Fear of food and healing through self.

hi :) 

i would like to share something on fear,  particularity one of what we eat.

I have spoken to many that are so fearful of not having anything "good" or "healthy" to eat as the purity level of food now today is lacking.  

some of my advice was that fear would harm you faster than anything .  this stress of having this upon you everyday.  

when someone is ,  how some would say,  "suddenly awakening"  or coming into their own spirit.  and commanding their own way though life as to being controlled by programs.   First thing they often wish to do is clean up their lives,  heal their body and minds and will seek to regenerate their being.

it is said that monks would not accept or consume foods that had not been prepared inside their monastery or their own groups.  for some go as extreme as to only eat food that has been grown and prepared by their own hands! never someone else.   for it held energy attachments and could hold "karmic debts" from someone, 

Which to me this means that they also knew the importance of what was put inside their forms.  by something so simple as blessing what you would consume it would make the difference.    
For example someone could have put a curse upon this food or by wishing to harm,  containing a vibrational field that is not in harmony with you,  or simply it has adsorbed someones energy that is not exactly a nice energy.  

Or this could have been done by the industrial complex of "food products"    and to me without a doubt they place their own "curses" upon it.  worse yet they have often many unneeded ingredients.   
It is bad enough we have now "gmo" species everywhere. 

there is good news hough.  many should not worry  ,  for if they would simply upkeep their selves and do their energy work,  their training everyday.   they would be in perfect health and function,   
For not even pesticides or gmo could harm them,  and yes damage can be transmuted,  there is never a too late moment to turn yourself around.   

why so many have disorders and health problems is they can't handle the false vibrational fields and are always being attacked by toxic environments .  though genetic damage and how one's body starts life is also a factor,  for even through advanced healing can someone with a very bad disability can be renewed,  though if one has far too much damage or is missing limbs ect... they shall need extra help through technologies and healing that we can't yet preform ,  but this is soon!    but i leave nothing out of question as to anyone can be healed it is matter of finding that way that works best.  anything is possible.  

This false matrixing.. has within it codes... codes of dysfunction.   but we can heal all things!  it is proven the subconscious mind and spirit effects dna and energy,  the environment as well but most importantly our own selves.  it not anyone's fault they have some problems,  though karma can have a great role in what one can experience.   

Healing can be as simple as meditation and working through old problems and abuse.  and alchemical forms.   

just as the snake sheds it's skin to forever regenerate we can too!  do this everyday!  or work yourself up to it.  very important if you want to live forever ;)  as we was designed.  

dysfunction usually starts in this way,  the mind,  or mental planes emotional and then physical manifestations.   though both can be interconnected.   practice changing something within you everyday,  adjusting your energy ,  finding new ways to heal,  even how you eat. 

In truth you can't be harmed,  or can take considerable less damage from most things.  and even you feel a bit sick,  can always regenerate.   what happens for most people who are not "self and spiritual aware"   is they are often pulled at the mercy of this matrix, and the energy that suggests to them what to do..... like altering your dna and damaging your organs ect.  they become simply overwhelmed by toxic energy and codes.  that is all it is is and energy profile,  it has its own values and codes.  like hexadecimal .   you can change even the most pesticide ridden foods into something you can eat and heal from,  through working through energy and if you know how creation works in it's purest form.   :)   

I hope this can get some people to thinking and working on their own healing.  i will share somethings i would recommend eating in another blog soon.  

here is what i do,  you can connect to your food,  and send it love and find anything disharmonious and transmute,  you can even use reiki if you know it,. 

and one other thing.  when you are looking for foods or something,  don't pick something based upon a specific "diet" unless you have to like you have some dangerous food allergy.    you will naturally become in tune with what you require,  it changes in different times. if i sense i need something i will eat it,  do this when shopping or if you want to grow your own foods.   sense how you feel about something,  if you feel your energy pulled away or like a negative on negative magnetic sensation then don't get it.   you will be repelled away from anything you don't need.  

I hope this can help someone,  thank you for reading!


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Comment by LunisRising on October 23, 2017 at 5:29pm

Hey these are really great Helela :D  Thank you for sharing all this here , i do hope you could make a recipe discussion somewhere,  maybe there is a group. 

veggie smoothies sounds very exotic lol i never had them ,  we need to atleast try them too . 


Comment by LunisRising on October 15, 2017 at 8:23pm

Hi Helela :) i am happy you have had some ideas on how to use the strawberries, you used them in wraps? like fruit wrap?

i do need to get some fresh strawberries from the farmers markets. hope the smoothies were tasty :)

Comment by LunisRising on October 10, 2017 at 4:58pm

Lol could happen. fates have a way of being drawn out Helela ;)  

would be nice to grow some strawberries too.  smoothies even ...  now that is excellent :)

Comment by LunisRising on October 9, 2017 at 9:31pm

Oh yes Helela! this was planned way back... even during the industrial revolution .   McDonalds.... they like to try to get away with certain things here.  and they do because in England and the Eu they can't so much use all the crap that they do here.  like dye.. other junk. 

Fresh strawberries... now i want some lol.  

Thank you for replying Helela! :)

Comment by LunisRising on October 8, 2017 at 5:26pm

Yes :D  Hi

Helela i have often experienced this too,  though i did attempt to share what i knew in the inner self,  sometimes is hard to.   you are in college ? :)  is  true now today as most food products contain nutrient devoid filler.  

If you have anything else to add would be greatly appreciated,  anything else you are learning in class :)  

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