Dream about sleeping, a panther, a cat and lions mane

Was in a large yoga studio with pale grey walls. There were a bunch of people with their yoga pillows that were not doing yoga but all were sound asleep.

There was a man sitting in lotus position facing all the people sleeping. He was in trance eyes closed deep into meditation that anyone would mistake the state as asleep.

I woke up at back of wall opposite all the people but a good distance way from and behind him. No one knew I was there. I get up to leave the room. Walk backwards slowly and quietly while keeping watch on everyone to not wake them. Just as I get to the doors even though I did not make a sound the man wakes up and turns head towards me. He was genuinely surprised. Turns out he did not know I was there but could probably sense someone was behind him.

I thought his hair is wild and same color as a lions mane, as if he was sleeping and woke up. Perhaps just could sense movement in the air or my energy. He had something in his hands, unsure it may have been a book , Ipad or a retangular box . I leave quickly before any words were exchanged.

I am outside of the studio then and time has passed. I am sitting with a few other people just outside. It is a different time or day in the dream. Listening to them they are discussing the dangerous cat that is locked inside the garden. I have image in mind and know the cat they are talking about. It is actually a panther yet they kept referring to it as a cat. So I just listen to their stories of how it has to stay locked in there and what state the garden must be in. Plus the one woman was concerned about the mushrooms.

They want to go into the garden and come up with plans as how to deal with the "cat". One woman mentioned mushrooms specifically that she really wanted to eat but could not since it was in with the garden.

Suddenly I remember that on the other side of the two doors  is the man with the lion's hair and the sleeping people. I get up to open the doors they are sceaming in fear do not open those doors. I say it is fine it is not what you think. 

Opening the doors to my extreme shock a panther runs out. I look inside the room and there was no one there. The people were able to get away before getting hurt by the panther.  It is coming towards me and I see it has a cat inside it's mouth.

I notice it is my cat that died decades ago. Bosu is his name (Korean word for boss). I immediately call my cat and tackle the panther to save Bosu.

To my surprise once I grabbed on to the panther it shrunk in size to a large cat. I remember that my cat is dead and is still dead in 'it's jaws.  It was at that time I really did wake up in the dream. The END sort of...

Couple of hours later I sign in to check twitter.  Scrolling through tweets...first one I see is video of mushrooms growing that my friend posted.. then I see a picture of an striking and unusual black cat that has orangeish highlights in mane-ish type hair, then last there is a poem including the words garden, dreams and walking away. 

My first thought was that maybe the panther, the people and that man were all one in the same. That maybe explains how they were no longer there. Or they all just went to travel into other dreamworld/dimensions if the panther entered.

Normally if I had seen those before going to sleep I could say it triggered my dream , yet it happened the other way around.

If anyone has seen the film What dreams may come, everyone has their own little world in which they live. The movie has it depicted as the afterlife. However I think it is how dream world is. It is different dimensions and different worlds of individuals and also collective shared worlds. 

I know from experience it is possible to enter into other people's dreams to give a message or to just be present at certain times. It is not something that is forced, it is always something that is compatible energy and invited energy if finding oneself in someone else's "world". Unsure if the dream was "my dream world" or shared dream world or another person's dream.

Was really disturbed about Bosu. Comforted after also reminded on twitter December, winter solstice all about birth and rebirth.

<"Winter Solstice is a birthing place – a holy moment, the gateway from the dark part of the year to the light part: it thus particularly celebrates the mother aspect of the triple goddess. At this Seasonal Moment, darkness reaches its peak, its fertile fullness, and breaks into form. The face of Goddess moves from crone of the dark part of the cycle through mother at this Winter Gateway, to virgin with the birth of form, of new life. This is how it happens – out of her fertile Dark Matter. Winter Solstice is a time of receiving the gift of the dark, which is birth, birth of form – in its depth and breadth.">> https://www.magoism.net/2015/06/essay-winter-solstice-celebrating-b...

This passage below speaks to me in what the dream worlds message could be about.

"Creator and Created – expresses something essential about the Universe itself … the ‘motherhood’ we are all born within. It expresses the essential Communion experience that this Cosmos is, the innate and holy Care that it takes, and the reciprocal nature of it: that is, how one is always Creator and Created at the same time. We cannot touch without being touched at the same time.[13] .">> https://www.magoism.net/2015/06/essay-winter-solstice-celebrating-b...

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Comment by SL on December 11, 2018 at 11:20am

I am still working on understanding it fully as it is always more difficult to self analyze without applying logic first. I think logical first and then get stuck on it and by pass symbolism. 

I do trust that I will do the right thing at the right time as my intuition is strong. 

I looked up the panther as a spirit animal guide and should have recognized it is a symbol of the Feminine and New Moon. As I always have a dream on new moon and full moon. It is even associated with death and rebirth as I had immediately intuited as a message in the dream.

New Moon & The Feminine

Black panther symbolism is associated with the new moon in particular. Her energy is strongest when we face the dark side of the moon during the day and have no moon at night. The absence of moonlight makes black panther less visible and a superior huntress. The new moon is a time of both death and rebirth, when we stand at the threshold looking back at what was and looking ahead at what’s come.

For Now I am not so much looking into the dream but looking more at the very real possibility that the Panther could be a spirit animal of mine.  Mainly reading into it's medicine and message a lot of it I recognize within me already.  http://wolfsmoon.tripod.com/blackpantotem.html 

The panther medicine is something that unfolds it states. So I trust it is unfolding exactly as it should. So same goes for the dream. I've considered it may be prophetic symbolically too. Many shamans say panther soul sees in the dark the void the future.. connected to dreams I have that happen before it happens. 9-11 dream blog posted for example.

so thank you again Fantum that was a big help into gaining new insight

Comment by Fantumofthewinds on December 11, 2018 at 9:31am

your welcome , and I hope it helped you ,understand what you were seeing .  

Comment by SL on December 10, 2018 at 2:08pm

Thank you for reading everyone.

Fantum- I liked your interpretation thank you. Quite true.  Yes I am an night person and I do observe and wait to take action much like a cat. My sun sign is even Leo. I am like a cat whisperer. Cats don't ever scratch or fight with me. I have had to help out a few people with their own cats and stray cats.

Linda, my cat Bosu was always by my side and would sleep at the foot of my bed. Sometimes I would wake up with foot on top of him. I could just think about him and within seconds he would show up. He even bit the leg of an electrician in the house. Would attack other visitors too to protect.  Many were afraid of him. 

I will keep the 'get it right' idea in mind with dreams now. 

Comment by MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA on December 9, 2018 at 3:46pm

Very interesting. Thanks.

Comment by Fantumofthewinds on December 9, 2018 at 9:32am

interesting , what you have described are cats in-general all in the same species, weather big or large or domestic . all are mysterious creatures , they tell us of a time to balance our feelings of independents, with that of family and friends . they also speak of observation , to look and really see , it a time of patients and knowing the right moment as to when to take action , perhaps contemplation of a matter ? its tells of your spirit of adventure and social standing and your curious nature , you also maybe a night person, that suits you well .In moments of pressure or tension you tend to preserve your energy and wait for the right moment to act . being flexible shows a balanced life .           

Comment by Linda M. on December 8, 2018 at 7:43pm

this could have possibly been from past lives, and coming into this life now.  The way I understand it, the same people and animals(maybe)are around you all the time, until you, 'get it right.'

     I have some dream worlds too, or probably pat life experiences, over and over. Oddly, they might have been gently pushing me to my current pagan life, the right path for me.

Comment by SL on December 8, 2018 at 11:52am

my cat was orange tabby

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