this information should be shared with everyone.

A new friend who must remain anonymous, and who has broken away from us now to protect themselves, appeared in our favorite chat room and asked for help.

They wanted help to channel a spirit but we were not very familiar with how to teach them to do it.

Nonetheless, we had much experience with channeling.

As no one else was there to serve, we responded to them immediately; we set ourselves up with them in an IM (internet instant messaging) environment for privacy.

As we were getting to know each other and discussing some ground rules to guide their forthcoming channeling experience they began to send what appeared to be random characters interspersed among the regular text they typed.







By this time we knew which entity was trying to be channeled by our new friend and we expect you may also already know now as well.

We told our new friend they were channeling Zadkiel, an archangel.

Our new friend felt uncomfortable with angels; their prejudice toward angels was based on the portrayal of God in many Christian religions as being wrathful and vengeful.  They wanted no truck with a God that was not all loving, all merciful, peaceful, and good.  So they were a little uncomfortable with the prospect of channeling an angel.

We explained what we knew about angels in our own limited experience; that they love us and want to help us, that they are good, and that they can do us no harm because they have no free will in the matter of their service to humans; they are incapable of choosing to harm us.

Zadkiel interrupted to say that angels and all created beings have free will.  We learned that the myth that angels have no free will was to put us at ease with angels because angels have been portrayed as enormously powerful beings and because we may feel helpless, vulnerable or threatened in their presence.

We tried to ask our new friend if they were willing to consent to channeling Zadkiel but Zadkiel replied our friend had already consented, and so our channeling experience with our new friend had already begun, much sooner than we had anticipated.

Zadkiel quickly delivered four messages:

1)    Study the violet flame of Saint Germaine.

2)    All religions must join in a single purpose, not to become a single religion but to share a single common goal for our mutual survival as a species.

3)    Everyone on Earth must awaken spiritually or we face extinction as a species.

4)    Our new friend is an extremely powerful spiritual catalyst and must now be awakened.


You have doubtless seen messages similar to the first three messages, there are many people who channel similar messages.

We have been channeling information regarding the third message for many years, and while seeing that message again still stirred terrible pain and distress in us, it was not so difficult for us to read this message as it was for our new friend who was now sobbing deeply and was clearly struggling to control their emotions.

We could strongly relate to their suffering as they channeled this message because our own channeling experiences have so often reduced us to tears.

However, as much as we could empathize and sympathize with our new friend’s distress, we could not help but feel elated by Zadkiel’s fourth message.

The previous August, in 2006; we received what may have been the most powerful spiritual awakening experience of our life.

We soon found ourselves in the company of many other spiritually awakened people and we realized we needed to learn more about how to become spiritual catalysts that assist other people to spiritually awaken and to also become catalysts in turn, in order to initiate chain-reactions of awakening, ascending, spiritual consciousness that would sweep across our entire planet, growing exponentially, or beyond...

This fourth message sounded immensely promising and we were instantly grateful to have information about catalysts fall into our lap so easily and unexpectedly.

We told Zadkiel we believed we all people had the potential to be catalysts and Zadkiel agreed, but said that almost everyone was in such a low state of advancement that few were ready to be awakened and become catalysts capable of awakening of others in turn, in order to enable them so they may also become catalysts.

Zadkiel assured us that our own potential to act as a spiritual catalyst was “moderately strong… more than most.”  Zadkiel said that by helping to awaken our new friend we would be helped reciprocally so that we may awaken more as well.

Zadkiel then went on to instruct us regarding how to awaken our friend and provided us with specific keys to reach deep into their psyche that would help us regain control if we should lose control of the process at any point.

One key was our new friend’s secret spiritual name; the other key was a special interest of theirs that they would respond to if we asked them questions about it.

Zadkiel verified that we were a good candidate to assist in our friend’s awakening by asking us about our experience working with hypnosis using guided visualization and meditation, and then he completed his instructions to us and hastened us to begin.

Zadkiel asked us to arrange to talk voice-to-voice with our new friend and we chose to use Skype for this, but we kept our IM communication link open as well.

At one point, before we had really begun, we had a very bad moment in which it seemed we had lost control, however the keys that Zadkiel had provided proved effective and we received only a small measure of Zadkiel’s direct intervention to help us to get through this frightening experience and get on with our new friend’s awakening.

Zadkiel informed us that our new friend was familiar with placing themselves in a hypnotic trance and that we only needed to guide them through the process and to take certain decisive steps in those moments where our friend offered the most resistance.

We told our friend to make themselves feel comfortable and to begin by grounding.

We then talked them through a process of relaxing all their muscles group-by-group until they had achieved a high state of relaxation and had entered into a deep hypnotic trance… we tested the strength of their trance and then used visualization to guide them even deeper into their trance.

Once we were satisfied that they were securely anchored very deeply in their trance we began chakra cleansing and initiated raising their kundalini energy beginning with the root chakra and moving upwards.

There are seven chakras which are vital energy centers.

Our friend described the color, tone and appearance of each chakra and we worked with them a bit to fix anything that appeared unusual or unhealthy.

The first resistance to this process appeared in the sacral chakra (the second chakra) but we didn’t recognize it as resistance until we reached the solar plexus chakra.

The heart chakra was clear but the throat chakra was seriously distorted and Zadkiel intervened to tell us to tell our friend to ‘mold’ the chakra and that they would then know what to do.

When we reached the third eye chakra we were to instruct our new friend to open their third eye.

Here we met the greatest resistance but with Zadkiel’s guidance we were able to get them to open their third eye and to cope with some of the issues underlying their resistance to doing this.

Both Zadkiel and our new friend became very impatient at this point and we moved on to the crown chakra.

We followed Zadkiel’s instructions to ask our friend if they would consent to allow us to awaken them spiritually and they gave a weak affirmative response.

We explained in a little detail what was implied by awakening them spiritually and asked them again to be sure, and we got a stronger affirmative response.

We told them to awaken and realize themselves as a divine being, fully and unconditionally in love with themselves and all of creation…

We discussed how they felt and as it became clear they were in a good state and feeling much better over-all.

They became impatient to be brought out of their trance. 

We brought them up out of their trance and they immediately seemed more energetic and radiated a state of wellbeing.

We received our own re-awakening as a reciprocal effect of conducting our new friend’s awakening and we now felt much better than we had in several months, although not quite as good as when we had our awakening in August of the previous year.

Considering we were feeling extremely suicidal two days earlier this was an enormous improvement.

Over the course of the next few days we were to learn more from Zadkiel. 

We learned from Zadkiel about the nature of some traumatic events in our childhood which may have helped cause us to become a multiple personality; we were also confirmed in the identity of our twin flame.

What became even clearer to us was our own role in helping the spiritual awakening of our entire world for the purpose of saving all of humanity from extinction.

We have learned that we have already achieved a world of liberty, peace, justice, security, diversity, and abundance for all, with no one left behind.

That achievement already exists in some of our potential near futures, it is simply up to all of us, together, every person on this planet, to choose one of those futures and manifest it now.

World Peace Now, Ask Us How!

We have channeled the following explanation of how world peace was achieved in our lifetimes… Our Future History – How the Earth Made Peace



Blessed be…



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