Hello to all who may read this text.

I am here to briefly discuss something that may not be important to certain groups.  though should be...

Its the persecution of the "Serpent -Reptillian- or Dragon races".  

Ah now there is a hot ,  deeply antagonistic subject.  one i see quite often discussed with vile remarks or disgust of even such a form of creation existing. 

Due to unnecessary fears and promotion of an agenda by groups or even a certain particular group, ( i will get into this later in the article.)   

One person or should i say two that have mad their fame well known and gotten their hands on a money making theme.  

Can you guess who the 2 are?

If you said David Icke and Alex Jones then you are right! 

These too have been blundering their way and profusely blowing anal sewage  around for all to take their shares in.

All without any deeper explanations , sometimes not even a hint to what exactly this group of (serpents reptiles dragon race)   truly is! 

i hear it all the time,  some of it should really be shameful to say.  as it insults the intellect and spiritual personifications of all who are exposed. 

And to top it.  these 2 are nothing more than traitors who work for these beings!  They want people to fear them !  to make others look very bad in respect.

Not all reptilians or reptilian like beings,  or serpent beings,.  Draconian persons are at all like this.  actually i can say it is truly mainly one group who is doing this.    and as you guessed they are reptilian like.  

they have been around for very long time, ages gone by,  even altered time and destroyed this realm,   so much more to speak on but this is what most would want to hear about.  This realm and its impacts.  

The time-lines are off.  altered from form,   time itself and very dangerous alterations at that.... were created with help by these beings and others.  

They are still active ,   there is good news though they are contained and being brought down as i write this.  this mess will be fixed and nothing will happen like this again. 

This was not meant to be.... this alteration and overstep !   they have.. this group and their allies infiltrated in all areas and societies this realm,  and others in this sector. 

It was by their hand we now see this. the pain and traumatic engraving upon the generations of beings in this creation.  

Though this may seem far worse than i make it out to be , at this point we are fine.  This is over and old news.   I am simply trying to clear up the confusion.  The fear and lies.  Insidious as they are. 

This was not to be,  I must stress this.   

Now i will be making more texts speaking on everything that needs to be said or lies to be reveled .    

So yes , it was a reptilian like race.  a complete fraction of beings who has as it's composition ,  a multitude of races.   
This is true.  but anything else that was said.  is not made up entirely of factual informations .  

Let it be said that each lie or each "Non - Fictional"  Text has with it a grain of the truth.  

let's explore more shall we.   AS you may find some races, some beings are not as "alien" as they seem ;)   in fact wise and have senses intune with the pulse of the omni-versal complex of creation.

Thank you for reading and taking this in with open minds and hearts. 

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Comment by LunisRising on September 18, 2017 at 8:47am

Yes AnkHaRa.  We shall reveal it.  Their crimes of against creation. 

Comment by AnkHaRa on September 18, 2017 at 8:44am

Tic Toc

Comment by AnkHaRa on September 18, 2017 at 8:34am

You bring to light what had influence only in the shadows of anonymity. The Sa'ar is exposed and shall cease to parasitically feed on and defame any and all of us. Their ways are being unveiled as we speak.

Comment by LunisRising on September 18, 2017 at 6:37am

Yes Draven.  

This is what can be seen in many groups.   you have excellently put this point across.  Many experiences and programs can shape what is the inner psyche or seat of self and the heart.  there is much healing that needs to be done for all.  

Including us. 

Comment by LunisRising on September 18, 2017 at 6:29am

Hello Cien ,  yes this is part of reflections.   continue on your way and your good deeds.    I must say maybe i should not be so upfront to call out someones agendas or personal conquests.  

we can all take better looks at what is resonating in ourselves to what we experience here.   as with any space.

Thank you for the reply.  

Yes this is true Rosey.  i hoped to only serve as a energy or force to help push something or spark a movement for someone . 

It is kind of what part my work lol .   We all are marking a new journey.  one that will shape a New World .  
And in turn as you put it.  Reflect back as the omni-verse.  

Maybe the clock will stop soon ;)  

Comment by Rosey on September 17, 2017 at 5:12am

I enjoyed reading your blog Lunis and Cian I enjoy your wisdom! Thank you. Personally, I speak not much these days as I tend to stay away from labels. Many forget that these 'bodies' we use to experience this realm are part human and reptilian with in the make up of the brain. Personally I feel that to understand and 'use' (for lack of better term) one's DNA (hint: Tribe of DAN) is the key. TIme is such a grand illusion and too much wisdom is still expressed using a time reality.

Enough of my ramblings There are a few of us and perchance you may like or may not like but here is a site:



As a coin has two sides-yet it has one value. This realm is still in the end or transition of 2 sides/duality/polarity and until this 'reality' (again lack of better term) shifts, we experience and learn. Alex and David have their purpose whether one agrees or not-they have helped to wake up many. So do many who like to use a race or another to wake up many.

What goes on in this realm has a direct correlation to other realms-

Again I digress-

Labels and classification are a way that continue the limits that keep one restricted in thinking-yet-many still use and need.


Love to All

Comment by Cian Rhys on September 17, 2017 at 3:12am

Surely there are many that make sweeping generalizations about the Reptilian/Draconian races ( R/D r); but I must disagree with an assertion that it is only one faction of 'Reptilians' that are of 'negative polarity' and have been the causal instigators in innumerable control-schemes, conflicts, and wars, not only on Earth, but throughout the Universe.

In my understanding, the R/D r were initially created to represent, and express evolution through 'negative polarity', to be a '"dark", or 'chaotic', contrast; that is the role they were intended to play, and they have done so very well. (Let's keep in mind that ours is a Universe of polarity, and that without 'Chaos" it would not exist.)

Does that mean that all R/D r are "Evil", of course not; some have been 'Neutral' for nearly innumerable millennia, and there is a portion that have evolved their consciousness to the point of enlightenment, as well as there are those that have become ascended beings. Yet, I would assert that it is still the majority of them, that act in 'retarded', oppressive, and brutal, manners. (Keep in mind, that I say this without any malice or judgement towards them; and as one who acknowledges, and even embraces, my own sympathetic resonance, and evolutionary connection, ( both physical, and spiritual.) to the R/D r.)

As for David and Alex; I agree with many of their statements, and I commend them for attempting to bring such information to the general public, even though some of their material may be erroneous. ( Which, of any, of us, can claim to be infallible...) Additionally, I think it would be prudent to keep in mind, their 'targeted audience', when addressing their, 'delivery styles'. With the majority of Humans, drama and sensationalism is often required to gain, and maintain, their attention; and such is far from being a new occurrence. 'Drama' ( even of the wildly exaggerated variety, ie. Mythology ), has long been used to disseminate Knowledge, Wisdom, and "Truths".

Personally, even with their "mistakes", I feel that they are far more honorable, and credible, than main stream/legacy media sources, and even many, if not most, of the independent media sources, who claim to be "progressive and/or "liberal", who are merely centers of, sometimes unintentional, or manipulated, propaganda, and often, intentional mis-infomation/dis-information, in service of the 'Global Elite', and their agenda's of service to self.

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